Black Cat Chapter 37: Picking Up

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 The day after the sale of the orc magic stone in the Adventurer’s Guild, we plan to pick up Miguel and Olivier from school in Ibouro and return to the village.


 After yesterday’s unseasonably hot weather, today is cooler, probably due to the cloudy skies and weak sunlight.



“It’s nice when the day is cool, but if we take it easy, it’s going to start raining before we get to the village.” (Zeol)


“It’ll be fine. I’ll make roof if it rains, Mr. Zeol.” (Nyango)


“Well, if Nyango is here, we won’t have to be in a hurry to leave.” (Zeol)



 Last night’s dinner was at a barbecue restaurant.


 The price, quantity, and taste were excellent, as was recommended by Mr. Zeol.



 Among the many things Mr. Zeol ordered, there was a skewer of black orc that I had eaten at a festival stall.


 The price was reasonable, and I asked the owner which part of the orc it was.



“Oh, that’s right, it’s the marrow of a black orc.” (Owner)


“Huuuh, it is the bone marrow?” (Nyango)


“Yes, it’s taken from the bones of the thigh or knee, and a little bit of work goes into it to make it taste good.” (Owner)


“Wow… That’s why it has such a round shape.” (Nyango)



 It’s a reasonably priced shop, and of course, there are many young workers as well as adventurers.


 Talking about subjugating monsters, talking about construction sites, talking about business, talking about women, talking about gambling… I felt a little more mature when I was immersed in the various conversations around me.



 If you are going to be an adventurer in Ibouro, it will be great to find these cheap and tasty restaurants and eat your way around.


 If possible, I would have liked to stay a few days and have some fun in town, but since I was given a free ride in a horse-drawn carriage, I couldn’t do anything without permission, so I would have to wait until another time.



 We left the inn early and headed for the school. It seemed that no one from the other villages had picked up their students yet, but I heard that the carriages would be gathering soon.


 The school would be closed for the autumn vacation starting today, and the dormitory would be closed accordingly.



“Nyango, I’ll stay here and watch the carriages, so you go and pick up Miguel and Olivier.” (Zeol)


“Yes.” (Nyango)



 The students are supposed to stay in the dormitory because it would be difficult for those who came to pick them up if they had to move around from place to place.


 The boys’ dormitory is in the front and the girls’ dormitory is in the back, so I went to pick up Olivier first.


 At the entrance of the girl’s dormitory, a deerkin lady who looked like the dorm supervisor was waiting for me and asked me to show my ID.



“An adventurer from Atsuka Village is picking up Olivier from Kidai Village?” (Deerkin)


“Yes, Atsuka Village is further away from Kidai Village, and the village chiefs are friendly to each other, so they exchange horses and other things.” (Nyango)


“I see, so that’s how it is. …But can you carry the luggage?” (Deerkin)


“Huh, what luggage?” (Nyango)


“A girl is away from home for six months, so she has a lot of baggage to carry. Are you able to carry that?” (Deerkin)


“Does that luggage look heavier than an orc?” (Nyango)


“Ohohoho, it’s not that heavy.” (Deerkin)


“Then I’ll be fine.” (Nynago)



 The dormitory supervisor lady seemed to be interested in whether I could really carry the luggage and how I would carry it, since I, who was smaller than her, assured her that I would be fine.


 When I followed the directions and entered the lobby, a dozen or so girls glanced at me at once.



“Nyango… did Nyango come to pick me up?” (Olivier)


“Yeah, come one, let’s go home.” (Nyango)


“Um, my luggage…” (Olivier)


“Which one?” (Nyango)



 Olivier’s luggage consisted of three trunks each large enough for me to fit in.


 The girls, including Olivier, looked worried that I wouldn’t be able to carry them.



“[Cart]” (Nyango)



 I created [Cart] based on the cart I used to carry my hunting prey, and I put the trunks on it.


 The trunks were quite heavy, but since I had enhanced my body beforehand, it was a piece of cake.


 Since we would be stopping at Miguel’s dorm next, the cart was made large enough to give us plenty of room.



“It’s floating……” (Girl)


“Why are the trunks floating?” (Girl)



 The female students raised their voices in surprise, and the female dorm supervisor also opened her eyes wide.



“Well then, shall we go?” (Nyango)


“Yes, Nyango is really amazing.” (Olivier)


“Well, thanks to my void attribute.” (Nyango)



 When I pushed the cart and started walking to the next dorm, even more, surprised voices were raised, but it was troublesome to explain, so I decided to go to the men’s dorm immediately.


 Even in front of the men’s dormitory, I was asked to show my ID by the dogkin dormitory supervisor.



