Black Cat Chapter 97: Magic Gun

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 My brother Fawkes has become a diligent man as if he has changed since his days in the village of Atsuka.


 He wakes up at the same time as me in the morning and repeats his training while I’m sparring with Shure.



 He doesn’t help with meal preparation because Serge and the others do it as a hobby, but when he’s free, he goes around the base cleaning every nook and cranny.


 The stairs, bathroom, toilet, attic… he must have learned a lot from living in the slums.



 He also continues to practice earth magic every day.


 The simple task of pulling weeds in the front yard and leveling and hardening the ground is not for catkins.



 Catkin, for better or worse, still have the temperament of a cat, and while they will get involved if they find it enjoyable, they will not even give it a glaze if they are bored.


 Practicing earth magic is not fun, and it is a task that bores him more than ever, but my brother continues to do it silently.



 While I think this is a very good trend, I also worry that it might cause a reaction.


 I, on the other hand, got a magic circle from magic guns and started practicing.



 I decided to practice at the guild’s shooting range since it is fire-attribute attack magic both in appearance and power, although it is activated by a magic circle made of void magic.


 Compared to the garrison’s shooting range where we verified the magic gun, it is about half the distance, but it is said to provide the same level of safety.



 To begin with, adventurers are required to be more skillful at hitting quickly and surely at close to intermediate distances rather than sniping at long distances.


 This being the case, even this distance is sufficient for practice, but few people use the range for this purpose.



 The reason is simple: adventurers are creatures who would rather try out their skills in a real fight than practice.


 Still, when I asked Jessica if I could use the shooting range freely and headed out to practice, I was followed by a crowd of onlookers.



 I guess it’s because there’s no shortage of rumors about me being a catkin, but that I still caught the guys who attacked the school, already risen to C-rank, that I was part of a bounty hunting team, and so on.


 Perhaps they were expecting to see what kind of amazing attack magic I would use, but the first thing I was able to launch was a fireball about the size of a crude magic gun used by the men in black.



 Far from hitting the fixed iron targets, seeing that it stalled and fell at about 30 meters, the adventurers who came to see it burst out laughing.



“What the heck… that is shoddy!” (Adventurer)


“How could he possibly get a C-rank with that?” (Adventurer)


“But when he fought with Bode, he used even more magic.” (Adventurer)


“Maybe he was cheating?” (Adventurer)


“Really? Did he get support from the audience?” (Audience)



 The story is heading in a disturbing direction, but I don’t want to suddenly increase the output of the magic gun because it could be dangerous if it goes off or something like that.


 The fifth shot, gradually increasing the output, finally reached the target, the spectators were gone, and the only one left in the shooting range was the archer, a dogkin, besides me.



 The dogkin archer, who seemed to be about five or six years older than me, was drawing his bow with a serious expression on his face.


 I think it takes a lot of concentration to shoot a bow, so I resumed my practice, timing my shots so that he would not be covered by mine.



 The magic gun’s magic circle is basically the same as the magic circles I have mastered so far.


 The feeling of instantaneous activation is very similar to that of the pulverization magic circle, so after ten trial shots, I began to get the hang of it.



 The Flame Bullets, which fly with a dry crackling sound, hit the steel target and bounce off, transforming into a large fireball.


 After firing three shots in rapid succession, the center of the iron target became hot and red.



 I was told by Torus during the verification of the magic gun that when a fireball with this level of power hits a monster, it is very powerful because it penetrates the body and burns it from the inside.


 Satisfied with the good results for someone who had just started practicing, I suddenly found myself being stared at by the dogkin archer.



“Um… what is it?” (Nyango)


“You’re amazing…” (Dogkin)


“Reall?” (Nyango)


“That’s right. you started practicing, you couldn’t even reach the target. It’s hard to imagine that in such a short time, you could shoot magic with such power.” (Dogkin)


“Hmm… Maybe it’s because I have my other exercises as the foundation.” (Nyango)


“Other exercises? For example?” (Dogkin)


“The one I just shot wasn’t fire magic, it was an Engraving Magic using the magic circle of a magic gun.” (Nyango)


“Eeeeeh… Engraving Magic?” (Dogkin)



 The dogkin archer was surprised with his mouth half-open with a blank face when I briefly explained that the Engraving Magic is triggered when air containing magic element is solidified in the form of a magic circle made from void magic and that I have been practicing using other magic circles in the past.



