Black Cat Chapter 64: Pillow

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 I think the term “taken home” is a figurative expression for bringing home a woman you like, but I am experiencing a physical “taken home”.


 And it’s embarrassing that I’m the one being “taken” and not the one “doing” the taking.



 Serge never challenged Ms. Leila, the idol of the bar, to a fight from the beginning, and Shure also backed off easily after deciding to live together at Chariot’s base.


 And I had to leave the guild with Ms. Leila holding me.



 The apartment where Ms. Leila lives is diagonal across the street from the guild.


 A strong-looking dogkin guard stood at the entrance, keeping a sharp lookout around Ms. Leila as she came out of the guild.



“Welcome back, Ms. Leila. This one…?” (Guard)


“My customer.” (Leila)


“Th-Thank you…” (Nyango)



 After the bar was closed for business, I tried several times to escape but was brought back with Ms. Leila holding me.



“Nyango, my room is on the third floor, room five.” (Leila)


“Room five on the third floor?” (Nyango)


“Yes, did you remember correctly?” (Leila)


“Yes, I did.” (Nyango)


“Well, that’s good…” (Leila)


“Meow, meow, hey… Ms. Leila?” (Nyango)



 Suddenly, she was walking briskly with me in her arms until we entered the entrance of her apartment, but as soon as we entered the lobby and she told me her room number, she relaxed and leaned against me.



“Eeeee… Ms. Leila, Ms. Leila?” (Nyango)


“Hmm… A cuddle!” (Leila)


“Eeeee… this is unreasonable.” (Nyango)



 I’m about 90 centimeters tall now, but Ms. Leila must be nearly 170 centimeters tall.


 I think it’s unreasonable to carry her up the stairs, but the only people who can lend a hand this late at night are the security guards.



“It’s no good… I can’t carry you properly.” (Nyango)



 I put Ms. Leila down on a void attribute cushion for now and tried to ask the guard for help, but he said no.


 If this happens, I have no choice but to carry her with my own strength.



 Fortunately, the width of the stairs in the apartment is wide enough for four adults to go through side by side, so it doesn’t seem like I’ll have to worry about bumping into each other while carrying Ms. Leila.


 However, there is still too much of a difference in our physiques, so I support Ms. Leila’s body while maintaining the cushion and lift her up using my Body Enhancement Magic.



 I’ve been practicing since I was in Atsuka Village, so I can use both void magic and Body Enhancement Magic, but it takes a lot of nerve to climb the stairs with Ms. Leila in my arms.


 Carefully climb up one step at a time so as not to trip and fall.



“Kitty… Kitty…” (Leila)



 Ms. Leila opened one eye, but she immediately closed her eyes and entrusted her body to the cushion.


 To be frank, if you’re awake, I’d like you to climb up on your own feet.



 And for a small catkin, each step of the staircase is high, but I don’t have time to complain.


 The air in the stairwell was cool, but by the time I reached the second floor, I was sweating on my back.



 I passed through the landing, the second floor, and the landing, and when I reached the third floor, I felt more tired than if I had been catching rats for a day.


 I mean, thinking about it, I should have used [Step] to make my own foothold to go up instead of relying on the steps of the staircase.



 When I reached the third floor, Ms. Leila and the whole cushion is on a cart made of void attribute magic.



“Hmm… 70 points.” (Leila)


“Eh… but I worked very hard?” (Nyango)


“If you’re going to carry a lady, don’t look like you’re trying and casually carry her.” (Leila)


“The grading is very strict.” (Nyango)



 I received the key from Ms. Leila and opened the door of the room.


 What the, is Ms. Leila’s valley an interdimensional space?



“Mmm… Nyango, I need a bath.” (Leila)


“I can’t help you anymore…” (Nyango)



 When I entered the living room, Leila-san got off the cart, walked unsteadily, and plopped down on the sofa where about three people could sit side by side.


 I thought she was posing as if she were drunk, but apparently, she continued to pose as if she were drunk until we entered the apartment.



 I left my backpack in the living room and went to the bathroom, where I found a claw-foot bathtub, and on the wall were some magical tools and other things for heating water, but I had no idea how to use them.


 The bathtub in my parents’ house in Atsuka village was a wood-fired type, and water was drawn from a well.



“Well, it’s good that I can make a void magic magical tool to adjust the temperature…” (Nyango)



 Taking advantage of my experience at Hawk Eye Pavillion last night, After a few minutes, I had the bath ready to go.



“Ms. Leila, the bath is ready.” (Nyango)


“Hmm… You woke me up.” (Leila)


“Yeah, whoa, that’s dangerous. Wait, hold on…” (Nyango)



 I lend my shoulder to the staggering Ms. Leila and support her.



“Eh… Nyango you’ve gotten bigger.” (Leila)


“I did not get bigger. I’m just building footholds.” (Nyango)



 The height difference is too great for me to support her well if I don’t make a foothold with [Step].



“Yes, here you are… Wait, why are you undressing me?” (Nyango)


“Does Nyango take a bath with his clothes on?” (Leila)


“No, I’ll take off my clothes… Wait a minute!” (Nyango)


“Yesterday you went in a bath with Shure, didn’t you? Tonight, have fun with me.” (Leila)


“Bath…? Meow!” (Nyango)



 The word “bath” distracted me, and while I was distracted, she took off my pants and even my underpants.



