Black Cat Chapter 185: At The Counter… (Jessica)

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~Jessica’s Perspective~



“Master, could I have a light one?” (Jessica)


“Thank you for your hard work, Jessica. This year has been busier than before.” (Tavern Master)


“It was really difficult because of someone …” (Jessica)



 The “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” an important day for children born in this country that may affect their entire lives, is also a very busy day for us adventurers’ guild staff.


 To register as an adventurer, you need to register your blood and magic pattern.



 As long as a person’s natural attribute magic is sealed by the “Goddess’ Blessing,” their magical power pattern cannot be measured, and they cannot be registered as an adventurer.


 Therefore, on the day of the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” children who have been unsealed come in droves to register, and the guilds are usually crowded every year.



 Once registered as adventurers, they are able to receive requests and rewards through the guild, but not everyone who registers can make a living as an adventurer.


 Many of the requests as adventurers involve roughing it, such as subjugating monsters or escorting luggage or people to other towns.



 Naturally, one’s physique and the power of one’s magic are required, and depending on one’s race and attributes, many people may not be considered suitable from the start.


 Children with outstanding magical ability are scouted by the Royal Knight Order or the Lagart Knight Order rarely becoming adventurers.



 In other words, even if they register on the day of the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” most of those who actually become adventurers will inevitably be of the physically fit variety.


 The rest would take the guild card as a memento of the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” and use it as an identification card.



 It is not until the adventurers have actually begun their activities, made their mark, and made their mark that we, the guild staff, begin to recognize them as individuals.


 It is no exaggeration to say that we are the exception to the rule when it comes to remembering children who registered on the day of the “Nest Leaving Ceremony”.



 Even so, I still vividly remember the catkin boy who showed up a little late to register on the day of the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” two years ago.


 I had thought that the boy who came, a cowkin, had come to register and that he, a catkin, was just a companion.



 The magic index I measured was unremarkable… No, I didn’t tell him that, but it was so low that it was hopeless for me to continue working as an adventurer.


 The boy who came with him, the oxkin who was scouted by the knights, had such outstanding numbers that I almost felt sorry for him.



 Moreover, the catkin boy’s magical attribute is the void attribute.


 Generally speaking, it is even said to be an empty and useless attribute.



 He was staring at the newly completed guild card with sparkling, hopeful eyes, but I thought he would never come to me for a request as an adventurer.


 Just then, the catkin boy had his guild card snatched away by a passing deerkin adventurer.



 Some adventurers make it a hobby to bully younger or lower-ranked adventurers.


 The deerkin adventurer was known as one such person who was frowned upon by the guild staff.



 Except for duels in the training grounds, the guild basically kept out of disputes between adventurers.


 Of course, if there was a serious injury or murder that would have disfigured the victim, that was a different story, but the guild’s stance was that if they could not solve a conflict between people, they could not handle the job of escorting.



 Even so, I thought it was a very disgusting act to do to a child who had just registered, and wanted to warn him, but there was no need to do so.


 I didn’t know what was going on, but the catkin boy quickly retrieved his guild card and ran out of the guild with the oxkin boy by his hand.



 By the time the deerikin adventurer had regained his bearings, the catkin boy has not even left a shadow.


 The other adventurers, who were there, laughed at the adventurer who chased after ther boy while swearing, but they were unlikely to find him once he was vanished in the hustle and bustle of the festival.



 The catkin boy’s movements were vivid enough to foretell his future success.



“Hehe…” (Jessica)


“What is it? Happily reminiscing?” (Leila)


“Oh, Ms. Leila, isn’t it your day off today?” (Jessica)


“Yeah, I’m off the clock… I came here for drinks as a customer.” (Leila)



 As expected from the Madonna of the bar, she look’s beautiful  that even a woman like me would also be entranced.



“So, what were you laughing about? You must have been so dizzy be cause of the day’s hecticness?” (Leila)


“It’s expected, I’ve been busier than usual this year. It’s because of someone…” (Jessica)


“Ah, I see… I wonder if that someone is saying “yummeow” in the Royal Capital at this moment?” (Leila)


“I guess that’s what he would be saying… Hehe.” (Jessica)



 An adventurer who seemed to have returned from completing a request asked if M.s Leila wanted to have a drink with him, but Ms. Leila just waved her left hand and they quickly left.


 If someone offend Ms. Leila, if they do something wrong, they will make enemies of all the adventurers who come in and out of the tavern.



 Besides, Ms. Leila was not dressed for work today, but casual clothes, so there was no reason for her to be serving anyone.



