Black Cat Chapter 186: Those Who Compete For The Throne

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 The day after the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” I was again stranded at the Lagart family mansion.


 I wanted to visit Horacio, but the Knight Order was in a state of confusion because of yesterday’s disturbance. They were investigating and cleaning up the scene, identifying the attackers, interviewing them, and identifying suspicious persons.



 It was no time for Huley blossom viewing, and Mr. Novak was inspecting the magic carriage to make sure there was no damage.


 I’ve already taken care of my leather armor, which means I have a lot of free time on my hands.



 I would have loved to take a nap on the sunny balcony, but unfortunately, it has been raining since this morning and I had nothing to do.


 It was chilly because of the rain, so I made a cushion in front of the fireplace in the common room of the knights’ quarters with void magic and was thinking of curling up there when Joshua came to visit me.



“Nyango, I would like to talk to you a little about the royal family…” (Joshua)


“No, the less you know about the struggle for the throne and all that, the…” (Nyango)


“If you get one of the princes’ name wrong, if you’re not careful, you’ll lose your head…” (Joshua)


“I’ll listen, please explain.” (Nyango)


“Well, I’m just kidding…” (Joshua)



 Kuu… He’s still a black-hearted brat after all.



“The four royals Nyango met face to face were His Royal Highness Ernest, His Royal Highness Baldwin, His Royal Highness Fabian, and Her Royal Highness Princess Elmerine, right?” (Joshua)


“I also met His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen at the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’ venue.” (Nyango)


“Ah, I see, His Majesty and the fourth queen.” (Joshua)


“Well, I think they’re probably Princess Elmerine’s mother.” (Nyango)


“Then it must be the fourth queen Florentia.” (Joshua)



 I heard that His Highness Fabian and Princess Elmerine are always close to each other even if she is the fourth queen’s child.



“Well, even if they are children of other queens, they seem to get along well… it doesn’t seem like the others do.” (Joshua)


“From the way you say it, it seems like there are actually a lot of things going on.” (Nyango)


“It’s a little complicated, so listen carefully.” (Joshua)


“I will…” (Nyango)



 I didn’t want to get too involved, but it seemed like Joshua himself wanted to talk to someone to collect his thoughts, so I had no choice but to accept, but it seems like the situation is not just a little, but quite troublesome.



“There were six princes in the Kingdom of Schrendl, but now that Prince Ernest has passed away… The second prince, Prince Baldwin, the third prince Christian, the fourth prince Dionigi, the fifth prince Edward, and the sixth prince Fabian. There are five heirs, including His Highness Prince Fabian.” (Joshua)


“Excuse me, Master Joshua, is the next king determined by the order of succession to the throne?” (Nyango)


“No, that’s not true. The order of succession to the throne will be considered, but the current king will make the final decision.” (Joshua)


“Then, depending on the king’s will, a prince lower in the line of succession may become king?” (Nyango)


“Yes, but in that case, of course, there could be a dispute. There are cases in which the succession to the throne is carried out smoothly, but there have been cases in which there was a major conflict.” (Joshua)



 I think the history of the royal family and civil wars were probably taught at the school in Atsuka village, but I was out picking medicinal herbs most of the time, so I have no memory of learning about them.


 I was out picking medicinal herbs most of the time, so I don’t remember learning anything about it.



“I heard that a lionkin prince is conventionally chosen as the next king, but which one of the five is a lionkin?” (Nyango)


“The three are His Highness the Third Prince Christian, His Highness the Fourth Prince Dionigi, and His Highness the Fifth Prince Edward. …His Highness Christian and His Highness Dionigi have different mothers, and their birthdays are only about a month apart.” (Joshua)


“How much younger is His Highness Edward?” (Nyango)


“He’s 16 years old, two years younger than me.” (Joshua)


“So, would it be normal to assume that either His Highness Christian or His Highness Dionigi would be…?” (Nyango)


“I guess so… But remember why we’re talking about this.” (Joshua)


“Of course… Yesterday’s attack.” (Nyango)



 There is a high possibility that His Royal Highness Ernest was assassinated by the pulverization magic circle placed in the magic carriage.


 If His Royal Highness Ernest, who is first in the line of succession to the throne, dies, the person who is second in line to the throne will naturally benefit, but His Royal Highness Baldwin is a White Tigerkin, so it is difficult for him to be chosen.



 If that’s the case, is His Highness Christian or His Highness Dionigi suspicious?



