Black Cat Chapter 80: Pulverization Magic Circle

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 I thought Mr. Jill was just a friendly old man, but it was no joke that he was the leader of the Bored Men.


 Ever since I won the duel with Bode, the way people looked at me has certainly changed.



 Before, I was regarded as nothing more than a Chariot’s extra or a Ms. Leila’s toy, but since then, I feel as if I am now recognized as an adventurer in my own right.


 I guess this is what Mr. Zeol meant when he talked about making your name as an adventurer.



 Although I had been promoted to D rank after the nominated rat extermination requests and the Black Orc subjugation, it seems that I was more highly regarded among adventurers who boasted of their prowess for the way I had overwhelmed the C rank Bode in battle.


 That is probably why Mr. Jill ordered me to win in as flashy and clear a manner as possible.



 Incidentally, Bode’s rank does not drop even if he lost the fight.


 Apparently, if he were to drop in rank upon losing the match, he would hold a grudge.



 Even so, Bode’s reputation is still in the dumps.


 This is because he did a cowardly thing like slashing at me from behind after he was told that the fight was over.



 Since then, Bode has been known as “Bent Nose,” when he’s not around.


 It seems that the last rubber string was too strong, and his nose is still slightly crooked, even though it has been healed.



 Of course, I don’t intend to feel a shred of sympathy for him.


 He got what he deserved, so that’s the end.



 After the duel, I have been working on practicing using my new magic circles and disguise while fulfilling requests as a member of Chariot.


 Both have been quite interesting results.



 The pulverization magic circle was, simply put, an explosion that didn’t produce fire.


 When I made a miniature to test it out, it exploded with a pop.



 Changing the size changes the area of effect, and changing the compression rate changes the power.


 I don’t know how it works or what the laws are or how difficult it is, but it seems that when the magic circle is activated, the air expands rapidly in all directions, up, down, front, back, left, and right.



 When I went on an expedition and camped on a riverbank, I tried to create a very powerful magic circle on the surface of a large rock about 100 meters away, and the surface was gouged out with a booming explosion.


 Serge, who was watching next to me, had his eyes bulging in amazement.



“Hey, hey, what was that Nyango? You’re getting more and more intense…” (Serge)


“Hmm… But it seems there is still room for improvement…” (Nyango)



 When I approached and checked, the surface of the rock had been gouged out to a diameter of 50 centimeters and a depth of about 10 centimeters.



“There might still be room for improvement, but if someone took one just now, they would be blown to pieces.” (Serge)


“Yes, but there is room for improvement.” (Nyango)



 The area for improvement is that the force of the explosion spreads out to the surrounding area, so I feel that the force transmitted to the rock is less than 10% of the total.


 So, this time, at the same time as creating the magic circle of pulverization, I covered the surrounding area with a solid wall of air to limit the direction in which the force of the explosion would be applied.



“Let’s go… [Pulverize].” (Nayngo)



 At the same time as a heavy thud sounded, several rocks with a diameter of more than three meters were shattered into pieces.


 The explosion was so powerful that it could even smash through a castle wall.



“Uwaa… Laius, what are we going to do with this dangerous kid?” (Serge)


“Don’t worry, Serge, just don’t make him an enemy.” (Laius)


“I’ve known that since the Bronze Wolf subjugation, but… That was the worst I expected.” (Serge)


“Well, I don’t intend to use this kind of magic indiscriminately either. But there is still room for improvement…” (Nyango)


“How much more violent are you going to make it? Are you going fight an army?” (Serge)



 Both Serge and Laius looked at me in horror and shock, but I have no choice but to experiment more with this interesting magic circle.


 If I combine the pulverization magic circle and the shaping power of void magic, I can make guns or even cannons.



 There is no need to worry about gunpowder getting damp or exploding in a fire.


 The power and scale of the gun could be as large or as powerful as one wanted, so there was no choice but to make one.



 I picked up suitable stones at the riverbed where we camped, and after returning to the base, he used a hammer and an anvil to crush the stones into the appropriate size.


 With paper and glue ready, he made a paper cylinder of the same thickness, filled it with crushed stones, coated it with glue, and made a homemade shotgun pellet.



 After leaving the city of Ibouro and adjusting the length of the barrel and the power of the magic circle in the woods around the road, the handmade shotgun was completed.


 With this sound and power, a herd of about a dozen goblins could be pushed back.



 And since I used void magic to make the barrel, I wouldn’t feel the recoil from firing it.


 In fact, when I tried firing it with a void magic-made hand-held, I couldn’t resist the recoil and I rolled away.



 I need a little more practice to be able to fire a quick succession of shots, but since I have to prepare bullets in the first place, I might as well think of it as one of my secret weapons.