“It’s only been about half a year since he came to Ibouro? Don’t you think he’s been promoted too quickly?” (Leila)


“No, not six months.” (Jessica)


“Oh, that’s right. I saw him here once about a year ago.” (Leila)


“Eh, what? Please tell me the story.” (Jessica)


“Hmm… I wonder what I should do…” (Leila)


“Okay, if you don’t tell me, I’ll keep the story about when he came to register two years ago on the day of the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’.” (Jessica)


“Oh, are you kidding? Was Jessica in charge that time?” (Leila)


“Yes, I was in charge.” (Jessica)


“Huh… two years ago, wasn’t it really crowded? Do you really remember?” (Leila)


“Of course. He was so cute, he still had his left eye.” (Jessica)


“Hey, tell me about that… If you tell me, I’ll treat you to today.” (Leila)


“Then, I’ll trade it for the story from a year ago…” (Jessica)


“It can’t be helped…” (Leila)



 The story changes from two years ago to one year ago, and continues to the story from when he came to Ibouro as the rumored rookie who killed the Bronze Wolf.



“I’m sure he will rise to A-rank.” (Jessica)


“It’s just a matter of time.” (Leila)



 In fact, when it comes to simple combat skills, there is no one left in Ibouro’s guild to match him.


 Some adventurers still don’t believe the story of how he killed a wyvern, but in reality, I already saw him destroy a target in the guild’s shooting range.



 When he came to report that he had broken the target, I told him that I was very angry with him that he had his tail curled up into a little ball, Leila rolled over laughing with her stomach in her hands.



“It hurts, it hurts, my stomach hurts. Jessica, you’re cheating, uh… I wanted to see that…” (Leila)


“If you say it’s cheating, Ms. Leila, you were the first one to take him home, weren’t you?” (Jessica)


“Because you’ll want to keep that fluffiness all to yourself.” (Leila)


“Ah… I understand that. It’s especially nice in winter.” (Jessica)


“I see, and Jessica is also taking him home.” (Leila)


“Ah… But it was difficult for me.” (Jessica)


“Did you have a big trouble in the bathroom?” (Leila)


“That’s right. The ceiling was covered in bubbles… Of course, I had him clean it himself.” (Jessica)


“Ahahaha… it’s really serious.” (Leila)


“It’s serious… I wonder if he’ll come back soon.” (Jessica)


“Me too… Will he remember and buy me a souvenir?” (Leila)


“Hmm… I wonder? I guess he might say he was busy and forgot.” (Jessica)


“Well, in that case, I’ll just enjoy the moment when he’s all nervous.” (Leila)


“Of course…” (Jessica)



 He’s a catkin, has ther void attribute, and doesn’t look like an adventurer at all.


 The way he was walking with a backpack on his back was no different from any other child around here.



 Normally, when it comes to adventurers, it is common for them to wear armor and carry weapons.


 However, since he doesn’t have any armor or weapons, he doesn’t really look like an adventurer.



“Ms. Leila, have you ever been to the Royal Capital?” (Jessica)


“I have.” (Leila)


“What was it like?” (Jessica)


“Well, to put it simply, it’s like the essence of this country.” (Leila)


“The essence…?” (Jessica)


“Yes, it’s like the collection of good things and bad things.” (Leila)


“So, is it a difficult place for catkin to live?” (Jessica)


“If they’re a typical catkin. But he is not a typical one.” (Leila)


“He’s not typical…” (Jessica)


“Unexpectedly, he might even be inside the castle.” (Leila)


“I can’t say it’s impossible…” (Jessica)


“Right?” (Leila)



 If he shows off his beyond standard performance as both a catkin and an adventurer, even the royal family might notice him.


 Suddenly, a tsunami of anxiety floods my chest.



“He’ll be back, right?” (Jessica)


“It’s okay, he’ll buy some souvenirs and come back. But…” (Leila)


“But?” (Jessica)


“Maybe he’ll leave eventually.” (Leila)



 I know she’s right, but I didn’t want to ask.


 He’s a small catkin, but I feel like Ibouro is too small for him.



 I don’t know if he will leave alone or as a party, but what decision will I make then?



“Master, can you get Jessica a refill.” (Leila)


“No, I’m already…” (Jessica)


“What, you have already requested a day off for tomorrow anyway?” (Leila)


“Yes, but…” (Jessica)


“I’ll let you stay at my house, so go ahead and have a drink while you cry ‘yummeow, yummeow’.” (Leila)


“I won’t say it… Ah, this drink, yummeow.” (Jessica)


“Hehe… I hope he’ll be back soon…” (Leila)


“That’s right…” (Jessica)



After this, the two of us used stories about that catkin boy as a snack and talked until late into the night.



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