“To be honest, all four princes except for His Highness Fabien are suspicious.”  (Joshua)


“But His Highness Baldwin, the second prince, is not a lionkin.” (Nyango)


“That’s true, but the second queen, who is the mother of Prince Baldwin, is also the mother of Prince Dionigi.” (Joshua)


“Ah… To make his younger brother the next king…?” (Nyango)


“Rather than that, it seems like each queen’s camp is suspicious.” (Joshua)


“Rather than individual princes, is it more like… the work of those who want each prince to be the next king?” (Nyango)


“I think so. The queen, her family’s noble house, the nobles with whom she is in close contact, the merchants who does business with them, I don’t know how large their circle is.” (Joshua)



 This looks like it’s much muddier than I imagined.


 If the royal family and nobles were so absorbed in this kind of conflict that they neglected the people, an Anti-Noble Faction was formed, and that Anti-Noble Faction was being used to fight for the throne, the people I defeated would have died in vain.



“Are the third, fourth, and fifth princes all showing their desire to be the next king?” (Nyango)


“The only one who has openly stated so far is the third prince, His Royal Highness Christian, but neither His Royal Highness Dionigi nor His Royal Highness Edward have stated publicly that they have no intention of becoming the next king.” (Joshua)


“Do you feel like they’ll do it to be chosen?” (Nyango)


“I think so. It’s like they were trying to make it look like they weren’t in conflict with His Highness Ernest.” (Joshua)


“I wonder, now that His Highness Ernest is dead, will the conflict come to the surface?” (Nyango)


“I can’t say it doesn’t exist either.” (Joshua)


“What is the position of the Lagart family?” (Nyango)


“Our family is neutral. We are not affiliated with any faction.” (Joshua)



 If the Lagart family, which borders the neighboring countries, belongs to any faction, and receives a grudge, it could have a negative impact on their ability to fight in the event of an emergency.


 It is said that it is the family motto not to get involved in the struggle for the succession to the throne so that the country will not be destroyed because of a trivial grudge.



“In that case, shouldn’t we investigate the suspicions of His Highness Ernest’s murder?” (Nyango)


“That’s not true, Nyango. We are not in favor of any particular prince, but we must admonish any royal family member who is kicking others down in a dishonorable way. If the attack on the Nest Leaving Ceremony was carried out to murder His Royal Highness Ernest, it is unforgivable, even if it was the work of the royal family.” (Joshua)



 I still have not heard the exact number, but it is not likely that less than 10 or 20 people lost their lives in the attack.


 At the very least, it is certain to be more than 100.



 It goes without saying that a man who tramples on the lives of others in order to obtain the throne is not fit to be the next king.



“Will you find the culprit?” (Nyango)


“I wonder… How much authority the king will give to the Order to conduct the investigation…” (Joshua)



 If we proceed with the investigation, royalty and nobility will surely stand in the way.


 If someone blatantly obstructs an investigation, they will become suspicious, but if the royal family is said to be disrespectful, even if they are knights, it will be difficult to pursue further.



“Actually, I was already approached by His Highness Christian, the third prince, about transferring Nyango, but I declined.” (Joshua)


“Whaaat…?” (Nyango)


“What, you wanted to be an official?” (Joshua)


“No, that’s not it. Why does he want me?” (Nyango)


“I’m sure something like this would have already been decided. You were praised for your defensive ability to protect Princess Elmerine during that attack. Now that Prince Ernest has passed away, the person closest to the throne is Prince Christian. The next target will be getting you.” (Joshua)


“I see… but His Highness Christian has a Royal Guard Knight, right?” (Nyango)


“Of course. However, it doesn’t mean you can only choose one Royal Guard Knight. If you met His Highness Ernest, you would have seen him bringing multiple knights with him.” (Joshua)


“Ah… Now that I think about it, that’s right.” (Nyango)



 I could only see Prince Ernest from behind as I lowered my head and could only see his feet, but he was accompanied by several knights.


 Those were all Royal Guard Knights, and even if they had that many people, if a terrorist bomb was set up, they would lose their lives.



“Are you being approached by other princes as well?” (Nyango)


“There’s a high possibility… Would you like to serve as an official?” (Joshua)


“That’s outrageous. I would rather become Princess Elmerine’s Royal Guard Knight than go to such a cramped place.” (Nyango)


“Even if you get castrated?” (Joshua)


“Wha……?” (Nyango)


“Female Royal Guard Knights naturally need to go in and out of the inner palace, so if they were male, they would be castrated.” (Joshua)


“Nyaaaoooo… I-I didn’t say anything. I was just thinking that if it was Princess Elmerine’s Royal Guard Knight, it wouldn’t be dangerous…” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha… You must be glad you found out before you received official appointment.” (Joshua)



 Ever since I was reborn as a catkin, I’ve been worrying about how I should go about my love life with women and haven’t been able to come to a conclusion, but I’d like you to stop someone taking away “that” while nothing has ever happened to me.


 It was more horrifying than yesterday’s attack by the Anti-Noble Faction.



Well, please tell me something like that sooner.




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