Black Cat Chapter 78: Bode

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 With Ms. Jessica’s smile seeing me off and the vindictive glances of the adventurers around us, I leave the front of the counter with Mr. Jill and head for the tavern.



“Oh no, you’re making more enemies, Nyango.” (Jill)


“Well, I didn’t mean things to be that way.” (Nyango)


“Yeah, yeah, I don’t have any intention of doing that, but women won’t leave me alone… that’s probably the secret to being popular, but the number of enemies is only increasing.” (Jill)



 Mr. Jill’s good-natured smile annoyed me at this point.



“Oh, I’m Nyango’s ally.” (Leila)


“Funya! Ms. Leila.” (Nyango)



 I don’t know how she’s sneaking up on me, but Ms. Leila has picked me up again.



“Nyango is acting like a stranger. You can call me Leila if you like. We shared a bed together yesterday.” (Leila)


“Meoow! That’s just plain sleeping together…” (Nyango)



 Oops, I was speaking too loudly.


 The guild that had been buzzing with conversation is now quiet.



“Nyango seems to have done a lot of work today, so I’ll make you squeaky clean in the bath later.” (Leila)


“No, I’m going back to our base today…” (Nyango)


“Oh, you want Shure to take a bath with you, not me?” (Leila)


“No, no, that’s not why I’m…” (Nyango)


“Fufu, then… Is Jessica the one?” (Leila)


“Ms. Leila, can you stop teasing me…” (Nyango)


“Eh… should I?” (Leila)



 Even though I absolutely knew that Ms. Leila was just playing with me, I couldn’t get a clue to fight back at all.


 In the end, I was taken to the bar while being carried.



“Well, it’s hard being a popular man… Nyango.” (Jill)


“*Sigh*… This is no laughing matter, Mr. Jill. Isn’t there something you want to talk about?” (Nyango)


“Oh, that’s right. My guys should be here too, so please bring him, Ms. Leila.” (Jill)



 I’m so pathetic that it’s not me who has to be asked for permission, but Ms. Leila.


 I mean, the Bored Men members are also staring at me with terrifying eyes…



 As it is, I join the Bored Men’s party with Ms. Leila.


 My seat… is naturally on Ms. Leila’s lap.



 Since Shure is not here tonight, I’m sitting in a way that I’m leaning against Ms. Leila.


 It comes with a magnificent cushion to rest my head on.



“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” (Nyango)


“Oh, it’s about the purchase price of the orc. How did you get such a high price?” (Jill)



 The one that the Bored Men had killed was not a black orc but an ordinary orc, but the purchase price was lower than they had expected.


 The normal price for an orc is about three large gold coins, but he was told that it was two large gold coins.



“I tried to persuade them that just two-thirds of the normal price was too little, but I could barely convince them to add three gold coins to the purchase price. I was told that if I wanted to get a higher price, I should bring in at least the good condition Chariot brought.” (Jill)


“I see, so you came to ask me why.” (Nyango)


“That’s right. I was just about to ask the people on your base when I saw Nyango, so I called out to you.” (Jill)



 Apparently, the only way to prepare the orc that the Bored Men killed is blood draining.



“It’s not difficult. Whether it’s an orc, deer, or wild boar, if you leave it unattended after you kill it, the temperature of the meat rises, and the flavor goes down. So, we soaked it in the river overnight to cool it down.” (Nyango)


“Put it in the river to cool down… Is that all?” (Jill)


“That’s it. We camped overnight at the riverbed before returning to Ibouro.” (Nyango)


“Really, is that everything?” (Jill)


“Well, we used a cooling magic tool to keep it cool while we brought it back to Ibouro.” (Nyango)


“Seriously, did Chariot buy such a huge refrigerator?” (Jill)


“No, I made it with my void magic.” (Nyango)


“You sure are a really useful guy.” (Jill)



 When Jill said earnestly, Ms. Leila put her strength into her hand that is holding me.


 Oh… My head is buried in your valley, Mr. Leila.



“Nyango carries me in his arms from the entrance of the apartment to my room on the third floor.” (Leila)


“No, that’s because you asked me to carry you…” (Nyango)


“Fufu, is that a no?” (Leila)


“No, it’s not a no, but…” (Nyango)



 Oh, I’m weak with your breath on my ears…


 The head cushion is great, but I feel like I’m antagonizing all the adventurers in the tavern.



 I want to live an easy adventurer’s life, not this tense one, like when I went on the stall tour with Horacio, but it’s not going well at all.


 Just as I was wondering if something could be done, the sound of wild footsteps echoed through the bar, further disturbing the already deadly atmosphere.



 I looked up to see a wolfkin adventurer who had boasted the other day that he had killed a black orc.


 I think his name was Bode or something like that.



