Black Cat Chapter 177: Leather Armor

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 Although we were in the middle of the conversation, Aida had to return to the Viscount’s mansion because she needed to get ready to go to the ball.


 Instead, I was made to promise to visit Fabian again the next day



 The prince himself told me that he wanted to make sure that the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” which Princess Elmerine was to attend, went off without a hitch, and there was no way that I, an average, ordinary person, could refuse.


 He added, “I’ll have a different cake prepared tomorrow for you” …I wasn’t fooled by your words, meow.



 But still, it’s tricky to be able to remotely activate the pulverization magic circle.


 If it is in the form of self-destruction like the attack in the village of Flos, it should be possible to prevent it by thoroughly inspecting the body and the baggage to be brought in



 A magic circle that is powerful enough to kill or injure the people around it must be of a certain size and thickness.


 Although seen only from a distance, the magic circle found in the cathedral appeared to have the same basic structure as the one used in the village of Flos.



 The patterns on the magic circle are complex, and if they are not accurate, they will not be able to demonstrate the desired power.


 I am not familiar with the manufacturing process of magic tools, but there must be a prototype mold.



 With a board the size of 50 square centimeters, it could be carried in if mixed in with a lot of luggage, but it would be difficult to bring it in unnoticed as hand luggage.


 On the other hand, it would be difficult to detect if it is hidden in advance in order to blow it up remotely.



 It was really by chance that I was able to discover the pulverization magic circle that was set up in the cathedral, and if it had been slightly out of position, it would have been blown up on the day of the event without being noticed at all.


 According to Fabian and Curtis, the church was also a target of the Anti-Noble Faction since it is in a state of being in league with the Royal Family to maintain its authority.



 It seems that the interior and surrounding area of the cathedral will be thoroughly investigated under Fabian’s orders, so the possibility of a bombing attack should have been reduced.


 However, as I told Fabian, I do not believe that the Anti-Noble Faction’s attacks are only bombings.



 In the attack on the village of Flos, crude magic guns and bows and arrows were also used.


 It seems highly likely that they will try to cause chaos in Royal Capital by means other than pulverization magic circles, but I don’t know what their method of attack will be.



 If this is the first time they have been to the Royal Capital, it is also the first time they have seen the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” held in front of the cathedral.


 We don’t know where to attack, where confusion will spread, and where openings will be created, and we don’t know the main objective of the Anti-Noble Faction to begin with.



 The method of attack will vary depending on the goal, whether the goal is to kill the Royal Family or aristocrats, or to cause a big commotion and undermine the authority of the Royal Family.


 There isn’t enough information, but I feel like they lack the experience to predict what’s going to happen.



 After returning to the villa and munching on dinner, I was twisting my head on the bed in my room when Mr. Novak called out to me,



“What’s wrong, Nyango? What have you been thinking with that difficult look all this time?” (Novak)


“What is the Anti-Noble Faction aiming for?” (Nyango)


“Well, of course, something that royalty and nobility don’t like.” (Novak)


“What ‘they don’t like’…?” (Nyango)


“Just think about it. Unlike when we were attacked, there will be tight security. Even if you imagine something so drastic such as taking someone’s life, it probably won’t work. They might do something, but it would be more of a harassment.” (Novak)


“But even if it’s just harassment if you cause a commotion in the Royal Capital, you can be put to death, right?” (Nyango)


“Well, that’s true. But still, royalty and nobility care about appearances, and in some cases, it is said to be more painful than taking a life, remember, the gilded mansion…” (Novak)



 Mr. Novak gave the example of Count Grobrus’s mature mansion.


 Certainly, an aristocrat who would build a mansion like that would risk his life for his pride and vanity.



“But even if you want to harass or humiliate them, how can you do it?” (Nyango)


“Well, I can’t think that far, but wouldn’t the Royal Family’s face be smeared with mud just by a commotion breaking through?” (Novak)


“If that’s the case, they might do something not only in the second district but also in the third district… If you think about it, there’s no end to what they can do.” (Nyango)


“I guess. But it’s not Nyango’s job to prevent that from happening. It’s okay to think about various things, but wouldn’t it be better to think about doing your job perfectly first?” (Novak)


“That’s true…” (Nyango)



 What Viscount Lagato asked of me is the safety of the Royal Family first, and the safety of the viscount family second.


 I don’t know for sure, but I’ll probably be lent to the Royal Family temporarily.



 My main job is to watch over Princess Elmerine and Aida from the guard post on the side of the venue and deploy [Shield] to protect them if something happens.


 I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to get around to guarding the Viscount, but the area where the royalty and nobles reside is supposed to be heavily guarded, so I’ll just have to trust that side of things.



