Black Cat Chapter 58: Hawk Eye Pavilion

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 By the time I left the school after the talk with Professor Lembolt in the research building, the eastern sky was beginning to darken.


 If I did not hurry to secure lodging for the night, I would end up camping out in a corner of Ibouro.



 The inn I chose from the three I was recommended by the guild was the least expensive, the Hawk Eye Pavilion.


 It is a little far from the center of town, but not too far from the academy, so it is probably in a safe area.



 Following the directions given to me by the guild, I saw a sign in the shape of an eyeball.


 The Hawk Eye Pavilion is a little old, but it doesn’t look rundown.



“Good evening…” (Nyango)



 I opened the door, which made a loud creaking sound, and walked in to find a bearded dogkin sitting at the counter in front of me.


 The man turned his aged eyes toward me with a stern face and asked in a quiet gravelly voice,



“What can I do for you?” (Innkeeper)


“Um, do you have a room available?” (Nyango)


“…days?” (Innkeeper)


“Just for tonight for now…” (Nyango)


“…dinner?” (Innkeeper)


“Yes, please.” (Nyango)


“…breakfast too?” (Innkeeper)


“Yes, please…” (Nyango)


“Four silver coins, advance payment, and your ID…” (Innkeeper)



 The dogkin uncle was still wearing his calm poker face and not a trace of a smile.


 I thought I had made a poor choice, but a good smell wafted from the back of the room.



 The back of the first floor seems to be the inn’s dining room and bar, and two groups are already drinking.


 The old man is unfriendly, but I guess the food is good there.



 When I produced my guild card, the old man looked at me with a confused expression when he saw what was written on it.


 Once again, I was being scrutinized from the top of my head to the tips of my toes with three slightly muddy white eyes.



“You the guy who took down the Bronze Wolf?” (Innkeeper)


“I was not just me.” (Nyango)


“Hmm…” (Innkeeper)



 After paying four silver coins, the man presented a key with a wooden tag on it.



“Take the first room on the second floor. If you want to clean yourself, the well is outside the door at the bottom of the stairs.” (Innkeeper)


“Thank you…” (Nyango)



 There are many things I would like to say, but right now, the most important thing is to get a place to sleep.


 On the second floor, I saw five doors at the end of the stairs and two doors on the other side of the hallway.



 Perhaps the rooms are of different sizes.


 Listening carefully, I could hear noises, so it seemed that there were other guests staying in the other rooms.



 I unlocked the door closest to the staircase and entered the room, which was a bare room with only a bed, a small table, and a chair.


 There were no curtains on the windows, but the room seemed to have been very clean since it was recommended by the guild.



 The only light was a lamp hanging on the wall, not a magical tool.


 It seemed to contain oil, but burning it would produce a smell, so I used void magic to make a light magic tool.



 Since I have been using the light magic on a regular basis, it is already flexible in terms of size and brightness.


 Now that the room is lit, I am going to start using the magic circles that I have just learned.



 The magic circles I got today are Lightning and Temperature Control, but I will use the Temperature Control magic circle.


 I had already mastered the magic circle for Cooling by copying the magic circle from Mr. Zeol’s refrigerator, but I only had the fire magic circle for heating.



 I made a hair dryer by combining the fire magic circle and wind magic circle, but if I got too close or set the output incorrectly, my fur would get burned.


 Moreover, fire magic circles were incompatible with water magic circles, and although I could heat water in a pot, I could not make warm water because the fire went out when they were combined.



“Now then, a magical tool that warms… hmm? Oh… it’s getting warmer!” (Nyango)



 When air containing magical elements is solidified into the shape of a warming magic circle, the temperature rises.


 When made with the image of compressing the air so that the magical element increases, the temperature rose further and became red hot in the shape of a magic circle.



 After changing the compression and thickness several times to set the standard, and combining it with the wind magic circle, it became easy to adjust the temperature of the dryer.


 If I wanted to lower the temperature, I could reduce the number of void magic tools to heat the hair, and if I wanted to raise the temperature, I could increase them.



“Okay, let’s do one more thing before dinner.” (Nyango)



 I made a void magic case with a grid underneath and threw the futon and pillow into it.



“Let’s get rid of the bed bugs!” (Nyango)



 I lined up a hair dryer under the case and heated the futon and pillows together.


 As I recall, sun-drying does not kill dust mites, but if the temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, they should die.



