Black Cat Chapter 25: School in Ibouro

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 The school in Ibouro was a majestic stone building, unlike the school in Atsuka Village, which was more like a temple school.


 The morning after our visit to the guild’s tavern, I escorted the village chief and his party to the school with Mr. Zeol.



 We had talked about Olivier’s entrance exam beforehand, but Miguel’s transfer exam was sudden, so apparently, he needed a little time to prepare.


 While Olivier and Miguel were taking the exam, the village chiefs were going to the church to discuss the Nest Leaving Ceremony.



“The interior of the school is being guarded, so I think everything will be fine, but just in case, Nyango, please keep them safe.” (Village Chief)


“Yes, I will do my best.” (Nyango)



 Mr. Zeol will be accompanying the village chiefs to the church as their escort, so it’s just me here.


 I would have thought it was too much work to escort them alone, but I was confident after the way I had treated the adventurers at the guild tavern last night.



“Listen Nyango, if you are attacked, don’t try to forcefully defeat the attacker. Run for your own safety first.” (Zeol)


“Understood, Mr. Zeol.” (Nyango)



 I was supposed to be an escort, but I was forbidden to enter the room during the exam, so I decided to wait in the hallway with Miguel until they were ready for the transfer exam.


 I sat with Miguel on one end of a couch placed in the hallway that could seat about five people.



“Hmph, you really are going to be the escort?” (Miguel)


“If you think so, you’d do well to refrain from acting without permission.” (Nyango)



 The school entrance examinations for children from Ibouro are scheduled on a certain date, but for those who wish to enter the school from the surrounding villages, the examinations are held at any time, just like today.


 Unlike Japanese schools, the school year is divided into two semesters, with a long break of two weeks before and after the spring and fall equinoxes.



 The reason why there is no New Year’s holiday is that some children come from areas where the roads are closed due to snow, and they may not be able to come back if they go home.


 In other words, within two weeks of this year’s spring equinox, the annoying Miguel will disappear from Atsuka village.



“Hey Nyango.” (Miguel)


“What?” (Nyango)


“Don’t you dare mess with Olivier.” (Miguel)


“Huh?” (Nyango)


“You and Olivier are not the same. You can’t get married.” (Miguel)


“Don’t worry, I’m not interested…” (Nyango)



 I’m a little confused about the feeling of romance in this world.


 In this world where various races live together, love and marriage between different races are not uncommon.



 Naturally, there are also mixed children, but they are born to either their mother’s or their father’s race.


 For example, if a tigerkin and a lionkin marry, a ligerkin will not be born.



 As for mixed-race children, well, that’s fine, but my sense of aesthetics and ethics regarding the opposite sex is the same as it was in my previous life.


 Last night, a lionkin sister who approached me at a guild tavern was wearing lion’s ears and tail, and she looked so bonkers that I wanted to climb up the ladder with her, seeing a female catkin did not arouse my sexual desire.



 On top of that, I also wonder if it is not bestiality or unethical for me to engage in such an act with a so-called human-like looking species and myself, since I look like a cat standing and walking “like” a human.


 Well, it is a normal thing in this world, and if push comes to shove, lust is likely to overtake reason, but even so, normal love is unlikely to work.



“Achoo! Achoo!” (Miguel)



 As I was lost in my lofty musings, Miguel sneezed a series of times, interrupting the silence.


 When I looked at him, I saw that Miguel was rattling and shaking.



 This school had once been a military fort, and the air was chilly, with only a few lighted windows in places in the stone corridors.


 The air was chilly. I was wearing a winter coat made with void magic and had my own fur, so I was not cold, but Miguel, who had left his coat in the carriage, said it was quite cold.



“Miguel from Atsuka Village, we are ready for the transfer exam, so please come inside the classroom.” (Teacher)



 When a goatkin, who appeared to be a teacher, came to call him, Miguel, who could not bear the cold, was wandering around in the corridor.



“Good luck, Miguel.” (Nyango)


“So noisy……” (Miguel)



 What’s the matter with being so noisy when people are cheering you up?


 It makes me feel worried to think that such a kid who can’t even have a decent conversation will become the village chief of Atsuka village in the future.



 A few moments after Miguel entered the classroom, Olivier came out of the classroom after completing the entrance exam.


 When she left the classroom, she greeted the students with a proper greeting, which showed that she was raised properly.



“Miguel’s exam just started, so can I wait here with you?” (Olivier)


“Yes, sure… eh?” (Nyango)



 Olivier, who I thought was going to sit in the middle of the couch, sat down next to me and gave me a confused look.



“What’s the matter?” (Olivier)


“Um, you…?” (Nyango)



 Olivier was casually touching the void magic winter jacket I was wearing with a curious look on her face.



“Ah, it’s a winter coat using void attribute magic.” (Nyango)



 Olivier nodded repeatedly when I explained that creating a layer of air around my body, prevents the cold from touching me.



“Umm, Nyango. Can’t you make one around me? It’s a little cold here.” (Olivier)



 Olivier had put on her cloak, but the cold was rising from under her feet as she sat still in the corridor with no heating.