“Nyango… let me take them off.” (Leila)


“*Sigh*… It’s done, I understand.” (Nyango)



 If this happens, I will defiantly have to take off Ms. Leila’s clothes.


 Ms. Leila has a lion’s tail and ears, but other than that, she has the same smooth skin as Japanese women.



 I had only experienced the otaku-bodied high-schooler in my previous life, so this was too much stimulation for me, but since Ms. Leila made no pretense of hiding it, I began to feel foolish for being conscious of it.


 Ms. Leila picked up a light blue powder from a bottle on the washbasin, walked unsteadily to the bathtub, and dissolved it into the hot water.



 As Ms. Leila let the hot water surge, bubbles floated to the surface, and at the same time, a nice fragrance wafted through the air.


 It was like a combination of soap and bath salts.



“Nyango, you’ll catch a cold…” (Leila)



 I had my own fur, so I wouldn’t catch a cold even if I was naked, but Ms. Leila, who had sunk her body into the bathtub, beckoned me to join her, and I braced myself and soaked myself in the hot water.


 It’s a shame that I can’t see things with all the bubbles filling the bathtub, but my interest in my first soap in this world is now stronger than ever.



 The soap felt just like the Japanese soaps of my previous life, with the same soft texture and lather.


 The scent is not too strong, and although I am not sure how well it removes dirt, it seems to be refreshing after a day in the field.



“Is this your first time using soap?” (Leila)


“Yes. Is it expensive?” (Nyango)


“It’s not cheap. But you can use it every day if you live in my house.” (Leila)


“Umm… That’s a bit…” (Nyango)


“How about you make your reply while taking a bath with this lady?” (Leila)


“Meow! Ms. Leila, bubbles! Bubbles in my eyes!” (Nyango)


“Keep your eyes closed…” (Leila)


“Ah, ah, my tail, throat…” (Nyango)



 In the end, Ms. Leila washed me all over.


 Ms. Leila surprised me when I ran away from the bathtub and took a hot shower made with void attribute magic to wash away the bubbles.



“What? Why is there hot water coming out of nothing?” (Leila)


“If I solidify the air that contains magic essence in the shape of a magic circle using void attribute magic, Engraving Magic will be activated.” (Nyango)


“Hmm… So, you used that to finish off the Bronze Wolf, didn’t you?” (Leila)


“Yes, but it’s a secret.” (Nyango)


“Nyango, that’s great. …Then, next, wash me.” (Leila)


“*Sigh*… Yes, yes, I understand.” (Nyango)



 I raised the hot water shower and Ms. Leila uses it to wash off the bubbles.


 Yeah, it’s a perfectly fine view.



 After I finished washing Leila, I used [Hair Dryer] to dry my body.


 Perhaps it was because I washed with soap, but my fur was fluffy and smelled even better than usual.


 I should probably get some soap.



“Alright!” (Nyango)


“What’s with the funny pose? Nyango, help me dry my hair.” (Leila)


“Yes, yes, of course.” (Nyango)



 When I finished drying her slightly reddish blond hair with a hair dryer, I was captured by Ms. Leila again.



“Meow… Umm, Ms. Leila. I haven’t even put on my pants yet…” (Nyango)


“Does it bother you to sleep with me?” (Leila)


“Huh, I’m going on the sofa in the living room…” (Nyango)


“Oh no… I won’t let you escape.” (Leila)


“Eh…” (Nyango)



 Ms. Leila, who doesn’t wear a single piece of clothing, holds me and takes me to the bedroom.



“Meow… Supper smooth…” (Nyango)


“Right. Hmm… Nyango, so fluffy…” (Leila)



 The fluffy king-size bed was covered with sheets that felt nice to the touch, probably made of silk.


 Well, if it’s the feel, I’m the one who’s freshly washed.



 I’ve come this far, I’m a man, and I’m ready to take the plunge. I may lack some dignity as a man, but I think it’s time for me to climb up the ladder of adulthood.


 When Ms. Leila got into bed and hugged me from my back, she immediately fell asleep.



 Well, I knew it… I’m a man too, you know, I’ll be your cuddle buddy for the night…Yeah, Mount Fujis for pillows is the best.


 I thought it was uncomfortable to be held by someone else, but I was tired from everything that had happened, and I fell asleep too.



“Kevin… Kevin…” (Leila)



 I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Ms. Leila’s sultry voice, and I had turned over and was buried in the soft valleys.


 I was hugged tightly, and I almost let out a groan, but I endured it.



“Hey, can’t breathe…” (Nyango)



 I made a tube with void magic and brought it to my mouth, and managed to secure my source of air.


 Yeah, if it’s this, it’s okay to stay buried… Maybe I’m a genius. Alright!



 The next morning, I woke up at the usual time, but Ms. Leila was sound asleep.


 I quietly slipped out of bed to get ready so as not to wake her and left a note on the living room table.



“I can’t be Kevin, but I’ll cuddle with you once in a while… But only once in a while.” (Nyango)



 Imitating Shure, I left the room, trying not to make a sound, and used my void magic from outside to lock the door behind me.


 Now, let’s head to Chariot’s base.




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