Black Cat Chapter 174: The Sixth Prince Fabian

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“Curtis, what are you doing here?” (Man)



 As we were walking from the church entrance to the altar, a man approached us in a friendly manner.


 He was a cheetahkin with short platinum blonde hair and a slim but well-trained body.



 He must be the son of some noble family, since he approached Curtis so casually.


 Behind him was a small female knight who looked like a Gazelle.



“Fabian, isn’t it unusual for you to come to the church?” (Curtis)



 In contrast to Curtis, who responded in a light tone, Aida and the knight of the Lagart family knelt down and bowed.


 I felt this was dangerous and hurriedly kneeled down too.



“Oh, don’t be so reverent, I won’t be king anyway.” (Man => Fabian)


“Oh yes, Fabian is not good at that sort of thing, so you can just go about your business as usual.” (Curtis)



 From the conversation, it seems that Fabian is a prince.


 The fact that he is not the king does not mean that he is not in the line of succession or that he does not want to be the king, but he is not the type of royalty who makes a fuss about it.



 Curtis urged me to stand up, and I did so after confirming that Aida and the knights had stood up.


 The man called Fabian seemed to have noticed me.



 In his eyes as he looked at me, there was a curiosity that he could not hide.


 As I felt an uncomfortable crawl of sweat on my back, Aida said a few words of greeting.



“It has been a long time, Your Highness Fabian. I am Aida, Curtis’s sister.” (Aida)


“Hello, Aida. I’ve heard rumors from Curtis that he’s a very ladylike sister…” (Fabian)


“Oh, pardon me…” (Aida)



 Fabian’s meaningful smile and Aida’s agitation suggest that the “ladylike” comment is the opposite of ladylike.


 As proof of this, Curtis, who was glared at by Aida, averted his gaze and held back his laughter.



“Aida is also undergoing the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony,’ right? I think my sister Elmerine and you will be together at the academy, so will you be good friends with her?” (Fabian)


“Yes, it is an honor…” (Aida)



 Immediately after smiling at Aida, Fabian turned his attention to me again.


 At times like this, I don’t know if I should greet them first, or if it’s rude for a commoner to greet royalty, as I’ve never met any royalty in my previous life, let alone in this world.



 I was in a panic, wondering whether I should greet them or not, when Fabian looked away and asked Curtis,



“Curtis, what about him?” (Fabian)


“Nyango, huh… He’s our trump card.” (Curtis)


“Oh…” (Fabian)



 Waa, what a troublesome introduction.



“I-I’m Nyango, a B-rank adventurer from Ibuoro Guild, Your Highness.” (Nyango)


“Really… B-rank.” (Fabian)


“Sorry, Fabian. Nyango is no good. The Lagart family has a prior contract.” (Curtis)


“Does that mean Frederick has his eye on him?” (Fabian)


“That’s right, my father hired him to escort them during their travel, and he did exactly what he was set to do.” (Curtis)



 Perhaps he had heard the details from the viscount, Curtis recounted the attack in the village of Flos as if he had seen it himself, and the more he talked, the more I felt the suspicious glint in Fabian’s eyes as he looked at me.



 I mean, if you’re going to call it a trump card, you shouldn’t be so flippant and reveal everything.


 Curtis is good but a little thoughtless, and his brother Joshua is thoughtful but a little black-hearted.



 It’s like the two brothers added together to make one, the Viscount.


 Fabian, who no longer tries to hide his curiosity about Curtis’ story, is also troublesome, but the pressure of the female knight behind him is frightening.



 She has short silver hair and wears a dark red knight’s coat, and she looks beautiful enough to attract more attention, but she surprisingly has little presence.


 Her eyes, which are wide-open and dark, have the same look as Shure’s when she is ready for battle, and I get the feeling that she is quite a skilled bodyguard.



 Normally, an escort for a dignitary should be like this female knight but having visited the cathedral in the Royal Capital for the first time, I was in a tourist mood before I knew it.


 As an escort, I shouldn’t be such an attention seeker and I shouldn’t be so careless about my surroundings.



 When Aida, who didn’t seem to like the fact that all they talked about was me, successfully switched the topic to the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” I took a step back and looked around the interior of the cathedral.


 The cathedral seems large from the outside, but inside it feels even taller and wider because it has been excavated two stories underground.



 The walls to the ground level are covered with marble carvings, and the ground level is flooded with colorful light through the stained-glass windows.


