Basement Dungeon Chapter 104: Siblings Meet with a Shiny Humanoid

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“By the way, it’s the seventh floor of the ruins today, but for now, try not to get hurt. Let’s go.” (Kei)


“Yes. If it is the same as the seventh floor of the Cave, there should be few new monsters.” (Haru)



 I’ve been planning our dungeon exploration since we started exploring the ruins, basically on the grounds that we should not get injured.


 I think it is abnormal for other dungeon dwellers to plan their retreats and leveling every time they are slightly injured in a dungeon exploration where monsters and lives are at stake.


 Scrapes and cuts can basically be healed in an instant with even the cheapest potions, and expensive potions like those available in the ruins can heal even a crack in the bone.


 I heard that a potion obtained from a unique slime-type monster that appeared in the Ruins cured a missing limb. Of course, that’s the item we want the most.


 Aside from the latter, potions were an item that could be obtained without much difficulty by diving into a dungeon.


 Every time I got injured, I used a potion, and potions were easy enough to get that we could use them so casually. Getting used to using potions means getting used to getting injured.


 When you have to retreat from a dungeon, it is not when you are injured, but when you run out of potions. It’s when you’re injured to the point that you can’t recover using potions.


 If we told the other explorers that we were retreating because of a minor injury, they might laugh at us. Still, we have no intention of changing our policy.


 There’s also the fact that we’re more cautious now that I’ve lost one of my hands. But more than that, we know that a dungeon is a dangerous place.


 We know firsthand that unique monsters that exceed the strength of boss monsters can appear out of nowhere.


 That’s why we calmly pointed our weapons at it when it suddenly appeared.



“[Bind] Haru, inspect it.” (Kei)


“Got it!” (Haru)



 After confirming that Haru has activated [Detection], I increased the power of [Bind].


 What was in front of me was a humanoid. Not a human-like thing, but a humanoid. Its entire body was glistening and its body seemed to be moving very fluidly.



“Slime?” (Haru)



 Hearing Haru’s mutter, we reflexively distanced ourselves from the humanoid.



“Haru, the name of the enemy.” (Kei)


“Link Slime. Maybe it’s hiding behind a skill. I can’t see its level or strength.” (Haru)


“Since entering the ruins, the slimes have been all about concealment.”



 I can somehow see Link Slime looking at me, but it doesn’t look like it’s trying to attack me.



“I will attack first, [Collapse]” (Haru)



A black sphere attacks the slime that is stuck with [Bind]. The slime did not run away or try to prevent it and received the magic without resistance. The Magic of [Collapse] immediately swallows the entirety of the slime and it faded to black.


 And then the slime enveloped the darkness.



“Brother, move back!” (Haru)



The [Bind] is destroyed by [Collapse] and there were no restraints on the slime. We watched the slime change shape as we moved away from it.


 Its size is smaller than before. However, the shape is clear.



“Haru’s appearance?!” (Kei)



 The slime had changed into the current Haru, from the equipment she wore to the tonfa she held in her hand.



[Collapse]” (Link Slime) [T/N: The slime said collapse/hokai but in hiragana (ほーかい  ) not in kanji (崩壊). So it might mean they were the same but not exactly since hiragana characters denote sounds and kanji have meaning on their own.]



 Such a voice reverberated from inside the slime’s body. At the same time, a number of magic circles appeared in front of the slime.



“Brother, support me [Impact]!” (Haru)


“Got it [Power] [Chain]!” (Kei)



 A large number of black balls from the magic circle appeared in front of the slime. The magic of [Collapse] appeared.


 On the contrary, the magic of [Impact] from Haru has its power and effect enhanced by [Chain] and [Power], and thus it crushed the magic of [Collapse].


 Their magic was even. All the magic that danced in the air is canceled out, and a beat of silence replaced it.



[Bind]!” (Slime)



 The slime had a mouth, but no voice came out of it. Forgetting this, I was staring at the slime’s mouth and lost focus.


 A tentacle of light appeared from under my feet, restraining my body.



“Haru, use your Treasure Tool [Seal]” (Kei)


“Okay. Treasure Tool, Morningstar!” (Haru)



 I laugh grinning while feeling that my magical power has been useless. The space of [Seal] spread around me, swallowing both Haru and the slime.



[Collapse] [Impact]” (Slime)



 The magic circle has never appeared even as the slime chanted.



“Prepare yourself–” (Haru)



 Haru swung down her Morningstar with all her might toward the slime that froze because it was stunned that it could not cast magic.



[Seal]” (Slime)



 Immediately before the Morningstar collided, I felt the space of [Seal] expanding around the slime. It probably thought it was a destructive blow. But even if it imitates the magic of [Seal], it can neither be used as an attack nor defense.


 The slime was crushed by the Morningstar without any resistance at all.


 A black fog appeared between the Morningstar and the ground, which is proof that the monster has died.



“Done. Oh?” (Haru)


“Hmmm… Could it be?”




 The Link Slime dropped the usual potion bottle but with a silver liquid inside.

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