Black Cat Chapter 59: Shure

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 The delicious dinner fills my stomach.


 The futon and pillows are fluffy and warm.



 I would like to dive into bed and sleep to my heart’s content, but before I do so, I have to…


 With a change of clothes and a hand towel in my arms, I headed for the well behind the Hawk Eye Pavilion.



 At the well of Hawk Eye Pavilion, an enclosure was built for bathers.


 The back of the bathroom seemed to rest on the edge of the well, and water could be drawn from inside the enclosure for bathing.



 It was surrounded on all sides by a board fence, and the door could be easily bolted from the inside.


 The room was about one tatami mat in size, and there was a simple shelf to keep a change of clothes.



 Now that I had obtained a Temperature Control magic circle, I wanted to take a relaxing bath.


 I put a change of clothes and a hand towel on the shelf, and first created a bathtub with void magic.



 I didn’t need a big bathtub if it was just for me to soak in, but since I was going to the trouble, I made it big enough for me to stretch out my legs.


 Well, it’s still about the size of a small bath.



 Next, I installed a magic tool to warm the water at the bottom of the bathtub.


 Since I intended to heat the water, I set the output a little higher.



“Okay, let’s try making warm water.” (Nyango)



 Combining the warming magic tool and the water magic tool, the long-awaited hot water magic tool is completed.


 I remade it several times, adjusted it so that hot water would come out at the right temperature, and at the same time reduced the number of magic tools in the bathtub.



 On the way, I made a mixing rod with void attribute magic to stir the hot water and check the temperature.


 And after about ten minutes of testing, the bathtub was ready for my exclusive use.



 I quickly took off my clothes and first used the hand tub I made with void magic to pour hot water over my body, and finally sank my body into the bathtub.



“Hmm… the hot water is just right.” (Nyango)



 The enclosure has no roof, so when you look up, you can see stars twinkling at the end of the rising steam.


 The bathtub is a great place to relax and stretch your body.



“Ah~ This is paradise, paradise…” (Nyango)



 After getting out of the bath, I dried my hair with [Hair Dryer] and was thinking about ordering a cold glass of milk at a bar… When suddenly the door of the enclosure rattled and shook.



“Meow, meow? Hey, I am not a woman.” (Nyango)



 I thought it was someone trying to do something bad to a defenseless woman, so I told them it was a man in the room, but the person behind the door kept shaking the door.


 I couldn’t believe that this person was aiming at me, so while I was drying the fur on my back, the bolt came off and the door opened.



“Hot water… Me too…” (Intruder)


“Nya, hey… Eeeeeh…!?” (Nyango)



 The one who was shaking the enclosure door was the black leopardkin woman I had seen at dinner.


 The woman, who was dressed in only a large hand towel wrapped around her defined muscled tanned body, stepped into the bathtub as if it were a matter of course.



 If I was alone, I would be able to stretch my body in the bathtub, but it was a bit cramped for a tall black leopardkin woman, and the hot water was overflowing.


 As a result, I was soaked in the bathtub with the black leopardkin woman who was just wrapped in a towel, holding me from my behind.



“Um… why are you?” (Nyango)


“It’s cold with just well water… but there was steam coming out of the top…” (Intruder => Leopardkin)



 I see, since there is no roof, the steam rising can be seen even from the outside.



“But what were you going to do if there was a burly old man or something in here?” (Nyango)


“Not possible… I heard you humming…” (Leopardkin)


“I see……” (Nyango)



 In other words, they know it’s me enjoying the hot water, and they’re ready, knowing that if it’s me, they don’t have to worry about being attacked.


 Pfft, that perception is… very correct.



 Between me, who is less than a meter tall, and the black leopardkin woman who is probably over 170 centimeters tall, if it becomes a brute-force match, they probably know that I will lose.



“But what were you going to do if I had brought a weapon or something?” (Nyango)


“You didn’t even have one with you during dinner… and I can’t smell any iron on you…” (Leopardkin)


“What would you have done if I was a powerful magician?” (Nyango)


“You can’t use attack magic in a confined space… and if you use it, you’ll also hurt yourself…” (Leopardkin)



 The black leopardkin woman proudly boasted that she had already assumed that much.


 There is a lot of tsukkomi to throw, but, well, I’m enjoying the Mount Fuji pillow in the back of my head, so I guess that’s good.



“I’m ready to get up, so let me know when you get out of the bath.” (Nyango)


“Okay……” (Leopardkin)



 I got out of the bathtub, wiped myself with a hand towel, wrapped the towel around my waist, and was ready to go back to my room with my change of clothes.


 I could hear humming from behind the enclosure, but when I opened the door to the inn, “Oh, how?” I heard a surprised voice say.



 I mean, it must be weird to see hot water pooling without spreading, even at first glance.


 Before they thought it was strange or odd, I guess they were just eager to soak in the hot water.



 I went back to my room and made a hair dryer with void attribute magic to dry my hair.


 It was not a typical dryer, but a large warm air blower that could dry my whole body all at once.