 I also tried to make a real air gun, even the bullets were made with void magic, but the bullets made void air magic were not as powerful as a shotgun because they dissipated when they exceeded the limit of their durability.


 Still, it can make more powerful attacks than an ordinary throwing knife.



 Until now, physical attacks like the [Death Choker] had to use the opponent’s weight or thrust to generate power, but with this, an attack can be launched from a distance.


 Moreover, since it can be placed anywhere, it can be fired from a close range even at distant opponents.



 After much practice, I named it “Spetsnaz” so that I could make a knife-shaped bullet, a gun barrel, and an explosive charge as a set.


 I’m planning to use it as a set with [Death Choker] in subjugating Orcs.



“I also want to make a cannon, but I don’t have any shells…” (Nyango)



 The pulverization magic circle shattering can be quite explosive, so it seems possible to send cannonballs flying, but there are no cannonballs, which is the most important part.


 A cannonball made with void magic would be too light to be used as a cannonball.



 It may be possible to make a cannonball by cutting a stone into a round shape, but I do not have such technology, and even if I did, I would not be able to carry it around with me.


 It would be impractical to operate it as a personal weapon.



 The cannonballs are also a problem since there is no place to test firing them.


 If I were to fire them in the wrong place and hit someone, it would be a disaster.



“I’ll have to have an experiment using cannonballs at some point. However, maybe I shouldn’t even mention the shotgun to Professor Lembolt.” (Nyango)



 I’m supposed to report to Professor Lembolt about the magic circle I’ve been taught and how to use it, but I’d better not tell him about the idea of a shotgun or cannon using the pulverization magic circle.


 That’s exactly what we could achieve with pistol bullets or bazooka guns, depending on the processing technology.



 It seems that gunpowder has not yet been invented in this world, and it would be better not to develop anything that could be used as a tool of war.


 I really want to prevent the general spread of this technology and the loss of my advantage.



 I’ll tell Professor Lembolt that I can do directional crushing with a cover around it.


 Of course, I will also keep it secret that it can become powerful enough to shatter large rocks.



 Incidentally, I tried to see if it could be used to ground Calfe beans, and it did grind them, but they were scattered and more than half of them were wasted.


 It was good that I tried it with a very small amount just to be sure, but it was still hard to clean up afterward.


 I thought I could use it to crush carafe beans or rock salt, so my plan was a little off.



 The disguise I needed to rescue my brother was able to make the upper body and also be able to move it.


 The finished form was that of me riding inside an exoskeleton made with void magic, with my upper body stored inside the torso and my head on the chest area.



 The torso was made of a material as strong as a shield and was equipped with a cushion to support the body.


 Even if someone slashed me with a sword or stabbed me with a knife, they would not be able to reach me.



 The head part of the exoskeleton is empty, and the arms are made of elastic material so that they can be moved.


 I thought about using spherical joints, but the structure would be complicated, so I used a hard rubbery material and put hard core parts in the arms and the upper arm.



 If the finger parts were constructed in the same way, it would be possible for me to grasp objects, but I can barely bend and stretch my arms, and cannot perform fine hand control.


 The leg part will be manipulated from the knee down, with my leg above the knee of the exoskeleton.



 The shape of the leg is the same as a normal person, and it is made so that I can wear shoes.


 I put on Kevin’s clothes left at the base, shoes, gloves, mask, and hood, and the disguise is complete.



 However, the disadvantage is that my vision is very limited because I have to peek through the shirt.


 If someone guides me, I can walk around town, but it is difficult for me to walk alone because my vision is too limited.



 So I practiced walking the streets arm-in-arm with Shure, who offered to help me.


 I felt like I was walking around like a parasite inside someone else’s torso, and it felt really weird.



 Occasionally, people on the street would cast a glance in our direction, perhaps because we were very conspicuous.



“Hey, Shure, do they know I am in disguise?” (Nyango)


“Probably not… Because you have a mask that doesn’t show your face…” (Shure)


“Is my walk strange?” (Nyango)


“Well, it’s fine… But there’s a problem…” (Shure)


“Eh, what? Is there something wrong?” (Nyango)


“I can’t enjoy Nyango’s fur…” (Shure)


“Please put up with it. I’ll make it up to you later.” (Nyango)


“Fufu, that’s a promise…” (Shure)



 Shule walks in a happy skip through the city, so I do my best to keep up.


 I was exhausted just walking around the city, and I couldn’t enjoy a relaxing bath alone, I also ended up working as a cuddle pillow that night.



 I’m going to rescue my brother as soon as possible and offer him up as a substitute.




T/N: A fluffy sleeping buddy is the best. I remember taking a nap with my old cat and dog when I was young. After giving both of them a bath, we would take a nap on a straw mat near the open door with the summer breeze blowing, it was heaven. 





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