Black Cat Chapter 56: Trouble

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 As I was leaving the cafeteria after Professor Lembolt, I found the group that had been with Miguel standing in the way.


 I thought I was going to get caught up in another silly dispute, but the Lionkin boy who spoke to me as a representative was surprisingly polite and courteous.



“Professor Lembolt. Earlier, you said that you killed Bronze Wolf, is that true?” (Lionkin)


“Yes, that is true. I also confirmed it when I submitted a request to the guild. I heard that this adventurer, Nyango, put an end to it.” (Lembolt)



 When Professor Lembolt gave a firm answer, the others, except for the lionkin boy, began to ask Miguel what he was talking about.



“Professor, it seems that he will show you the magic that killed the Bronze Wolf. Do you mind if we observe too?” (Lionkin)



 In response to the lionkin boy’s question, Professor Lembolt looked back at me and I silently nodded back.



“He says it’s alright. However, follow his instructions… Now, make way.” (Lembolt)



 The lionkin boy opened the path and began walking with Professor Lembolt’s guidance, and the other students from the cafeteria followed in a line.


 When I glanced back, it looked like Miguel had been poked by his companions.



 I hope he wasn’t talking about how he was actually the one who killed the Bronze Wolf…



“Then, Nyango, can you start?” (Lembolt)


“Understood. It’s dangerous, so everyone please stay out in front of this line.” (Nyango)



 Using a staff made with void attribute magic, I drew a line on the dirt ground.



“Hey, how is he doing that?” (Student)


“Is it wind attribute magic? Or is it another magic?” (Student)



 The students who had gathered watched the lines being drawn in the middle of nowhere with curious looks on their faces since they could not see the staff made of solidified air.



“Let’s begin. [Flame Lance]!” (Nyango)


“Ohhh…” (Bystanders)



 The blue flames, over three meters high, erupted toward the heavens, and the sound of high-pressure gas spewing out, caused the assembled students to shout in amazement.


 The sight and sound seemed to convey the sense of danger well enough.



“Amazing! Nyango, how does it work?” (Lembolt)


“That’s… I’ll explain it later slowly.” (Nyango)



 Even though they are school students and not adventurers, I don’t intend to talk about the magic tools that use void attribute magic in-depth.



“I see, then, although it’s a mess, let’s go back to the research building.” (Lembolt)



 I had already demonstrated my [Flame Lance], and I was about to leave after answering Professor Lembolt’s questions and learning about a new magic circle, but the lionkin boy blocked our way again.



“Professor Lembolt, would you let us test our skills with the adventurer with you?” (Lionkin)


“Test your skills? What are you going to do?” (Lembolt)


“Yes, he seems to be good enough to defeat the Bronze Wolf, and I would like to try his skills on the battlefield.” (Lionkin)


“But he’s probably a middle guard or rear guard who uses magic.” (Lembolt)



 I nodded back at him as Professor Lembolt looked at me again.



“However, since he defeated a Bronze Wolf, wouldn’t it be a good opportunity for us first-years to at least have martial arts match with him in the academy training hall?”



 The lionkin boy is not as big as Horacio, but I am not even as tall as the boy’s shoulders.


 He was being polite, but I could see through his selfishness that he wanted to hurt me by bringing me into a physical battle, which he was good at.



“How about that, Nyango?” (Lembolt)


“What’s it like for a martial arts match?” (Nyango)


“It’s a martial art match using wooden swords and wooden spears and wearing armor.” (Lembolt)



 The lionkin boy looks confident, but to me, who has been training with Mr. Zeol, there is a palpable difference between heaven and earth in the way he carries himself.


 I don’t know how good he is because I haven’t actually fought him, but I have unfounded confidence that I probably won’t lose.



“Well, that’s okay. It seems you don’t get many chances to go outside the school, but I wouldn’t want you to get injured or something by challenging an adventurer other than me to a fight.” (Nyango)


“I’m sure that’s true, but…. is that really alright?” (Lembolt)


“If you don’t have armor that fits me, I’ll use my own armor, so don’t worry.” (Nyango)



 Professor Lembolt asked, “Is that really alright?”, probably because he was worried about whether he would win, but I replied in a deliberately ambiguous way.


 He seemed a little hesitant, but Professor Lembolt nodded at the lionkin boy.



“Fine. But only if you get Professor Mendez’s permission.” (Lembolt)


“Thank you very much. I will go to the training hall first and check with Professor Mendez.” (Lionkin)



 The lionkin boy left in the direction of the training ground with a pep in his step.


 The boys who were with him followed him, but Miguel was still being poked and prodded.



 I thought that living away from his parents would make him stop pretending to be something he is not, or telling lies that would be easily discovered, but it seems that he is not going to get over it so easily.


