Basement Dungeon Chapter 10: Reality is Stranger than Fiction, Obviously

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“Okay, that’s enough. We don’t have to worry about the dinner menu for a while.” (Kei)


“I’m really tired. We hunted too much.” (Haru)



 In the room after the 5th floor Boss Room. Two people are exhausted, lying in a room where monsters do not enter.



“Then, Haru. Let’s check the results. Will you give me the list of what we hunted today?” (Kei)


“OK. Wow, I knew it, but there are quite a few.” (Haru)


“Well, the number of defeated is 132 wolves. 9 boars and 1 Experience Bonus rabbit.” (Kei)



 I wrote down the number of enemies we’ve killed on the notepad I had brought with me. The Experience Bonus rabbit is a rare monster that we found in the third layer before, and I felt like my level went up multiple times when I killed it. Incidentally, this time I only felt my level increase once after defeating it.


 By the way, the percentage of experience Haru found is proportional to her contribution to the battle, but this rabbit seems to be an exception. This time, by mistake, Haru blew it away with a single attack, but I also gained a level. I’m sure my contribution in the battle is zero since I didn’t even help her hunt it down.


 In the case of rabbits, when they die, they distribute the experience equally among those around them.


 Oops, I’m getting off-topic.



“Brother, what are you thinking. Help me sort things quickly.” (Haru)



 Haru sorts out what the monsters have dropped. So I’ll help with that too. However, there aren’t many types, so we’ve immediately finished sorting.



“Then, this time’s result. Or rather, I will announce the result of our first harvest in the dungeon so far.” (Haru)



 Haru puts it in front of him and I close my mouth so that she can collect her thoughts. Well, I also sorted it, so I know the results, so I think Haru is doing this for self-satisfaction or something like that.



“Then, there are 103 wolf claws. 12 wolf furs. 47 stones. And one unfamiliar metal plate. And-” (Haru)


“So, there are 6 pieces of boar meat and 2 tusks. It’s a good harvest.” (Kei)


“Brother. I thought you’d let me say that.” (Haru)



 Haru is so peeved she puffed her cheeks and complains when he sneaks from the side and says the result. When I poked her puffy cheeks, the air came out with a squeak. interesting.



“Oh, it’s gone.” (Haru)


“What is?” (Kei)



 Suddenly Haru sounded really panicked, so when I looked at Haru’s hand, there was nothing there in particular. No, that’s right. She’s saying it’s gone, so I guess it’s gone.



“Hmm, I was wondering what it would be used for, but when I fiddled with the metal plate, it shattered and disappeared while shining at the end.” (Haru)


“Oh, well, it’s okay, as long as you don’t seem to have any physical problems. It’s not like you’re going to find a poisonous substance here that you can’t just touch. ” (Kei)


“Well, I don’t think there was any use for it.” (Haru)



 Haru is also unexpectedly clean, and she placed the dropped items together by type, she divided the harvest between her and my backpacks. Naturally, my backpack is full.



“Then, do you want to go home? But, I don’t know how to go home.” (Kei)


“Isn’t it the magic circle the one we used to get here?” (Haru)



 I moved over the magic circle as instructed by Haru, but there is no reaction.



“What should we do? If it’s a classic fantasy novel, I’ll use my MP. But I don’t know how to do it.” (Kei)


“I don’t think anyone knows how to do that. Then as soon as we got here, we’re trapped.” (Haru)



 Are we really trapped? The answer was unexpectedly easy to find, saying that she was trying to verify how to send MP to the magic circle, she was just stomping on the magic circle.



“Hey, there’s a magic circle on the wall here. I haven’t touched it yet.” (Kei)



 The magic circle on the wall was in the corner of the room opposite from where the magic circle we used to come here. It seems that there is a magic circle to come here in the right corner of the room when viewed from the stairs, and a magic circle on the wall on the left side.



“Brother, let’s go. I’ll touch it.” (Haru)



 And when Haru approaches the magic circle on the wall, Haru is making her way to touch the magic circle, so I grab Haru’s hand and stop her before she touched the magic circle. It’s scary to have other people force you to touch things, even if I have to eventually touch them myself. When I touched it, words came to my mind.




 1st layer: Transition Area

 5th floor: entrance



“Hmm, it looks like we can go home with this. Hey, imagine the first floor.” (Haru)



 As Haru said, I imagine the first floor while touching the magic circle, after several seconds, the magic circle shined and my field of vision changed along with the floating sensation. We’re in a cave-like small room. Haru is next to me. It seems that people are teleported together as long as they are near enough.


 And slime is in front of me.



“What?” (Kei)



 Far from being easy to kill, it’s a monster that doesn’t hurt us even if it attacks, so I didn’t panic and stabbed a hoe into the core to kill it. Of course, there is no drop. There shouldn’t be any drop before the fifth floor. And it seems like we’re on the first floor.



“The person who made has a good personality because the destination of the transfer destination is not a safe zone.” (Kei)


“Well, it doesn’t matter if you can move here because the enemies around here won’t do anything. But where are we?” (Haru)


“Let’s go?” (Kei)



 Just in case, I left the small room with my weapon ready in hand, and it was very close to the entrance to the dungeon.



“Brother, it didn’t have a room like this before.” (Haru)



 Haru has a blank look in her eyes. No, it’s true. I’m sure she’s overwhelmed from thinking. I was just excited to see a place to come back to, but there was a new room that hadn’t been there before, and that’s where we were transferred to. If this wasn’t a dungeon, it would be a plot of a horror story, but this is a dungeon, a place beyond human comprehension.



“Dungeons are unexpectedly unreasonable. What is with the randomness?” (Kei)


“Hey, it can’t be helped. It’s a natural phenomenon. It’s done by anyone. Maybe.” (Haru)


“That’s right.” (Kei)



 We both sighed, unlocked the padlock, and returned to our house.


 You know, if it says “return” or ” transfer room”, you expect it. You’d think that there was a flag somewhere.


 But this was just a small room in a dungeon. It’s just a small room with a magic circle in it.


 There is a saying that fact is stranger than fiction. But the reality is stranger than fiction, and it betrays our expectations.



 By the time we returned to the basement, it was 7:00 PM. Even though we were taking a break, we were still pumped up. I understand that I’m tired from exploring the dungeon, so we’re planning on exploring tomorrow in the afternoon.


 For now, I should take off my gear for exploring, put it away, and make dinner.


 I don’t know what kind of taste the meat from the dungeon has, but it doesn’t seem too tough or too tender when I see it raw. It’s not marbled, it’s just normal meat. Since I don’t know what it tastes like, I decided to make the best use of the ingredients, so I cooked two steaks today. One steak per person, of course. A small amount of rice and some stir-fried vegetables were served on the table.



“Itadakimasu.” (Kei & Haru)



 Haru and I thanked the food before we started eating steak. Unfortunately, we didn’t have multiple knives at home so I cut mine first.


 We then both took a bite of steak and looked at each other.



“Hmm!” (Kei & Haru)



 Haru also makes a heartfelt groan. This meat is insanely delicious. The fat, the softness, etc. are not outstanding, but there is just something different. It’s a feeling that permeates the body. We don’t have our usual conversation as we ate. We just ate in silence until the end.



“Thank you for the meal.”



 In the end, the two of us joined our hands, thanking our dinner.



 We had a short break and maintained our weapons for a while. Then I went running with Haru. In this way, we trained our mind inside the dungeon and our body outside the dungeon. I enjoyed the day to the fullest with this adding a little spice to my usual life.



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