Basement Dungeon Chapter 100: Siblings Notice Something Suspicious

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“Oh, we came back after that unpleasant feeling. Are we safe?” (Kei)


“Yup. I don’t think anything special happened. I don’t think there were any monsters in the other levels.” (Haru)



It’s been a few minutes since we felt something different with the forest where the monsters no longer appear. We returned to the basement and let out a deep sigh.


When I think about it now, Rimdobmur, which should have been in the sky, has disappeared, and even though his presence disappeared, I didn’t even notice it.



“When we entered the forest, Rimdobmur was there right?” (Kei)


“It was there when we were killing the other monsters.” (Haru)


“Then did it disappear when we were experimenting with magic?” (Kei)



Once we were experimenting with magic, I was so focused on it that I wasn’t aware of my surroundings. The reason for this is that I can use my skills to detect if a monster is nearby, and those skills don’t tell me every time that a monster disappears.



“I hope it’s nothing, but we just had a stampede the other day. Let’s take the day off and gather some information.” (Kei)


“I agree.” (Haru)



I looked at the time, it was eleven o’clock. If we’re going to dive into the dungeon, we might not eat lunch, but if we’re coming home early, we might as well make some.



“Haru please gather some information while I make lunch. If something like this happened nationwide, someone would have posted it on social media.” (Kei)



Haru takes out our computer and silently begins to investigate the matter. You can’t use electronic devices inside a dungeon. If it’s on social media now, it’s probably some explorer who noticed something strange before we did and chose to leave.


To be honest, I don’t think many people can do that.


Our sensing skills are not directly involved in combat, and they are not quite the best skills, but they are very good skills for dungeon exploration.


However, there are probably very few explorers with such skills who dive into the deepest levels of forests.


There are probably countless explorers who have skills that are better than ours and more useful in battle, and powerful explorers are often a group of people who have such skills.


The Forest is not a place where people who used to be good friends can get along with each other while regarding the unfavorable skills.



“Brother, that’s.” (Haru)


“That’s right. I’m not sure if this is a phenomenon that only occurs in our dungeon in the first place, or if there was no one in the other dungeons who could detect it.” (Kei)



There are probably very few explorers in the Forest who have any detection skills.



“It looks like it’s neither reason. Our discomfort may be from ourselves.” (Haru)


“Well, let’s see what happens today. After this, one of the explorers who came out of the dungeon might remember that.” (Haru)


“Yup, that’s right.” (Kei)



Haru pulled the computer over to the side of the table and lay back down. I put the rice I had washed into the rice cooker and sat down, right next to her.


I pulled the computer out of the way and looked it up, but there was still no information about the sudden decrease in monsters.


Since the last stampede, the monster outbreaks in Japan have slowed down somewhat. However, I haven’t been informed that they have stopped occurring.


I heard that right after the stampede, there were almost no more monsters, but they recovered in a few days.


Perhaps the reason for this is that people died abroad.


Our hypothesis before was that the dungeon was creating monsters using human lives as fuel. So if enough people died, the number of monsters would increase, and in Japan, where there were fewer deaths even after the stampede, the stampede was easily stopped and the monster generation slowed down.



“But that doesn’t explain the lack of monsters this time, does it?” (Kei)


“Maybe we killed so many monsters that the dungeon decided it was useless to create them?” (Haru)


“Isn’t that a little late for that? Since the dungeon was opened to the public, there have been hardly any deaths. Compared to the number of monsters defeated all over the country, the number of monsters we’ve defeated must be a drop in the bucket.” (Kei)


“That’s right.” (Haru)



While pondering, I went back to the blogs I had found. I gave up on looking for a post that said monsters had just stopped appearing, and instead looked to see if there had been a similar event in the past.


I chose that blog because it was at the top of the list when I looked it up. That’s it.



“Oh, we found a really strong person in black in the dungeon. I knew we were being watched.” (Haru)


“You knew? Oh, really.” (Kei)



The blog said that they had seen a woman in black clothes defeating monsters from afar.


The blog said that they were somewhat scared and didn’t approach the woman because of her actions, so they couldn’t see who it was.



“The woman was walking alone in the forest like a ghost, and the monster that had attacked her had been obliterated by a single stroke of black magic, the size of a small marble. What a terrifyingly wonderful explorer. I’ll never forget the scene I saw in Iwate that day. Iwate?” (Haru)


“You didn’t wear that in Iwate. Isn’t that a mistake?” (Kei)



The only place we wore black was in the Tokyo Dungeon.



“No, it clearly says Iwate. And I don’t wander around.” (Haru)



I heard Haru’s words and felt a cold sweat run down my face. I realized that this was proof that there was someone else out there that we didn’t know about, someone who was just as powerful or more powerful than us.

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