 He was walking straight toward me, and I was sure he was going to bring trouble.



“Hey, pussycat! It looks like you hurt my younger brother.” (Bode)


“Younger brother? Who?” (Nyango)


“Don’t play dumb with me! I’m talking about Roif and his party!” (Bode)


“Haa… All three of them started a fight against me but lost, and then they ran back to you. Did they cry and asked their brother to save them? They’re pathetic…” (Nyango)


“What the hell!” (Bode)



 Bode tried to grab me, so I immediately blocked him with a [Shield].



“The next time I saw them, they suddenly threw a net at me in an alleyway. I was caught off guard, too, and they almost hit me badly. Well, I reversed it and fought back, but that has nothing to do with you.” (Nyango)


“What, this guy… You are really getting on my nerves!” (Bode)



 Mr. Jill called out to Bode who started kicking the [Shield].



“Stop it, Bode! From what I’ve heard from Nyango, the three of them started the fight, and we were beaten back. That’s no reason for you to take their side.” (Jill)


“He could have made that up.” (Bode)


“What reason would Nyango have to pick a fight with Roif and the others?” (Jill)


“So you’re telling me to keep my mouth shut?” (Bode)



 Mr. Jill was not looking too pleased with Bode’s aggressive attitude.



“Bode… Do you really think you can beat Nyango?” (Jill)


“Of course, I won’t lose to a pussycat!” (Bode)


“If that’s the case, meet again at the training ground tomorrow. It’s an everything-goes duel, whether it’s magic or weapons. If you lose, don’t get involved with Nyango again.” (Jill)


“What if I win?” (Bode)


“Isn’t your goal to hurt Nyango? You’ve served your purpose when you win, haven’t you?” (Jill)


“Hey, that’s fine. On the other hand, anything goes, so please don’t complain even if an accident happens during the fight.” (Bode)


“Alright…” (Jill)


“Pussycat, don’t you dare run away!” (Bode)



 Bode spat on the floor and walked away as roughly as he came.


 I mean, I didn’t get to say whether I’d do it or not.



“Mr. Jill, don’t proceed without asking me my opinion.” (Nyango)


“No, I’m sorry, but you’re not going to convince him otherwise.” (Jill)


“Well, maybe so, but… anything goes, it’s not a hand-to-hand combat, it’s a duel, isn’t it?” (Nyango)


“I will take responsibility and serve as the referee. If I say it’s a duel, it’s a duel. Besides, you won’t lose against someone like Bode, right?” (Jill)


“Well, I probably won’t lose… however, what attribute does that guy have?” (Nyango)


“Bode, he has a fire attribute, but like Laius, he’s not good at using attack magic. However, he can use Body Enhancement Magic, so he has the ability to charge.” (Jill)



 The basic tactic of Bode seems to be stopping the opponent with flashy fire-attribute magic and then use Body Enhancement Magic to wield his large sword.


 If it’s against an orc, it seems that he has the power to defeat one alone, so I shouldn’t let my guard down.



“What is his rank?” (Nyango)


“He is a C ranker.” (Jill)


“Well… I just reached E rank.” (Nyango)


“What are you talking about? Jessica said you’ll be going up to D soon.” (Jill)


“Well, that’s right, but…” (Nyango)


“C rank and D rank are just a rank apart. It wouldn’t be strange for you to fight.” (Jill)



 According to Mr. Jill, when a dispute between adventurers is about to become serious, this kind of fight will take place.


 If they get into a fight in a bar, the building and its equipment may be damaged, so they prepare a place for the fight to cement the power dynamics.



 I don’t like the idea of a fight between the boss those monkeys, but if I run, I might be attacked suddenly in the city, as I was today.


 Besides, it is said that the reason why we are fighting at a certain place is to let many people know that we are not in good terms.



 It is said that people around them take care not to have us be seated near each other at the bar, and that the guild also takes care to avoid our requests overlapping.



“So, Nyango, try to make your win as loud and clear as possible.” (Jill)


“No, no, it’s not decided that I’m going to win.” (Nyango)


“No, you will win. It won’t work if you settle for a narrow victory, make it flashy and clear cut. If you don’t, that bastard Bode won’t be able to realize the difference in your ability.” (Jill)


“In other words, you want me to fight and show off my power?” (Nyango)


“Yes, there are even these guys.” (Jill)



 In the bar where Jill looks around, betting has already begun on tomorrow’s game.


 The actual duel is just a hassle, but if it will reduce the number of people getting involved with me, then I think it’s worth it.



 I said I was going back to the base, but Jill told me that I had to stay at Ms. Leila’s apartment again to avoid the risk of others being caught in the crossfire.



T/N: Stop being a timid pussycat Nyango. Bare those fangs and let the world know the power of Fluff. 





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