Black Cat Chapter 41: Word of Mouth

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“Nyango, have you never ridden a horse before…?” (Zeol)



 The reinforcement knights arrived earlier than planned, so I had to rush to Ibouro with Mr. Zeol, but I was told that we would be going by horseback instead of a carriage.


 This time, since we were not picking up the village chief or Miguel, there was no need to go by carriage, but I have no experience in horseback riding.



 Besides, the horses in this world are larger and sturdier than the thoroughbreds of my previous life.


 If the burly Mr. Zeol were to ride astride a horse, it would be a pretty picture, but if I were to ride alone, I would look like a saddle ornament.



“It can’t be helped, let’s ride together. I’ll only need one horse, and we won’t have to pace ourselves.” (Nyango)



 In the end, I was to ride with Mr. Zeol, in front of him.


 To be honest, [Bike] was faster, but I hadn’t shown it off to Mr. Zeol yet.



 Mr. Zeol carried a long-handled spear on his back and drove the horse at a light pace.


 It seems he intends to switch horses at Kidai and ride to Ibouro before the end of the day.



“Nyango, you seem to have some kind of covering in front of your face. Make one in front of me too.” (Zeol)



 Since we were moving at a different speed from when we were in the carriage, Mr. Zeol seemed to have caught on to the fact that I was using a helmet made with void magic to protect myself from the occasional insect or dust particles that flew by.


 It was difficult to make a helmet to fit Mr. Zeol’s head, so I made a shield in front of his face.



 I made the shield streamlined so that the horse would not be burdened by increased wind resistance.



“Oh, this one is good. With this, you don’t have to worry about swallowing bugs even if you yawn.” (Zeol)



 Mr. Zeol ran the horse non-stop to Kidai Village, slowing down the pace while watching the horse’s breathing, and speeding up a little on the downhill.


 As we entered the village chief’s house, a servant who knew him ran up to him.



 Mr. Zeol dismounted first, and I used [Step] to get off the horse.



“Mr. Zeol, it looks like you’re in a hurry, what is the matter?” (Servant)


“I want to get to Ibouro by the end of the day, so I’ll need a new horse. Also, a Bronze Wolf has appeared in the mountains southeast of Atsuka.” (Zeol)


“What?! Bronze Wolf… Is that true?” (Servant)


“The Knights have already arrived in Atsuka village, and I have arranged for reinforcements to arrive here today. Please inform the village chief.” (Zeol)


“Thank you very much. Hey, prepare a replacement horse for Mr. Zeol. I will go to the village chief to let him know.” (Servant)



 When the replacement horse was ready, Mr. Zeol left for Ibouro without waiting for the chief of Kidai village.


 Mr. Zeol looks more impatient.



“Even if we hurried to Ibouro, we wouldn’t be able to gather adventurers in a hurry, would we?” (Nynago)


“If we were to send out an ordinary request to hire only a specific number of adventurers, there would be no need to be in such a hurry, but this time we are taking down the Bronze Wolf. We are not hiring a specific person, but rewarding the one who kills the wolf. If an individual kills it, he gets everything. If a party kills it, that party is paid. If there are two parties, the money is split between the two parties. We don’t limit the number of people, but get those who want to earn money and make a name for themselves together as quickly as possible.” (Zeol)



 In the case of regular requests to kill orcs and goblins, the guild’s receptionist determines which adventurers will receive the order in order to prevent problems that might arise if adventurers cross paths with each other. However, in the case of a powerful monster such as the Bronze Wolf, the guild does not limit the number of adventurers in order to give priority to defeating the monster.



“In other words, the early bird gets the worm, so it’s better to submit your request quickly?” (Nyango)


“That’s right, but if we can get the story of the Bronze Wolf out before this evening, it will become a topic of conversation in the taverns, and the rumor will spread faster.” (Zeol)


“I see, something like, ‘I’m drunk, and I’m going to participate and bring my party’… Is it like that?” (Nyango)


“Well, that’s right. Those people are not very reliable, but they can be used as decoys.” (Zeol)


“Woah, that’s cruel…” (Nyango)


“Gahahaha, adventurers work by bringing their own talents. If you lose your life during the request, it is not the responsibility of the client, but the responsibility of the person who jumped into the request without due care and awareness.” (Zeol)


“In other words, you should carefully examine the details of a request before accepting it.” (Nyango)


“That’s right.” (Zeol)



 The day was overcast and the temperature was reminiscent of deep autumn, so we arrived at the guild in Ibouro just as the sky was beginning to turn red with the setting sun.


 After giving the horses a drink of water, Mr. Zeol left them in the stable, and as soon as he stepped into the guild, he raised his voice.