 If I kept it in this condition for a few minutes, it should kill the mites and make the futon soft and fluffy.


 By applying this method, I can dry my laundry even on rainy days.



 While I was killing the bed bugs, I cleaned the beds and finished preparing the beds for the night, when I heard a voice from downstairs telling me that dinner was ready.



“Guests, dinner is ready! It will taste bad if it gets cold, so eat it quickly!” (Voice)



 The voice sounded like a middle-aged woman, so they might have been the lady of the inn.


 I did not expect it to taste as good as the Malur meuniere I had during the day, but my stomach had been complaining since a while ago, so I decided to head for the dining room as soon as possible.



 As I opened the door, I was startled to run into someone who was just walking down the stairs.


 A dark-skinned black leopardkin woman with long, straight, jet-black shampoo commercial hair, black leather jacket and pants, and black leather combat boots on her feet, she was tall enough I had to look up.



“Ah… go-go ahead.” (Nyango)



 The black leopardkin woman glanced at me, but immediately looked away and went down the stairs silently.


 She was wearing heavy boots, but I didn’t hear her footsteps going down the stairs.



 Behind her tight waist hung a dagger with a black sheath.


 If I try to touch her shiny, fluffy, thick tail, I feel like I’m going to get my ass kicked… But I want to fluff it.



 My tail is great to touch, but that one seems to be even better.


 I thought for a moment that she was an assassin because she was in all black, but I guess she is also an adventurer.



 On the other hand, I was wearing cargo-type half-pants and a normal button-down, just like any other kid around here.


 It would have looked more like an adventurer if I had a knife or something, but I could make as many as I wanted with void magic, and I didn’t have to take the time to maintain them.



 And since it would be easier for enemies to let their guard down if I didn’t have a weapon, so, I guess I don’t need one.


 I locked the door to my room and went down the stairs.



 I didn’t want to lose, so I even used the cushioned steps and didn’t make even the slightest sound of my footstep.


 I had placed an [Shield] on the inside of the door and in front of the cupboard in my room, so if anyone tried to break it, I would know, and if they didn’t, I wouldn’t have to worry about them breaking it.



 In the dining room, there were four tables for four people, three tables for two people, and a counter that could seat about six people, and the black leopardkin woman was seated at the end of the counter.


 I was a little lost but settled down at the opposite end of the counter.



“Dinner… Please.” (Nyango)


“You boy… ah, you must be the customer who just arrived. I’m Nerva, the lady of this inn. What would you like to drink?” (Nerva)



 Mrs. Nerva, standing in the kitchen on the other side of the counter, is a well-built Hogkin woman, probably in her forties.



“Um… milk, please.” (Nyango)


“Got it!” (Nerva)



 I was hoping for the stereotypical tavern scene, but no one seems to have heard.


 The black leopardkin woman also drank from her cup without even looking at me.



“Here you go, enjoy!” (Nerva)



 Mrs. Nerva served the dinner carrying a tray, to the leopardkin woman first and then brought it to me.


 The menu consisted of steamed derum potatoes, tomato-based stew, and black bread.



 Derum potatoes are similar to yatsugashira potato [T/N: Japanese taro], which is also cultivated in Atsuka Village and are characterized by their rich flavor.


 It’s served with butter to make it even more flavorful.



 The tomato-based stew is made by simmering offal with carrots, cabbage, beans, and other ingredients.


 I don’t know what kind of offal it was, but it was so tender that it melted in my mouth.



“Yummeow! Hot! Hot and yummeow!” (Nyango)


“You’re quite the noisy kid, but it seems to suit your taste.” (Nerva)


“Mrs. Nerva, what kind of offal is this offal stew?” (Nyango)


“It’s orc offal. It’s boiled twice, and it’s been simmering since last night.” (Nerva)


“It’s really thick, rich, and I’ve never had this kind of tender stew before… It’s hot, but it’s so yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha, the stew won’t run away, so eat slowly.” (Nerva)



 As I glanced to the side while talking with Nerva, I saw a black leopardkin woman spoon the stew to her mouth and huff and puff after a look of surprise.


 She glared at me, but I hurriedly looked away and pretended not to notice.



 She looked super cool, but she’s got a cat tongue too.


 I had another stew and added black bread, and enjoyed dinner until my stomach was full.



 The black leopardkin lady went back to her room first while I was talking with Mrs. Nerva.


 As she passed behind me, I could smell a soft pleasant scent, but I didn’t hear her footsteps. 



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