Black Cat Chapter 74: Expedition Results

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T/N: I am going to translate the Nyango’s “umya” or “Umai/Delicious/Yummy” + “Nya/Meow” to “Yummeow” instead of “Yummy”. I realize that it sounds better than just yummy. Edits will be applied to previous chapters.



 To my surprise, with Chariot, the orc they killed was not drained of blood.


 When I had finished draining the blood and placed the orc in cold water, as I had planned in advance, using a large water tank on wheels, a cooling magic circle, and a water magic circle, they asked me what I was doing.



“The prey killed if left unattended, will have its temperature rise and make the meat taste bad. If we have a river near, we can soak them overnight and let it cool down to improve the flavor.” (Nyango)


“Heh… Well, you’re really good at everything.” (Serge)



 Serge looks surprised, but it’s like a natural procedure for me, who has been hunting Forest Mouse and other game in the mountains.


 Rather, Chariot, who hadn’t done any prep work, was more of a surprise to me.



 I concentrated on making the tanks and surfaces, while the cart was pushed by Gad and Laius to bring back the orc.


 Once the client checked it over and signed on it, the request was complete.



 It was already getting dark, so we decided to return to Ibouro the next day and camped near the river, cooling the orc.


 I could see fish swimming in the river, so I built a partition fence with void magic and secured enough fish for the number of people in the camp.



“We will finish the request with haste, with Master Nyango we have enough tasty food for dinner, Laius.” (Serge)


“Yeah, I didn’t think you’d go this far either.” (Laius)


“I’ve done nothing except dig a hole in the ground.” (Gad)


“Of course, Nyango is super, super, super talented…” (Shure)



 Well, since this is the debut battle for me and Shure, I guess Laius and the others would like to throw some of their reactions our way.


 Well, I’m interested in the battle evaluation, but more importantly, how the fish is cooked.



 If the fire magic circle is too strong or too close, the surface will be charred but the inside will still be raw.


 If the fish is grilled slowly over a distant fire, the water turns to steam, and the skin becomes crispy, it is perfectly cooked.



“It’s done.” (Nyango)


“Oh, this soup is also ready.” (Gad)



 Tonight, we’re having Gad’s special bacon and vegetable pot-au-feu, my perfectly grilled fish, and bread and Calfe.



“Yummeow! Freshly grilled fish, yummeow! Crispy and flaky, yummeow!” (Nyango)


“Oh, this is delicious, perfectly salted and grilled.” (Serge)


“Fish grilled by Nyango, yummeow…” (Shure)



 While enjoying dinner, everyone talked about their various history.


 There were stories of successes and failures, of earning a lot of money, and even some about Chariot’s members that had lost their lives in the early days of their careers.



“The adventurer’s business is a business where you have to be more careful when things are going well, or you’ll find your feet swept from under in no time.” (Serge)


“Yes, beware of traps when things are going too well…” (Shure)



 Some goblins set traps that use a party member as bait to draw the others into an ambush, while other goblins pretend to be dead and try to mount a final counterattack.



“Nyango was also very deft today, but you should have been more careful to make sure the orc was completely dead…” (Shure)


“Well, I thought it was done for because the Shure’s blow was deep enough to let see the neck bone.” (Nyango)



 I was wearing full void armor during the subjugation, but if I had taken a serious blow from the orc, I could have been seriously injured.



“I guess I should be careful when things are going well.” (Nyango)



 Since we had played an active role in defeating the orcs this time, Serge, Laius, and Gad said they would be in charge of the midnight watch, and Shure and I were exempted from this.


 However, that did not exempt me from being Shure’s cuddle pillow.



 The next morning, we loaded the orc we had pulled from the river onto the wagon and headed back to Ibouro.


 The loading was a piece of cake once I made a ramp to the back of the wagon, put them on a [Cart], and then had Gad and Laius push them up.



 When I told them that I used to carry deer and wild boars alone from the mountains when I was in the village of Atsuka, they were all surprised.


 The loaded orc is surrounded by a wall made with void magic and is transported in a refrigerated state with a cooling magic circle installed.



 The walls made with void attribute magic have excellent insulation properties, so they should be delivered to Ibouro in the best condition.


 It was late afternoon when we returned to Ibouro, and we took the carriage to the back of the guild to drop off the black orc we had subjugated.



“Alright, Nyango. Leave the rest to Serge here. he’ll make sure you get a good price.” (Laius)


“Yes, please.” (Nyango)



 I left the negotiation of the purchase price to Serge and Shure and headed for the report of the accomplishment of the request with Laius.


 Gad was going to return to the base ahead of us, clean up the wagons, and take care of Egily.



 Each of them had a specific role to play, and the way they moved naturally was something that could only come from a party that had been together for many years.


 I hope I can fit in well with them…



 If you report the accomplishment of a request, you will receive a commission for the subjugation.


 The sum of the request fee and the purchase price of the orc is the reward for subjugation this time, but since the subjugation request fee for the orc is one large silver coin and five silver coins, it becomes three silver coins per person.



