Black Cat Chapter 36: Purchasing at the Guild

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 After the food market, we headed to the Adventurers’ Guild.


 The purpose was to buy an orc magic stone.



“Where is the purchase counter, Mr. Zeol?” (Nyango)


“The purchase counter for that is at the far end. The one for orc meat is in another place, but that’s good for now.” (Zeol)


“Yes, well, I’m going to go there for a while, you can have a drink at the bar first.” (Nyango)


“No, I’m going to a different place today, and I’ll wait for you on the bulletin board.” (Zeol)


“I understand.” (Nyango)



 Since it was almost evening, a line was beginning to form at the purchase counter.


 The materials that are bought are diverse and include magic stones, fangs, horns, flesh, bones, skins, and even slime bodily fluids.



 The people lined up in front of the purchase counter were, of course, people who had acquired valuable materials, and many of them were adventurers returning from a day of adventuring.


 Most of them were covered in sweat and dust, having finished their work in the lingering summer heat.



 To be frank, they smelled quite sweaty and dusty.


 I was feeling like an adventurer when I suddenly felt like I was floating in the air.



“You’re in the way, kid…” (Voice)


“Fugya… That hurts.” (Nyango)



 For a moment, I wondered what had happened, but it seems that an adventurer in line behind me grabbed me by the collar and threw me over the edge.


 I was rolled to the corner of the floor with my rucksack, and when I shook my head and got up, there was a horsekin adventurer who looked like he was in his late teens smiling and baring his teeth.



“Are you okay?” (Voice)


“Eh, ah, this, I am okay…” (Nyango)



 When I was suddenly called out, I looked up in surprise to see a lizardkin adventurer in his early thirties holding out his hand to me with a worried look on his face.


 Lizardkin is what we call lizardmen in fantasy.



 The horsekin adventurer is taller than the Lizardkin, but the muscles in the chest plate and shoulders are more developed in the Lizardkin adventurer.


 Above all, the appearance of the large bipedal reptile makes it look stronger.



“He’s a man who does terrible things…” (Lizardkin)


“Ah, I’m okay, I’m really okay.” (Nyango)



 After helping me stand up, the lizardkin adventurer tried to step towards the horsekin with an indignant expression on his face, so I hurriedly stopped him.



“You say that, but I had just watched you get tossed away.” (Lizardkin)


“I’m sorry, please let him off.” (Nyango)


“Hmmm …… why are you, the one who got thrown off, apologizing?” (Lizardkin)


“That person is a pitiful person…” (Nyango)


“The man who threw him away is more pitiful? I don’t understand your reason more and more…” (Lizardkin)


“Because, in a guild with so many adventurers, only me, the catkin, can be the person he can make fun of… As proof of that, he threw me away, but behind the cowkin adventurer, he was meek as a mouse. Don’t you think so too?” (Nyango)


“Fuhahahaha, you’re funny. Yeah, you’re right.” (Lizardkin)



 The people who were watching to see what would happen when I was tossed aside could be heard giggling and laughing.


 The horsekin adventurer, unable to bear the laughter and stares, left the line and looked ready to attack me.



“You’ve done it! You have a bad habit pussycat, don’t look down on me!” (Horsekin)


“Oh, I’m sorry. I really don’t have any intention to look down on you. If I were to look down on you, you would be the weakest in this guild.” (Nyango)


“This weakling…” (Horsekin)



 Laughter could be heard from the surrounding onlookers, and the horsekin adventurer, fist clenched, teeth gritted, face bright red and he was trembling.


 I’m worried that the blood vessels in his head might pop.



 The horsekin was about to step in when the lizardkin adventurer blocked him.



“I’ve been watching the whole thing, and I don’t like your attitude.” (Lizardkin)


“What’s the matter with you, you’ve got nothing to do with this!” (Horsekin)


“I’m involved. I’m a member of the Ibouro Guild, and I have to correct those who don’t care about the future of the guild.” (Lizardkin)


“What the hell… Are you looking down on me?” (Horsekin)



 The lizardkin adventurer feels at ease even when confronting a horsekin adventurer whose head is pumped full of blood.


 Maybe, it is just like during staff arts practice, Mr. Zeol and I are just like this.



 I was excited to see the adventurers’ guild in action, but the tension in the air dissipated when one of the onlookers said,



“Hey, hey, what kind of idiot are you to pick a fight with a B-rank Laius?” (Adventurer)



 As soon as he heard the onlooker’s words, the horsekin adventurer’s expression changed.


 Perhaps there is quite a rank difference between him and B-rank.



