Basement Dungeon Chapter 103: Siblings Steadily Advance through the Dungeon

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“Hmm? Haru, look at this.” (Kei)


“What is it?” (Haru)



 It was early in the morning when I opened my computer and was gathering information about the dungeon through social media as usual.


 Haru peered at the computer screen from behind me and pointed to a spot on the screen.



“There’s a new warning added. Is there another incident?” (Haru)



 In the picture posted with those words was a warning sign at the entrance to a dungeon in Tokyo.


 There were the usual warnings about not exploring with more than five people, not interrupting other people’s battles, and so on, with a new sentence added at the bottom as if it were crammed in.



“Don’t approach anyone in the dungeon especially if they are alone.”



 Even though it wasn’t a rule, it had been said that you shouldn’t carelessly approach other explorers in the dungeon, but the new words were written all the way down.


 I can only assume that something has happened in the dungeon that requires increased attention.



“Did an incident occur inside?” (Haru)


“Or maybe a person who caused an incident outside escaped inside alone. It would be hard to identify the individual since they all have commonly used equipment and their faces are covered.” (Kei)



 I don’t even know how much dungeon diving the police can do in the first place.



“I don’t even know how many police officers can dive into dungeons. Everyone is armed, but you don’t hear of any shootings or murders. I’ve heard of the occasional shouting match, though.” (Haru)


“There may be some features of the dungeon that we don’t know about. To be honest, I don’t think people all over the world, including us, can adapt to the rougher situations.” (Kei)



 As we talked, I searched social networking sites to see if anyone else was making the same assumptions or knew the truth.



“I don’t see anyone who cares much about it.” (Kei)


“Well, maybe they don’t notice a little change in the signs they’ve seen so many times. Maybe we shouldn’t go to the dungeons of Tokyo for a while either.” (Haru)


“There’s a lot of things we’re hiding, and we don’t want to raise suspicion, so I don’t think we should go there.” (Kei)



 Recently, we’ve been going to the dungeon in Tokyo more often, about once a week, but the purpose is to sell the dropped items we get from the dungeon at home.


 I’ve been trying to avoid selling items that are too expensive or items from the deeper levels of the dungeon, so I haven’t been able to save much money, but I’ve still been able to live a reasonably comfortable life.


 I guess that’s partly due to the fact that I’ve been gradually improving the quality of the items I sell every time I dive into the Tokyo dungeon. Compared to a month ago, the income from selling items has doubled.


 It’s not enough to go to school, but it’s enough to live a normal life.



“So, if that’s the case, then from today we’ll be hiding in the basement dungeon for a while?” (Kei)


“Yeah. It’s about time to aim for a new floor!” (Haru)





 For a month, we have been devoting ourselves to the dungeon without work or schoolwork. If you have that much time, you’ll be able to make some progress in the dungeon.


 I was able to fight with only one hand as if it was a matter of course, and I was able to fight smoothly against intelligent monsters.


 I was able to fight monsters with wisdom smoothly because if you observe carefully when the same kind of monster performs the same skill, they all adopt the same posture.


 It was even more precise than forms in kendo. They attacked in the same posture as if they were machines, so it was easy to deal with them once you noticed it.


 They could be easily defeated by focusing on defending or evading normal attacks and counter-attacking at the right moment when they unleashed their skills.


 There were slimes and goblins on the first level of the Ruins. As we progressed through the levels, we found a wolf with an eerie color. It was clear that we had come very far.


 The monsters in the ruins are arranged in a way that matches the levels at the top of the dungeon, in the cave area.


 On the fifth floor of the ruins was a goblin with a huge body that made me hesitate to call him a goblin.


 Its name was Goblin King. It looked quite familiar.


 Unlike the previous goblins, he didn’t have the same posture when displaying his skills. And yet, there was something strange about the way he moved from his shoulders down, which was always the same.


 By the time I discovered it, I had been blown up several times and had a lot of bruises, but I was able to defeat it with only injuries that could be healed with potions.


 The sixth floor. The types of monsters that appeared were the same as on the sixth floor of the Cave. The monsters became stronger, and we got injured several times.


 We decided that we didn’t have enough levels and experience, and then stayed for a week. And today,



 The siblings head for the next floor.


 The seventh floor, which has no special features. They couldn’t believe that such predictions would come true.

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