“Then the magic you used when you fought with Mr. Bode was also Engraving Magic?” (Dogkin)


“Yes. The last time I blew him away was with void attribute magic.” (Nayngo)


“Well, I didn’t think the void attribute was such a versatile magic. Compared to that, my earth attribute is plain…” (Dogkin)



 The dogkin archer has a thin body and is not suited for a tanker or front-line attacker, so he has been practicing his bow.



“Even if I join on a subjugation, I am only useful for digging holes… I could broaden my horizons as an adventurer if I could use various magic like you… well, I have no choice but to practice steadily.” (Dogkin)



 The dogkin archer’s shoulders slumped and went back to practicing his bow.


 I also went back to practicing the magic gun magic circle, and once I was able to consistently activate one, I increased the number of simultaneous activation to two, then three.



 By the time I was able to simultaneously fire six magic rifles, the dogkin archer had also finished practicing and was gone.


 Since no one seemed to be watching, I increased both the thickness and compression ratio by a factor of five and activated the magic gun magic circle.



 With a thud, the Flame Bullet that shot was a heavier projectile than before, piercing through the iron target with a high-pitched puffing sound, and exploding the earthen wall behind it.



“Meow! This is bad, very, very bad…” (Nyango)



 I rushed up to the target, and fortunately, it did not go through to the wall of the shooting range, but a part of the wall was molten bright red and made a sizzling sound.


 I hurriedly put on my void magic work clothes and fixed the earthen wall to its original state with a shovel also made with void attribute magic.



 I feel like the earthen wall has gotten a little smaller, but it should be fine…


 The only problem is the iron target that has melted down about 5 centimeters in diameter in the center.



 It would be bad to be found out later, so I decided to give up and report myself.


 When you don’t know who to tell, Ms. Jessica is the one to call, right?



 I trudged over to the counter, where Jessica found me and greeted me with a big smile on her face.


 Ugh…… that smile is heavy for me today.



“Mr. Nyango, are you done practicing magic?” (Jessica)


“Yes, uh…” (Nyango)


“What is it?” (Jessica)


“I broke a target at the shooting range…” (Nyango)


“Oh, it’s a straw man. If so, we replace it with a similar one, or three silver coins.” (Jessica)



 In addition to the iron target, there is a straw man that serves as a target for bows and arrows at the shooting range.


 Jessica seemed to think that it was the straw man that I broke.



“No, it’s not that…” (Nyango)


“It is not a straw man…?” (Jessica)


“Yes, I made a hole in the middle of the iron target…” (Nyango)


“Pardon me? What did you just say?” (Jessica)


“A hole of this size in an iron target…” (Nyango)


“Well… you’re joking, aren’t you?” (Jessica)


“No, I’m not joking…” (Nyango)


“Eeeee?! Hey, Ms. Nyango, please come with me!” (Jessica)



 Ms. Jessica, with a pale face, pulled me by the hand and took me to the shooting range.


 I led her to the target I had broken. Ms. Jessica’s eyes widened and she checked the target from the front, back, and side.



“Ms. Nyango, please take a good look!” (Jessica)


“Yes, I did it. I’m sorry…” (Nyango)


“That’s not right. Look carefully at the thickness of this target!” (Jessica)


“Eh, is it thick? Oh, it’s actually quite thick.” (Nyango)


“Haaah… good, this target is said to be able to withstand advanced magic! It is twice as thick as the shields used by ordinary adventurers. How could it go through this!?” (Jessica)


“Well, I overdid it a bit…” (Nyango)



 Ms. Jessica, who was staring at me with her eyebrows raised tightly, also noticed something wrong with the earthen wall behind it.



“Oh be-behind that… I-I fixed it…” (Nyango)


“Impossible, are the walls melted?” (Jessica)



 Oh, sh*t! I wonder how much it will cost if I have to pay for the wall as well.



“This is Mr. Nyango’s work, too, isn’t it?” (Jessica)


“Yes, I’m sorry.” (Nyango)


“Huh… I’ve never seen anything like this and I don’t know how to handle it. I will ask the Guild Master to make a decision, so please show up tomorrow.” (Jessica)


“Yes, I understand.” (Nyango)


“What kind of magic did you use to cause this?” (Jessica)


“Previously, I was taught the magic circle of the magic gun, so I improved it a little…” (Nyango)


“Anyway, that magic is now banned here! Got it!” (Jessica)


“Yes, I understand.” (Nyango)



 Meouch… adventurers registered with the guild use this to improve their skills, so there’s no need to be so angry… Well, it’s not nothing. But…


 So scary… Angry Ms. Jessica is very scary… 





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