 Since one silver coin is equivalent to about 1,000 Japanese yen, the reward for killing orcs is extremely cheap.


 However, the orc we killed were traded for meat, and the magic stone could also be sold, so the reward for buying them was huge.



 In particular, the Black Orc we killed this time was a large Black Orc, so we can expect to receive a very high price for it.


 On the other hand, the purchase price of the ogre that Laius and his team defeated the other day was lower than that of the orc, so the client was compensated for the lower price by the subjugation fee of the ogre.



 For the client, the guild will subsidize the request fee to some extent, although the client will pay a higher request fee than the orcs when the ogre appears.


 The subsidy is said to come from the reserve fund of the lord, Viscount Lagart, and the guild.



 When I went to report the completion of the subjugation, I was approached by Ms. Jessica, an employee of the guild.



“Hello, Mr. Nyango. We received a request for you.” (Jessica)


“Is it different from Professor Lembolt’s?” (Nyango)


“Yes, it’s a rat extermination request.” (Jessica)



 Apparently, the results of the rat extermination I had done the other day had spread by word of mouth from the client, Mr. Arum, and I had received three requests.


 The reward was about three times as much as a normal rat extermination, perhaps because it was a nominated request.



“Will you take the request?” (Jessica)


“Umm… Do I have to decide now?” (Nyango)


“It doesn’t have to be today, but we can’t wait too long…” (Jessica)



 After consulting with Laius, I decided to come back tomorrow morning, as tomorrow I would be free.



“I’m impressed that you received the request.” (Serge)


“Well, I’m used to catching mice in Atsuka.” (Nyango)



 After a while of waiting for the report of the completion of the subjugation, Serge and Shure came back.


 Both of them had such big smiles on their faces that I did not need to hear the results of the sale.



“It’s amazing, Laius. How much do you think we got for it?” (Serge)


“Well, I’d say five large gold coins and five gold coins.” (Laius)


“Seven gold coins! Seven large gold coins!” (Serge)



 It was still a little after noon, so there were not many people in the guild, but there was still a stir when they heard seven large gold coins.


 In Japanese yen, they are worth about 7 million yen.



 Divided into five people, each person would earn one large gold coin and four gold coins, or about 1,400,000 yen.


 The request was received the day before yesterday, and the subjugation was completed yesterday and reported today, so if the money was actually earned in three days, it would be an unexpectedly high price.



 A portion of the rewards earned from the subjugations was deducted as party expenses, and the remainder was divided equally among the five members.


 Meals at the base, meals outside for all five members, expedition expenses, and the cost of feeding the Egily are all part of the party’s expenses.



 Negotiating a sale is a serious responsibility, as it directly affects the maintenance of the party and the income of the individuals.


 Since Chariot is running the party smoothly, Serge’s bargaining power must be quite good.



“I don’t wasn’t to sound like I am complaining about the high sale price, but how did you get such a high price?” (Laius)


“Well, it seems that while we were gone, Red Storm subjugated a Black Orc that hadn’t been bled properly, and when they dismantled it, it was found to be in very bad shape.” (Serge)



 I think Red Storm might have been the guys I got tangled up with at the bar the day I came out to Ibouro.



“The appraiser said he’d lower the price depending on the condition, so I told him to take a look and see what he could do with it.” (Serge)


“So, it was in good condition when they dismantled it?” (Laius)


“Nyango’s preparation made the flesh fresh and shiny even down to the entrails. I was so surprised to see it that I had a hard time keeping it from being noticed.” (Serge)


“Naturally, Nyango is super, super, incredibly talented…” (Shure)



 The price was high because it was a Black Orc with more flavor than just an orc, it was the biggest and fattest, and also the freshest.


 Since there was still some time before the tavern would be open for the night, we decided to go back to the base and wait it out before coming back.



 It may seem unnecessary to go back to the guild’s tavern, but it is the custom of Ibouro adventurers to show off their accomplishments when they have achieved something.


 Showing off their accomplishments in taverns and other places promotes their name as adventurers and as a party, and to inspire those around them when they hear of others’ accomplishments.



“Well, this time it’s all because of Nyango, isn’t it?” (Serge)


“Well… I don’t want to stand out too much.” (Nyango)


“What are you talking about? If you don’t advertise your abilities, more and more people will be jealous of the fact that Leila and Silent like you…” (Serge)



 If I’m brought up too much, I’m sure other adventurers will take notice of me again, but if that’s the way of Ibouro adventurers, then so be it.



 Tonight, I have to come up with a plan to avoid being taken home by Ms. Leila, and if I go back to the base, I have to make a plan to escape from the clutches of Shure.


 Yeah, it’s hard to get my carefree adventurer’s life.



 Yes, why don’t I rescue my brother from the slums, wash him clean and groom him, and present him to Shure?


 If he’ll act as a cuddle buddy for me, I’ll at least let him eat until he finds a job.





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