 Since we were from the same village this time, we were guided without any problem.


 I asked Olivier to wait at the entrance with the cart.


 It seemed that everyone in the men’s dormitory was waiting to be picked up, and everyone in the lobby turned their attention to me.



“Miguel, let’s go home.” (Nyango)


“Do it again, Master Miguel, I’ve come to pick you up… Right?” (Miguel)


“What are you talking about? I don’t work for the village chief. If you want someone to talk to you like that, you’ll have to ask Mr. Zeol.” (Nyango)


“This guy…” (Miguel)



 Seeing Miguel being looked down upon, the other boys let out a giggle.



“Miguel, where’s your luggage?” (Nyango)


“This one and this one!” (Miguel)



 Miguel’s luggage consisted of two trunks about the same size as Olivier’s.



“Okay, get your things and bring them here.” (Nyango)


“What the hell… you bastard! You’re the one who has to carry them, so get on with it!” (Miguel)



 The other male students who couldn’t stand it started laughing while holding their stomachs, and Miguel’s face turned bright red, and he yelled.



“You don’t have a good memory, do you? I just told you that I’m not employed by the village chief.” (Nyango)


“Don’t be ridiculous! Then what are you doing here?!” (Miguel)


“I’m here to inform you that the carriage is coming to pick you up. If you want someone to carry your luggage, ask someone else to carry it.” (Nyango)


“You bastard!” (Miguel)



 The dogkin dorm supervisor intervened with Miguel, who was about to attack me.



“Stop! I don’t know what’s going on here, but this is no place for a fight. Miguel, get your stuff and get moving.” (Dogkin)


“Two at once…” (Miguel)


“*Sigh*, it can’t be helped, I’ll take one…” (Dogkin)


“No, no, I’m sorry to bother you, I’ll carry one.” (Nyango)


“If you don’t want to bother me, think a little more before you act.” (Dogkin)


“I’ll take care of it next time… let’s go, Miguel.” (Nyango)



 I walk out first, lifting the trunk with one hand.


 Since the dorm supervisor was staring at us, Miguel also tried to obediently grab the trunk and start walking, but he couldn’t lift it with one hand, and he followed me holding the trunk with both hands.



“You have a lot of strength, don’t you?” (Miguel)


“Well, I train…” (Nyango)



 When I replied to the dorm supervisor’s question Miguel looked like he had something to say, but he seemed to swallow his words when he spotted Olivier.



“Thank you for waiting, Olivier. Here, Miguel, I’ll carry it for you, so bring it to me.” (Nyango)


“Tch… don’t try to be nice.” (Miguel)



 He gave up considering the distance to the carriage, and Miguel put (threw) down his trunk.


 Miguel’s trunk was also put on the [Cart], and we headed for the carriage.



 On the way, we passed a pick-up person from another village, a combination of something butler-like and a macho man who looked like a laborer.


 I can only say that Mr. Zeol is a bad person for making me go alone to pick him up, especially when I was supposed to be the one carrying the luggage.



 While we were on our way to the carriage, Olivier was talking to me, a lot, probably because she thought the void magic cart was so unusual. Miguel’s mood was getting worse.


 I wanted to tell him that he didn’t have to glare at me so much, that they would be alone once we got on the carriage, and that he should show a little more composure.



 I loaded Miguel and Olivier’s trunks into the back of the carriage and was about to go up to the driver’s seat when Olivier called out to me.



“Nyango, would you like to ride inside?” (Olivier)


“I’m sorry, I have to be on watch, I’ll ride over here.” (Nyango)


“I see. …I would have liked to talk with you more, but I’m sorry.” (Olivier)


“Can Miguel be your partner instead of me?” (Nyango)


“Yes… I understand.”  (Olivier)



 Olivier nodded her head, her cheeks puffed out a little in frustration.


 Look, Miguel, I’ve given you a chance, so make the most of it.


 I went up to the coachman’s seat after confirming that the two of them had boarded the carriage.



“Mr. Zeol, please tell me if I am going to carry some luggage.” (Nyango)


“Ha-ha-ha, you bring deer and wild boar from the mountains all by yourself, that much should be no problem.” (Zeol)


“Well, that wasn’t the problem.” (Nyango)


“Don’t be too hard on Miguel.” (Zeol)


“Hard? No way, it’s education. Education.” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha, education, huh… I don’t think he’ll get it.” (Zeol)


“Well, I won’t deny that.” (Nyango)



 The carriage leaves the school and heads for the north gate of the city.


 The sky is cloudy as usual, but there is no sign of rain falling yet.




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