 While I was watching Miguel, Olivier came up to me.



“Mr. Nyango, why didn’t you tell me that you had defeated the Bronze Wolf?” (Olivier)


“I ended up dealing the killing blow, but it was because of the cooperation of many adventurers that we were able to defeat it. It’s not something to brag about as if I alone accomplished it.” (Nyango)


“Still… I wanted you to tell me.” (Olivier)


“Maybe one of these days, when I do accomplish more.” (Nyango)



 Olivier puffed out her cheeks in frustration, probably not because I hadn’t told her about the Bronze Wolf but because she couldn’t fluff me because Professor Lembolt was with me.



“But how can Mr. Nyango use fire magic when you have the void attribute?” (Olivier)



 This is probably a natural question for Olivier, but her question made the people around us start buzzing again.


 In this world, there is only one type of attribute magic that can be used for every person, and it is common knowledge that no one can use more than one type of attribute magic.



“That’s my adventurer secret.” (Nyango)


“Muu, that’s not fair.” (Olivier)


“Instead, I need to concentrate on my hand-to-hand match…” (Nyango)


“Jasper is said to be the strongest among the first-year students, but there is no way he can compete with Mr. Nyango.” (Olivier)


“No, no, you won’t know it until we fight.” (Nyango)


“No, there is no doubt. Mr. Nyango is sure to win.” (Olivier)



 Well, I don’t intend to lose, but I wonder where Olivier’s confidence comes from.


 Seeing Olivier comfortably talking to me, the girls whispered something to each other, and the boys gave me bitter glances, which made me remember my school life in my previous life.



 The training hall was built on the other side of the school building and was used as a gymnasium.


 It is about the size of a Japanese school gymnasium, but the floor is made of stone and there is no basketball ring, but there is an archery target on the back wall.



 In this part of the world, sports are not as popular as in Japan, so physical exercise equals either labor or martial arts.


 Since children of wealthy families gather at the school, they are required to learn swordsmanship as a hobby.



 At the training ground, in addition to Miguel and his group who had gone ahead of us, a wolfkin was waiting for us.


 He had a well-proportioned body, and just by looking at his standing posture, I could tell that he was a person who practiced martial arts.


 Perhaps this man was Professor Mendez.



“Professor Lembolt. The adventurer who defeated Bronze Wolf… is that catkin boy?” (Mendez)


“Yes, that’s right. Nyango is an outstanding void attribute magic user.” (Lembolt)


“Oh…” (Mendez)



 When he again and again from my head to my toes, Professor Mendez’s lips loosened a little.


 This person is definitely the same type of person as Mr. Zeol.



“Very well. I will give them permission. Nyango, put on your armor and choose your weapon.” (Mendez)



 Luckily, there was an armor that fits my size, so I decided to borrow it and use it.


 They had leather body armor, gauntlets, shin guards, and barrel-like armor for the head.



 The warehouse also had practice weapons made of various types of wood.


 There were several sticks of different lengths, probably used in place of spears, and I chose one about the same length as the one I had used in Atsuka.



“Hou, so you use a staff…” (Mendez)



 As I wave the staff with one hand and examine it, Professor Mendez grins.


 Jasper was wearing the same protective gear as I was, gripping a wooden sword the size of a long sword, with a small shield attached to his left hand.



 In fact, while I find it troublesome to be entangled, I am also looking forward to hand-to-hand combat with a boy of my age.


 So far, the only person I’ve had to do hand-to-hand combat with has been Mr. Zeol, and we’ve only done it between staff fighters.



 In fact, I would like to test how good I am now.


 Facing Jasper with his sword in his hand, I couldn’t stop a smile from forming on my lips.



“Attacks should be aimed at the place where armor is attached. If I deem it a valid attack, I will call it one strike. The winner is the one who gets three strikes first.” (Mendez)



 Jasper must be very confident he looks down on me while nodding at Professor Mendez’s words.



“Then, both of you shake hands and take your place…” (Mendez)



 Jasper grinned and held out his right hand with a nasty grin on his face.


 Our right hands have a difference between the size of an adult and a child.



 The smile on Jasper’s face disappeared as he grasped my right hand and stared at me.


 I knew that my bare grip was no match for Jasper’s, and I didn’t want him to hurt my right hand before our match, so I activated body enhancement magic.



 He seemed confident in his swordsmanship, but as expected, he could not use body enhancement magic.


 Jasper seemed to have changed his opinion of me a little by responding to the grip strength comparison without hesitation.



 On the floor of the training hall, two lines were drawn at a distance of about five meters.


 This seemed to be the starting line, and the look of condescension on Jasper’s face as he held his wooden sword on the other side of the lines was gone.



 I took a deep breath and quietly readied my staff.




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