“Hmm… it’s difficult to make one that fits your body perfectly, so I’m going to be wrapping you in something like a blanket of air…” (Nyango)


“Yes, please.” (Olivier)


“Okay, then, can you stand up for a moment?” (Nyango)



 I felt that I would run out of magical energy if I made winter clothing that fits my body and made a sheet to wrap Olivier on top of it, so I prepared a large sheet and wrapped us together…



“W-wow…it’s so fluffy.” (Olivier)


“Eh, hey… well, that’s good.” (Nyango)



 I said I would sit beside her and wrap myself with her, but I didn’t expect her to hug me and rub her cheeks against me.


 For Olivier, I think she wanted to fluff me like a cat in clothes.



“Wow, you are really warm. It’s so warm.” (Olivier)


“Yeah, sure…” (Nyango)



 I think I understand why the cat that was being hugged in my previous life looked so annoyed.


 At any rate, I hope Miguel’s transfer exam will be over as soon as possible.


 I’m sure that even if he does it seriously, he’ll be admitted as a new student, not a transferee.



 Olivier, who had been hugging me, sniffing and smothering me, began to doze off, cockily pressing her head, probably because her body had warmed up.


 Today is the entrance exam, so she may have been too nervous to sleep last night.



 The quietness of the school’s hallways, and the warmth of the body temperatures of others, made me want to sleep as well.


 Last night, I kept Mr. Zeol company until it was a little late, and I am a little sleep deprived.



 If I fall asleep, the void attribute blanket will disappear, so As I was desperately fighting against sleepiness, Miguel, who had finished the exam and came out of the classroom, broke the silence and shouted.



“What are you doing, Nyango!” (Miguel)


“Look closely. I’m not doing anything, she’s doing it.” (Nyango)


“Shut up! Get away from Olivier! What are you going to do if she gets fleas from you? Move!” (Miguel)


“Excuse me, I bathe every day. I don’t have fleas.” (Nyango)



 Olivier woke up from her nap at the sound of Miguel’s yapping.


 We were told we could go home now that the test was over, but we couldn’t leave until the chiefs came back.



“I’m sorry. Could we wait somewhere? It’s a little cold here…” (Nyango)


“Then, the café in front of the school gate would be good, wouldn’t it? You can see the school gate from the window, so the person picking you up will know exactly where you are.” (Teacher)



 At any rate, it was too cold in the hallway, so I decided to move to the café that the teacher had told me about.


 I asked him to leave a message so that we would not make a mistake.



 The café recommended by the teacher was a stylish place with a large glass window in front of the school gate.


 The transparent plate glass was made by using earth attribute magic, which is still very expensive, which made me think that the city is indeed different.



“What’s wrong? Both of you.” (Nyango)


“Um, I don’t have any money…” (Olivier)


“Oh, it’s okay. I’ll pay for it.” (Nyango)


“Why do you have money even though you’re just a Nyango?” (Miguel)


“I work hard every day. I have enough money to enter a cafe.” (Nyango)



 It seemed that neither Miguel nor Olivier had any money.


 The only stores in the village of Atsuka are Grandma Carisa’s Apothecary and Viktor’s general shop.


 Most of life in Atsuka village is based on bartering, and there is no place for children to spend money.



 I dragged the two shy children into a café, told them about the situation, and they sat us down by the window.


 Miguel and Olivier were seated next to each other at a table for four, and I sat in front of Miguel.



 The waitress brought us a menu, but the two of them just stared at each other.


 When they come to town with the village chief and their parents, they sometimes eat at restaurants, but since they are left to order and pay for their meals, they don’t know what they should be doing.



 Having said that, I don’t really understand the restaurant system in this world either.


 Or rather, I don’t know the name of the food, so I had no way to order.



“Um… Well, which is the most popular menu item among the students of the school?” (Nyango)


“I’d have to say the poteue. It’s a confectionery made with eggs and milk.” (Waitress)


“Then, please give us three tasty teas that match.” (Nyango)


“Certainly.” (Waitress)



 As the waitress headed for the kitchen, Miguel took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.



“You, how are you so calm?” (Miguel)


“Well, it’s because I have my own money. As long as I can pay for the items I order, I’m a customer no matter how old I am.” (Nyango)


“That’s amazing. Adventurers are truly different.” (Olivier)



 It looks like Olivier’s rating of me raised again, but the reason you’re grabby with your hands is that you’re trying to fluff me.



“Hmph, even if he’s an adventurer, all he does is pick grass and catch mice.” (Miguel)


“Well, that’s true, but it’s a lot better than being piggybacked by your parents and grandparents, isn’t it?” (Nyango)


“Who do you think you are!” (Miguel)


If you are frustrated, go to school and think about how you can make life easier for the village. That’s your job as the future village chief.” (Nyango)


“Hmph, I know without you telling me.” (Miguel)



 The confectionery we ordered, called Poteue, was similar to what we call pudding in Japan.


 It lacked the smoothness and firmness of Japanese pudding, but it was rich in flavor



“Yummeow! This is so, yummeow.” (Nyango)


“Fuh, he, this taste is not unusual.” (Miguel)


“It’s delicious. It’s my first time tasting it.” (Olivier)



 Miguel was really insincere, though he should have just said it was delicious like a child.


 In comparison, Olivier really looked like she was enjoying the food, and it’s no wonder Miguel fell in love with her.



 The poteue is delicious, probably because of the quality of the milk used.


 The milk served at the guild’s tavern last night was also fresher and richer than I expected.



 If that milk is commonly available, cheese and such would be delicious.


 If Mr. Zeol goes to the tavern again tonight, I will definitely ask him to make a dish using dairy products.




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