Black Cat Chapter 42: The Return Trip

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 The morning after our word-of-mouth promotion, Mr. Zeol and I finished breakfast, enjoyed a leisurely cup of tea, and departed from the Orc Tracks Pavilion.


 When I asked why the unusual name “Orc Tracks”, I was told that it meant that orcs were monsters, prey, and materials for adventurers and that if we could follow their footsteps properly, we could make money…



 I have killed four orcs so far, but the one I found by chance and the other three I encountered while taking part in subjugation, but I have never sought out and killed one myself.


 In essence, defeating orcs is a matter of going to the request location, following the tracks, finding them, scouting them, and finally subjugating them.



 Even, if I were to use [Step] to look around from a high vantage point and subjugate an orc because I happened to find it, I might not be able to always fulfill requests as an adventurer in the future.


 After the Bronze Wolf commotion is over, I will ask Mr. Zeol to teach me how to track prey.



“Look at that, Nyango. That’s the result of our hard work.” (Zeol)


“Wow, there’s a line…” (Nyango)



 Normally, the most crowded part of Ibouro is the south gate toward the Royal Capital, and I have never seen the north gate toward Atsuka and Kidai crowded.


 This morning, however, there was a line at the checkpoint for people leaving the city and bringing their luggage.



 Most of the people in line are adventurers and peddlers, and it seems that the process of inspecting the luggage of peddlers in particular is taking a long time.



“Most of the luggage seems to be food and liquor, so there’s no need to check them too hard…” (Nyango)


“That’s not right, Nyango. Not so, Nyango. The best time to crack down on contraband is when you are entering or leaving a city like this. Once they pass through the checkpoints, it becomes more difficult to chase them down. Especially when you are dealing with adventurers, there are a lot of dangerous goods moving in and out of the city.” (Zeol)


“When you say, ‘dangerous goods’ do you mean…?” (Nyango)


“Simply put, they are narcotics and prohibited drugs.” (Zeol)



 Some adventurers who face monsters resort to drugs to dispel their fears.


 It is probably the same everywhere in the world, but drugs that lift one’s spirits or make one feel less tired are prohibited because they cause visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, and other symptoms that can lead to mental illness.



 In Japan in the previous world, drug-sniffing dogs were active at airports, but in this world, dogkins play a similar role.


 After being tested, those with a good sense of smell are hired by viscounts as inspectors and are in charge of inspections at the gates of these cities.



 The main purpose of the inspection of peddlers is to intercept any contraband that may have been hidden in their luggage, while the main purpose of the inspection of adventurers and travelers is to check their identification to see if there are any criminals who are trying to escape.


 Even if the crime has not been confirmed, the mere suspicion of a crime will bar a criminal from leaving the city.



 If a criminal is allowed to leave the city, he may commit more crimes in neighboring villages, or he may join in with other bandits or thieves.


 For Viscount Lagart, it is necessary to be careful when entering and leaving the city in order to protect the security of his territory.



 Even after leaving the city, Mr. Zeol is advancing his horse at a leisurely pace.


 After completing the support request to the Knights and the subjugation request to the Adventurer’s Guild, our role is over for the time being.



“Nyango, would you like to participate in the subjugation?” (Zeol)


“Hmm… But it is tough, isn’t it, a Bronze Wolf?” (Nyango)


“Yes, so tough that even a metal spear would have to be able to pierce its fur.” (Zeol)


“My attacks use my own momentum and weight, so I have a feeling all my attacks are going to be repelled.” (Nyango)



 Even if I focus on its fur, if I can’t pinpoint the eyes, mouth, nose, etc. against a wolf that rushes at me, I will only be able to scratch the surface of its body fur and no damage will get through.



“Well, I’d like to see how the subjugation goes, so I may go to watch from afar.” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha, that’s a reasonable plan. In your case, you are not the type to go forward and fight, so in any case, your participation will be from the rear to support.” (Zeol)



 The position that will be most active in defeating the Bronze Wolf this time is as the defender, he said.


 Standing in front of Bronze Wolf’s attack, suppressing its movement, and creating an opportunity where it’s easy for their allies to attack.



 The role of putting an end to a monster is usually played by the attacker, but the subjugation of a large monster is not possible without the presence of the defender role.


 The physical strength to catch demons’ attacks, the courage to stand up to them, and the competent shield users are valued as much or more than swordsmen and spearmen.