“Tch… I’ll give you a break today. Don’t get too carried away, pussycat.” (Horsekin)


“Yes, let’s take care of each other.” (Nyango)



 The horsekin adventurer, who was about to run away with his tail between his legs, turned around after hearing my final line and sent a baleful glare at me.



“Tsk!” (Horsekin)



 In the end, the horsekin adventurer stomped at the floor, then shrugged his shoulders and took off in a stride.



“Hm, you seem pretty strong, despite your appearance.” (Lizardkin => Laius)


“No, no, I’m just starting out, just an F-rank.” (Nyango)


“In spite of that, But you didn’t seem at all intimidated by that horsekin, did you?” (Laius)


“Well, there are much scarier people around.” (Nyango)


“I see… Well, it is your turn, go sell your stuff.” (Laius)


“Yes. Thank you.” (Nyango)



 The adventurers who had been watching the commotion left the line for the purchase open.


 I had expected adventurers to be a bunch of hotheads, but it seems there are also many kind people out there.



 I wondered if I had been recognized as an adventurer.


 The man at the purchase counter was not a sexy lady, but a male goatkin.



“Hou, unusual for to see a catkin adventurer, do you have a card?” (Goatkin)


“Yes, I have a card.” (Nyango)


“F-ranked Nyango. Now, what do you want to sell today?” (Goatkin)


“Err, this magic stone…” (Nyango)


“Oh, I see that’s an orc’s magic stone, and four of them too. …Don’t tell me you killed them all by yourself, did you?” (Goatkin)


“No way. I saved up my share of the village’s subjugation.” (Nyango)



 When I laid out the orc magic stone on the counter, the goatkin uncle was surprised.


 In truth, it was something I had defeated alone, but it would be better to keep a low profile.



“I see. …four orc magic stones and one goblin magic stone, right?” (Goatkin)


“Yes, that’s all.” (Nyango)


“Do you want the purchase in cash or saved in the guild’s account?” (Goatkin)


“Can I put all the money in the account… And can I save money while I’m at it?” (Nyango)


“Yes, that’s fine. The orc magic stone is worth seven large silver coins, and the goblin magic stone is worth one large silver coin, for a total of two gold coins and nine large silver coins.” (Goatkin)


“Then, please put this one gold coin and this one silver coin together in your account.” (Nyango)


“Well, four gold coins in all, is that correct?” (Goatkin)


“Yes, no problem.” (Nyango)



 The goatkin, who looked like he was in his forties or so, proceeded with the procedure surprisingly quickly.


 After the procedure was completed, I thanked the dogkin adventurer who had secured my turn and left the counter.



“Thank you for waiting, Mr. Zeol.” (Nyango)


“What the hell are you playing at?” (Zeol)


“I’m sorry, I just get in the mood when I come to the guild…” (Nyango)


“A brat like that, next time beat him up immediately.” (Zeol)


“I’ll think about it. By the way, which store are you going to today?” (Nyango)


“Oh, well, follow me. You won’t be disappointed.” (Zeol)



 After leaving the guild, Mr. Zeol crossed the street and stepped into the alleyway.


 I had just taken a few steps into the alley when I heard footsteps approaching from behind.


 The sound of footsteps approached from behind, and a dull thud echoed through the alley.



“Ugh, it hurts… What’s happening in front of me… Gufuu, Gaha!” (Horsekin)


“You attacked me from over there, what did you think I did?” (Nyango)



 The one who attacked me was the horsekin adventurer from earlier, who was probably lying in wait outside the guild.


 He threw a surprise roundhouse kick at me, but I countered him in the shin with [Shield] I had deployed when I heard his footsteps and send back the attack to him.



 He thought that since I was a catkin he can completely look down on me, so I made a staff made with void attribute magic and poked him on the chest and throat, and trip him.



“As expected of you, Nyango. You work fast, don’t you?” (Zeol)


“This kind of troublesome work isn’t worth a single copper coin.” (Nyango)



 The horsekin adventurer fell backward in reaction to the poke in the throat, hitting his head on the wall and being knocked unconscious.



“Mr. Zeol, are there quite a few thugs like this?” (Nyango)


“There are a few people every year who are aspiring adventurers, who can’t measure their own abilities against those of others, and who act like this in an unbecoming manner. But that’s not the point. Dinner time. Let’s go.” (Nyango)


“I got it.” (Nyango)




 Leaning against the wall, we left the horsekin adventurer with his eyes rolled back and stepped into the alleyway toward the restaurant recommended by Mr. Zeol.




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