Black Cat Chapter 70: Research Maniac

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 When Professor Lembolt found me waiting at the entrance of the research building, he came running toward me as if he was about to throw away his teaching materials for his class.


 No, no, no, you don’t have to be in such a hurry.



“Hey, Nyango. Did I keep you waiting?” (Lembolt)


“No, I had a meeting with Professor Mendez at the training hall.” (Nyango)


“I see, I would have liked to see that too… So, did you try using the magic circle that I gave you the other day?” (Lembolt)


“Yes, I used the temperature control magic circle and the lightning magic circle.” (Nyango)


“Oh, you used the lightning magic circle too, so how did it go? No, I don’t want to stand around talking, let’s go to my room.” (Lembolt)



 I was guided to Professor Lembolt’s room, which was as messy as ever, and it was difficult to find a place to step on but we’re in.


 Sitting on the sofa that was about to be covered with laundry, Professor Lembolt was so excited that he almost started dancing when I told him about the practical results of the temperature control and the lightning magic circle.



“I see, Nyango can make a hollow magic circle, so you connected the temperature control and water magic circle to make a magic circle that produces hot water, correct?” (Lembolt)


“Yes, by adjusting the size, thickness, and compression ratio of the temperature control magic circle, the temperature of the hot water can be adjusted as well. From hot water for showering to boiling water for brewing tea, you can adjust the temperature of the water as you wish.” (Nyango)


“That’s fantastic! No, I didn’t realize that void magic could be so versatile. …This is a discovery that will turn the world upside down.” (Lembolt)


“I would appreciate it if you could keep my name out of it when you present your research findings since I don’t want to be too conspicuous.” (Nyango)


“Is that so? I am sure that with your current skills, Nyango will be approached by the knight order of the kingdom.” (Lembolt)



 Certainly, if he knew the usefulness of void attribute magic, I might be scouted by the knight order, and if I had received it during the Nest Leaving Ceremony, I would have accepted the invitation without a second thought.


 I have the desire to catch up with Horacio, who is doing well in the Royal Capital, but more than that, I now prefer the adventurer’s path that I have just started walking.



“Hmm… I prefer the carefree life of an adventurer to the rigid life of the aristocracy.” (Nyango)


“I see, then, Nyango, I’ll try to keep your name out of the announcement, but I’m sure… it will eventually become known.” (Lembolt)


“Well, I’ll think about it then, so I’d appreciate it if you could keep me anonymous, Professor Lembolt.” (Nyango)


“Understood. By the way, can you demonstrate the lightning magic circle?” (Lembolt)


“I can, but lightning is so intense that I can see it getting dangerous.” (Nyango)


“If possible… Can you make one that’s strong enough to not kill a mouse?” (Lembolt)


“Eh, you don’t mean…” (Nyango)


“I would like to experience it myself.” (Lembolt)



 As this laboratory indicates, Professor Lembolt seems to be a person who should be called a Research Maniac, so I decided to have him experience it with something weaker since he is not likely to be convinced if I say no.



“I’m going to make it around here, so please reach out and touch it.” (Nyango)


“Here? Nuuu! So, this is lightning…” (Lembolt)



 The lightning magic circle is as strong as static electricity in the wintertime, so it only sparked slightly when Professor Lembolt touched it.


 In this world, there are not many opportunities to feel static electricity because there are no plastics or other synthetic materials.



 Professor Lembolt then checks his senses by closing and opening the palm of his hand.



“Nyango, can you make it a little stronger?” (Lembolt)


“I can do it, but it’s dangerous if it’s too strong.” (Nyango)


“The rats faint or their heart stops beating and then dies, right?” (Lembolt)


“Yes, I think that the commands from the head to each part of the body are blocked.” (Nyango)



 In Japan, it is known that signals from the brain are transmitted by weak electricity, but this is unknown knowledge in our world.



“I see. Then, please something that doesn’t make the rats faint.” (Lembolt)


“Understood. Then, just like before…” (Nyango)


“Around here… Whoa!” (Lembolt)



 A crackling sound was heard, louder than before, and Professor Lembolt was waving his open hand to drown out the pain.



“No, no, I see, if this gets even stronger, I can well understand why the rat would faint or die. Nyango, can you make it just a little bit stronger?” (Lembolt)


“I could, but are sure?” (Nyango)


“I’m fine, go ahead and do it. …wahoo!” (Lembolt)



 After a loud bang, Professor Lembolt pressed against his right elbow and his face crumpled.


 It’s true that I can use it as a reference to see how much I can endure, but I don’t want to be the test subject myself.



“Nyango, just a little stronger…” (Lembolt)


“No, no, we better stop this.” (Nyango)


“No, just try one more time, just one more step stronger. It’s not every day you get to taste what lightning can do to the human body.” (Lembolt)



 I realize that Mr. Renbolt is a genuine Research Maniac, but it’s a little perverted upon reaching this point.