 The altar is as high as the second basement level to the ground level, and pilgrims are forced to look up at the statue of the goddess Fatima from an angle that would surely make their necks ache.



 Since they were looking up from the dark underground section, the statue of Fatima was illuminated by a brighter light, creating a divine atmosphere.


 It was a perfect presentation for the faithful.



 The statue of Fatima is slightly looking upward with her arms outstretched in front of her.


 The statue is placed facing the east, which probably makes it even more divine in the morning sun.



 The altar on which the statue of Fatima is placed is made of wood and marble and is also beautifully decorated.


 As I gazed at the altar and the statue of Fatima, I suddenly felt a sense of discomfort and turned my gaze back to look twice.



 The statue of Fatima is all flowing curves and curved surfaces, but I could see what looked like horns on the back of its neck.


 Looking at the other sculptures, there are some straight lines on the pedestal, but the sculptures themselves are all smooth curved surfaces.



“What’s wrong, Nyango? Let’s go.” (Knight)



 I was so distracted by the Fatima statue that I didn’t notice that Curtis and the others had moved on and were rushed by the escort knight.



“Um, over there…” (Nyango)


“What is wrong with the Fatima statue?” (Knight)


“Well, do you see something on the back of the neck?” (Nyango)


“The back of the neck… Huh, what is that…?” (Knight)



 Apparently, the knight of the Lagart family also felt something strange, and he looked up at the Fatima statue and squinted.


 The light from behind makes it hard to see, but it looks like something angular has been placed on the statue.



“What’s going on? Did something happen?” (Curtis)


“Master Curtis, it looks like something has been placed on the nape of the Statue of Lady Fatima.” (Knight)



 Curtis returned and looked up at the Fatima statue after hearing what the knight had to say, and Fabian and the others returned after looking at us.


 The knights of the Lagart family called out to the church officials, who in turn called in the knights of the kingdom who were guarding outside, and suddenly the atmosphere inside the cathedral became tense.



 The pilgrims were escorted out of the cathedral, and we were forced to stand back near the entrance, the furthest away from the altar, to watch.


 A knight in full plate armor, accompanied by a church official, ascended the altar.



 Although it was not an option in terms of personal safety, the area where the knight could climb up to the altar was narrow enough for a single person to pass through, so it seemed difficult for him to climb up in his heavy armor with poor visibility.


 In the quiet interior of the cathedral, there is only the sound of the staff instructing the visitors where to place their feet and the sound of armor parts rubbing against each other.



 The knight advanced with careful steps so as not to break the sculptures and decorations, and it took him about 15 minutes just to reach the statue of Fatima.


 Looking up from below, the statue did not seem so big, but when the knights lined up next to it, it was bigger than what I had expected.



 When the knight went behind the statue, they were completely hidden.


 The knight’s figure was not visible at all from this side, but it seemed that a church official was directing the position of the scaffolding to the top.



 In addition to the sound of armor parts rubbing against each other, I also hear the sound of something being moved, but I cannot see anything from here.


 The knight disappeared behind a large statue of Fatima and took about 10 minutes to reappear.



 Then, the knight appeared with careful steps and held up a plank about 50 cm square in his right hand.


 Moreover, he seemed to be holding several other planks in his left hand.



“Pulverization Magic Circle.” (Nyango)


“Nyango, was that the one used in the attack?” (Curtis)


“It’s probably the same thing… Wait, it has something attached to it.” (Nyango)



 Something like a string was hanging from the plank held up by the knight.


 The knight holding up the magic circle seemed to be gesturing something to the knight under the altar.



“That must be a conduit for magic power. Search the church immediately! Don’t miss even the slightest anomaly!” (Fabian)



 Up until now, Fabian had seemed a little relaxed, but after giving instructions to the knight in a stern tone, he folded his arms and was deep in thought.


 Fabian turned his eyes away from the altar and looked back at me.



“Good work, Nyango. Curtis, I’m sorry, but I need you to accompany me to the castle.” (Fabian)


“I understand. Nyango, please come with me.” (Curtis)


“Eh, me too… But I’m dressed like this.” (Nyango)


“Hehe, I doubt they’ll mind… Hey, Fabian.” (Curtis)


“Ah, of course, I’ll have you come with me. I’d also like to hear about the time of the attack.” (Fabian)



 I was looking forward to coming to Royal Capital, but I didn’t expect to be taken inside the castle.


 I’m sure I will be fine if I am with Curtis. …But will I be able to return home safely? 




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