“There’s a Bronze Wolf in the mountains near Atsuka! I’m putting out a request! The reward for killing it is three large gold coins. Those who want to earn money and make a name for themselves, come forward, the sooner the better!” (Zeol)



 As Mr. Zeol walked up to the counter, the deerkin woman at the reception desk greeted him with a wry smile.



“I’m sorry. Our village is desperate because we’re dealing with a dangerous monster.” (Zeol)


“We will accept your request. Is it really a request from Atsuka village?” (Receptionist)


“Yes, the client is the village chief of Atsuka Village, and he will pay you three large gold coins as a reward after confirming the subjugation.” (Zeol)


“May I take one gold coin and five large silver coins as the guild’s fee?” (Receptionist)


“Sure. Please post the request in the most conspicuous place as soon as possible.” (Zeol)


“It will be done.” (Receptionist)



 Apparently, the commission to the guild for submitting a request is 5% of the completion reward.


 Since a request to take down a Bronze Wolf with a high completion reward is a tasty job for the guild, the lady receptionist seemed to be unable to complain while smiling wryly.



 After making sure the request form was posted on the bulletin board, Mr. Zeol left the guild, picked up his horse, and headed for the inn.


 The inn was called “Orc Tracks Pavilion,” an unusual name, but it was a nice inn with clean rooms and good food.



“The innkeeper, do you have a room available for two?” (Zeol)


“Welcome, Mr. Zeol. Yes, we have rooms available. Nyango, come, too.” (Innkeeper)


“Thank you for your hospitality.” (Zeol)


“Please go to your usual room on the second floor. What about dinner?” (Innkeeper)


“We’re going out for dinner, but we’ll order breakfast tomorrow.” (Zeol)


“Understood. Take your time.” (Innkeeper)



 After putting my luggage in the room and taking care of the horse, I took a bath to wash away the sweat, changed clothes, and headed out for dinner.


 Mr. Zeol headed to the skewer restaurant he had visited before.



 The food was delicious and reasonably priced, so the restaurant was crowded with customers that day as well.


 After taking a seat and ordering food and drinks, Mr. Zeol began to speak more loudly than usual.



“Nyango, I’ve sent a request to the guild, but the subjugation to take down Bronze Wolf is still going on, so don’t let your guard down.” (Zeol)


“Of course, I understand. The reward for defeating a monster that costs three large gold coins should not be so easy to defeat, right?” (Nyango)


“Yes, it’s not an easy monster to kill, and that’s why you get gold and honor when you do.” (Zeol)


“But, since the request was posted in the guild, adventurers will come to Atsuka, won’t they?”


“Of course, they will. The Bronze Wolf is a great way to get a reputation just for taking part in the subjugation against it. Even if you only wounded it, you would be noticed. Besides, Atsuka is a small village, and if adventurers swarm the place, everything will still be in short supply. It would be a good time for peddlers to make some money.” (Zeol)



 As soon as Mr. Zeol and I started talking, the bustle subsided as if the tide had receded, and everyone in the place turned their gazes toward us.



“Hey, you guys, can you tell me more about what you just said?” (Oxkin)



 As Mr. Zeol was about to order an ale, an adventurer-looking oxkin sitting at a neighboring table spoke to him. This is what Mr. Zeol is trying to accomplish.


 In this world where entertainment is scarce, even small talk about an incident can get the whole restaurant excited.



 And when it comes to the story of the Bronze Wolf, for which a large reward is at stake, it is human nature to want to know detailed information, even if one does not take part in the fight.


 And it is also human nature for those who have obtained information to want to tell someone about it.



 If the word spreads from person to person tonight, some adventurers may come to Atsuka village tomorrow.


 Maybe the peddlers will start packing their bags today.


 I don’t know how effective this will be, but I have a feeling it won’t be bad as a means of information broadcasting.



“When was the last time the Bronze Wolf showed up?” (Oxkin)


“It just showed up yesterday.” (Zeol)


“Has there been any damage to the village?” (Oxkin)


“Not yet. This guy found them attacking goblins in the mountains southeast of the village and informed us.” (Zeol)


“Oh, really? Can a catkin get away from that?” (Oxkin)


“This guy can use Body Enhancement Magic even if he looks like this. If it’s just running away, he’s faster than anyone in this place.” (Zeol)



 Mr. Zeol carefully answered the questions that came flying in from all over the store one by one.


 I also talked about the situation when I saw the Bronze Wolf, but I didn’t reveal anything about my void magic.



 Also, neither I nor Mr. Zeol talked about the fact that the support of the knighthood had already arrived.


 It’s not that we lied, it’s just that we didn’t talk about it because we weren’t asked.



 After this, Mr. Zeol and I switched places to a tavern a little further away and advertised the request to take down Bronze Wolf in the same way.



T/N: Oh, Zeol and Nyango are both sly cats.




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