“Are you sure you want to do this?” (Nyango)


“Ah, I’m begging you just one more time…Ugiiii!” (Lembolt)



 While screaming, Professor Lembolt has a somewhat ecstatic expression on his face.


 Yeah, he’s a real pervert, so I have to be careful.



 I remonstrated Professor Lembolt, who was begging for one more time, and asked him to teach me a new magic circle.



“Hmmm… I’m sorry, but we can talk about the lightning magic circle another time. So, which magic circle do you want to learn today?” (Lembolt)


“The weight reduction magic circle, please.” (Nyango)


“Hmmm…that’s a good magic circle for a small boy like Nyango.” (Lembolt)


“I think this is a magic circle to lighten the weight of things, but I have never seen it before. If it were such a useful magic circle, it would be more widely used.” (Nyango)


“You’re right. However, this magic circle is very consuming in terms of magic power.” (Lembolt)



 The heavier the object that you want to reduce the weight of using the magic circle, the heavier the magic circle is, the more magic power is consumed to feel the effect.


 Conversely, if the item is light, the effect can be felt with less magic power, but if the item is light, there is no need to use magic power to reduce its weight. The result is that it is considered to be a magic circle that has no use.



“Nyango can activate the magic circle without using his own magic power or magic stones, so perhaps you can think of a new use for it.” (Lembolt)


“Yes… but I won’t know unless I try it.” (Nyango)



 I thought it would be possible to carry heavy loads lightly, but if it consumes a lot of magic power, it seems like it would be more efficient to carry it using a cart as before.


 I wanted to and was taught this, but it may have been a bit of a mistake.



“How is it, Nyango? Would you like to learn one more thing?” (Lembolt)


“Is that alright?” (Nyango)


“I don’t mind. I would be more than happy to have you develop a new way of using it.” (Lembolt)


“I see. …please tell me something that has not been common so far.” (Nyango)


“Hmm, not common… Then how about pulverization?” (Lembolt)



 The pulverization magic circle is said to be a magic circle that was used in mining sites, etc., and was carved or drawn on the surface of hard rock.



“Why were the pulverization magic circle no longer used?” (Nyango)


“This was not very easy to use. It literally shatters the place where it is activated. …Can you imagine that for a moment? In order to activate the magic circle, a person must be near the place where the rock is to be shattered.” (Lembolt)


“Isn’t that dangerous?” (Nyango)


“It’s dangerous. The most common method these days is to use fire magic to heat the rock and then use water magic to rapidly cool it down and break it open. Nyango, if you try it, please be careful not to get hurt.” (Lembolt)


“Okay. I’ll be very careful when experimenting.” (Nyango)



 We thanked Dr. Lembolt and left the research building, promising to come back again.


 Both weight reduction and pulverization seem to be uncommon magic circles for normal use, and it is the same with lightning magic circles.



 The lightning magic circle, which had no use before, is now at the stage where it can be used as a weapon.


 Perhaps I could use the pulverization magic circle as a weapon too.



 After I did a little shopping, I memorized the weight reduction magic circle as I walked back to the base.


 I tried to solidify the air according to the diagram that Professor Lembolt had taught me, but it didn’t warm up or produce water, so I couldn’t feel any effect at all.



 I thought about using some kind of luggage, but since there was nothing heavy in my backpack, I didn’t think I could use it for the experiment.



“Something that will weigh it down…I see. Is it okay if I become the weight?” (Nyango)



 I was just about to see the base, so I decided to make a weight reduction magic circle to stick to my stomach at the moment I jumped over the fence.



“Since he said it consumes a lot of magic power, I’m going to increase the compression ratio a little bit and see… Funyaaaaaaa!” (Nyango)



 When I took the plunge and activated the magic circle at the same time, my body rose like a rocket and I could see the roof of the base in the distance.



“Meow, meow, meow… [Step]! Phew…” (Nyango)



 If I create a scaffolding with void attribute magic, I don’t have to worry about falling, but I panicked a little because of the unexpected development.



“Wow, 30 meters… or maybe more? Let’s go down.” (Nyango)



 I made a foothold with [Step] and jumped down little by little, but the height was so different from the attic window that it was scary.


 If I had even used Body Enhancement Magic when I stepped through, I wonder how high I would have jumped.



“I felt the effect, but it would take a lot of practice to be able to use it in a real fight…” (Nyango)



 When my feet touched the roof of the base, I was deeply relieved.


 I’ve climbed to similar heights myself, but it’s not good for my heart to jump up in an unexpected situation.



 I was beginning to feel that I should proceed a bit more cautiously with my experiments with the pulverization magic circle.






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