 After a long night, I promised to go to the royal castle again today, but I would only be turned away at the gate if I went alone.


 I was supposed to be taken by Curtis, but it seems that he got too wild at last night’s ball, so we decided to go to the royal castle in the afternoon.



 Since it would be difficult to go sightseeing in the Royal Capital until the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” was over, I was relaxing on the balcony of my room when I was summoned by the viscount.


 Apparently, the leather armor was completed.



“Excuse me…” (Nyango)


“Oh, you’re here, Nyango. Hurry up and try it on.” (Frederick)


“I understand.” (Nyango)



 Nubiel of the Lanawan Trading Company explained the process to me, and I put on the leather armor.


 The breastplate, backplate, pauldrons, and faulds, a total of six pieces, were connected by a leather belt.



 I loosened the belt on the shoulder connecting the breastplate and backplate, removed the belt on the right side, and tightened the belt to fit my body.


 To make it look nice and taut, all the parts are made of leather of a reasonable thickness, so it feels heavier than I expected, but not so heavy as to make it impossible to move.



 All parts bear the coat of arms of the Lagart family. A blue shield, a silver battle-axe, and a golden lightning bolt.


 It is said that knights and soldiers in charge of guarding the Royal Capital are made to memorize the emblems of noble houses, and if they wear this leather armor, they are recognized as being related to the Viscount Lagart family.



“What do you think, Nyango?” (Frederick)


“The size is not a problem. However, I still find that my movements are a bit restricted compared to when I am not wearing the armor.” (Nyango)


“Does it hinder your ability to guard?” (Frederick)


“No, it’s not that heavy, and this time I’ll be using mainly magic to protect, so I think it’ll be fine.” (Nyango)


“The Lagart family has decided to accept the request of His Highness Fabian. On the day of the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’, I want you to focus all your energy on protecting Princess Elmerine.” (Frederick)


“I understand.” (Nyango)


“I want to remind you that you do not need to think about Aida’s safety. Above all else, I want you to give top priority to the safety of the princess.” (Frederick)


“I understand.” (Nyango)



 Although I answered that I agreed, I was not confident that I could make the decision to cut Aida away and only save Princess Elmerine.



 I’m not a noble, so I can’t think that clearly.


 In that case, all I have to do is protect the two of them perfectly.



“Um… Mr. Nubiel, may I ask you a few questions?” (Nyango)


“What is it? If I can, I will answer. So, please ask.” (Nubiel)


“Most of the people who have shops in the second district do business with nobles, right?” (Nyango)


“Yes, it is as you say. To put it another way, if you do not have the ability to do business with the nobility, you will not be able to set up a store in the second district.”  (Nubiel)


“Then, there is no one who would lend a hand to the Anti-Noble Faction… Is it okay to think that way?” (Nyango)


“Of course. We can only continue doing business if there is peace in the capital. There is no way we will join forces with those who would disturb that peace.” (Nubiel)



 On the day of the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” it would be extremely difficult to enter the second district from the third district.


 If that is the case, they need to get into the second district before the checkpoints are tightened.



 And once they have infiltrated the second district, they need a place to live until the day of the ceremony.


 The most likely place is the dormitory where pilgrims stay on the same site as the cathedral, but it must have been thoroughly investigated by order of Fabian.



 When I thought of other places, the one that came to mind was the premises of a trading company that has a store in the second district, but I don’t think they would cooperate with the Anti-Noble Faction.



“Ell… Is there any place in the second district where people can hide?” (Nyango)


“Is it a place to hide? There are plenty of places to simply hide, but places to hide and live for days are limited, and I think it would be difficult to secure food in the first place.” (Nubiel)



 I thought about entering the second district in advance, living in hiding, and making a commotion on the day of the event… but it would be difficult because even a shabby appearance would be conspicuous.



“If they were to go in beforehand, a cooperative person would still be essential… but do you feel that there is no one who is likely to cooperate?” (Nubiel)


“I see. However, in this world, unexpected things happen. For example, if their family is taken hostage and threatened… or they’re staying there under a completely different name, but in reality… That doesn’t mean there aren’t any.” (Nyango)


“I see… But we can’t handle that much.” (Nubiel)


“The Nest Leaving Ceremony is tomorrow, and we won’t be able to do anything in that time.” (Nyango)



 The cathedral and roadside bombings could be dealt with in a manner of speaking, but it would still be better to be prepared for some sort of attack on the day of the event.


 When I looked at the viscount, he nodded with a stern expression, and I suddenly felt the weight of my leather armor increase. 




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