 I didn’t want to sleep in a half-dry state since I made the futon fluffy.


 Besides, sleeping in a half-dry state causes bacteria to grow on the futon and make it smell bad.


 When I had finished drying myself, there was a knock at my door.



“I came out, but… Why was the hot water pooled on its own…?” (Leopardkin)


“Is a secret.” (Nyango)


“Where did you get the hot water from…?” (Leopardkin)


“Is a secret.” (Nyango)


“Muu…” (Leopardkin)



 I heard a grumbling growl from outside the door.



“Wait a minute…” (Leopardkin)



 I still didn’t hear footsteps, so I thought they had left.


 A moment later, there was another knock at the door.



“I’ll buy you a drink in return for the hot water…” (Leopardkin)



 I hesitated a bit but decided to accept the invitation since I was planning to go for a glass of milk after my bath.


 When I opened the door, the black leopardkin woman was standing there, having finished dressing.



 She had changed from the black leather jacket and pants she was wearing earlier to a loose cotton shirt and black denim pants, and a black sheath dagger hung from her waist.


 I locked the door and walked down the stairs together.



 I feel a gaze on me and look up to see a black leopardkin woman staring at my feet.


 When she realizes I’m watching her, she smiles happily, like a child with a new toy.



 When I entered the diner with the black leopardkin woman, Mrs. Nerva at the counter was surprised to see us.



“Heh, that’s rare. Shure is with someone.” (Nerva)


“Hmm… this kid is talented…” (Leopardkin => Shure)



“I see, you’re indeed the rumored rookie.” (Nerva)


“Rumored rookie…?” (Nyango)



 To my surprise, it seems that rumors of me are spreading outside the guild, but Shure doesn’t seem to have heard of it, tilting her head and asking back.



“I heard you killed a Bronze Wolf.” (Nerva)



 As soon as she heard Mrs. Nerva’s words, Shure’s gaze on me sharpened.



“I’m not the only one to take credit for it. I just took part in a joint operation with the parties Chariot, Bored Men, and Raging.” (Nyango)


“Hmm…” (Shure)



 Shure looked at me as if she was sizing me out, including my words, but she nodded her delicate chin and motioned for me to take a seat at the counter.


 I sat on the left side of Shure, who had taken a seat first, or else she would be in my blind spot and it would be difficult to talk to her.



“Mrs. Nerva, give him a drink…” (Shure)


“Hey, what do you want?” (Nerva)


“Cold milk…” (Nyango)



 I ask for milk instead of alcohol, but again, no response, which is a bit sad.


 But cold milk after a bath is very special. Yummy.



“Again… I’m Shure, what is your name?” (Shure)


“Nyango.” (Nyango)



 Shure is from Escalante territory, which is along the way to the Royal Capital from Ibouro.


 The Marquis Escalante’s family birthed warriors, with successive knight captains, and martial arts are popular in the territory.



“Nyango seems competent… But you don’t look like an adventurer.” (Shure)


“Adventurers don’t rely on their looks for work, do they?” (Nyango)


“Not really. Sometimes, in escort work, it is important to look strong.” (Shure)


“That would be impossible for a catkin, you know? If that’s the case, it’s more convenient to have an appearance that is looked down upon, isn’t it?” (Nyango)


“I see… You’re really skilled.” (Shure)



 I feel better than being called incompetent, but Shure’s words sound like she’s looking down on me.


 I guess she is gauging my competence from the bathtub at the bath area and [Step] on the stairs.



 In fact, when it comes to direct combat, I myself feel that Shure outperforms me.


 But in a fight that makes full use of void attribute magic, I am sure I would be second to none.



“Nyango…do you want to party with me?” (Shure)


“Eh?” (Nyango)


“If you party with me… I’ll train you.” (Shure)



 She looks like a voluptuous older sister, so I might chance of a momentary naughty development, but what I feel from Shure is the same quality as Mr. Zeol and Professor Mendez.


 The desire for a spar has been raised, but I still don’t feel like teaming up with Shure, who I don’t know yet.



“You say that, but you just really want to get a hot bath maker, right?” (Nyango)


“Fufun… you found out, huh?” (Shure)


“Besides, I have a prior commitment, so I won’t be able to fulfill your expectations.” (Nyango)


“Hmm… That’s too bad. I thought I could take a bath during camping if Nyango was with me…” (Shure)



 It’s hard to tell right now how much of her words are serious and how much is a joke, but as I was rejecting Shure’s invitation, a drunken man interrupted our conversation.



“Hey, sister. Don’t drink with the little pussy cat, have fun with us instead.” (Drunk)



 The hairs on my back stood on end as Shure turned toward the drunk.



“Get lost…” (Shure)



 The dagger in Shure’s hand was held against the drunkard’s throat as if it had suddenly appeared there.


 I had no idea when she pulled it. Also, if Shure had wanted to, his head would have been sliced off.



 I take back what I thought before, I feel like I can barely even start even if I make full use of my void magic. 




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