“Speaking of which, the people carrying big shields stand out.” (Nyango)


“For those guys, this subjugation is a chance to show off their skill.” (Zeol)



 Remembering the Bronze Wolf I saw with my own eyes, if you ask me if I dare to challenge them to a close encounter, I would have to say no.


 In fact, I came running away with my tail between my legs, and I don’t think I have enough courage to go near that thing.



“Hahahaha, there’s no need to be ashamed. It is stupid to rush into an opponent you know you can’t beat without a plan. You will only lose your life in vain, and it will do you no good. In fact, all this preparation would have been possible if you had run back and informed us. If we hadn’t been prepared, who knows how many people would have been killed?” (Zeol)


“Will the Bronze Wolf come down to the village?” (Nyango)


“I don’t know, but I see it as a strong possibility. They may be feeding on goblins at the moment, but if there is prey close by, they will attack.” (Zeol)



 Mr. Zeol expects that the knight order will be centered on the southeastern side of the village and will establish a plan to protect the perimeter of the village from east to south.



“What about other places?” (Nyango)


“The knights will patrol and be on the lookout, and if there is anything unusual, they will notify us with a messenger or using magic.” (Zeol)



 They will also notify knights and soldiers in remote locations by launching fire and water magic into the sky.


 The first priority of the knights is to ensure the safety of the residents, and if possible, they will try to subjugate the monster.



“I see, and that’s why we need adventurers.” (Nyango)


“Yes, the knights are the shield that protects the village, and the adventurers are the swords that go into the mountains to attack.” (Zeol)



 When I arrived at the village of Kidai before noon, I was informed that the support of the Knights had arrived yesterday.


 I was only thinking of the village of Atsuka, but the Knights, have their eyes on the entire territory.



 Even in Kidai Village, no one has yet witnessed the Bronze Wolf, but the knights arrived immediately after being informed of its existence, so the villagers didn’t seem to be greatly disturbed.


 While waiting for the replacement horses, the village chief and Olivier appeared to greet us.



“Mr. Zeol, I heard that you made quick arrangements, thank you very much.” (Kidai Chief)


“Village chief, if it’s a thank you, please say it to Nyango. He was the one who informed the village chief of the existence of the Bronze Wolf, and he was also the one who went to Fort Bisreus to call for support.” (Zeol)


“Hoho, that is a great achievement, Nyango. You’ve been a great help to the village of Kidai, thank you.” (Kidai Chief)


No, I did what I had to do, and the Bronze Wolf hasn’t been subjugated yet…” (Nyangi)


“But you’re amazing, Nyango. Such a tiny body puts adults to shame.” (Olivier)



 Hearing the story, Olivier hugged me excitedly, but I want you to refrain from doing this in front of Miguel.


 Well, I can fully understand your desire to fluff my wonderful fur.



“Nyango, isn’t the road to the village of Atsuka dangerous? Why don’t you stay in the village of Kidai until the Bronze Wolf is subjugated?” (Olivier)


“Thank you, Olivier. But I’m sure we’ll be fine since other adventurers and wagons are heading to Atsuka and Mr. Zeol is with me. Besides, if things get dangerous, I’ll run away.” (Nyango)


“I see… That’s a pity.” (Olivier)



 Perhaps Olivier is a genuine fluff enthusiast who never misses a chance to fluff.


 It’s adorable how she looks so disappointed and a little pouty.


 I can understand why Miguel likes her.



“Now, Nyango, we’re going to have to hurry a bit because the clouds are getting thicker.” (Zeol)



 When we changed to a replacement horse and started climbing the mountain pass that forms the border between Atsuka and Kidai villages, clouds began to appear and the sun began to fade.


 It was when Mr. Zeol picked up the pace of his horse and started to descend the pass toward Atsuka village.



“Ah!” (Adventurer)



 A large bronze shadow crossed from the woods on the left side of the road, and one of the three adventurers walking in front of us disappeared.



“Gyaaaaa!!!” (Adventurer)



 It was so quick that everyone’s presents stood like sticks until a scream came from deep in the woods.



“Nidol! Shit, let’s go after Rev!” (Adventurer)


“Damn, I’ll kill you!” (Nidol)



 The two companions of the kidnapped adventurer step into the forest.



“Mr. Zeol…” (Nyango)


“We’re reporting in. The two adventurers rushed into the woods. We should inform the knights first in case it tries to attack others on the road.” (Zeol)



 Mr. Zeol kicked the horse’s side and quickly increased its speed toward Atsuka Village.




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