Basement Dungeon Chapter 114: Siblings Go to The Dungeon Market in Search Of Skills

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“What did father say?” (Haru)


“What did he say? He asked about maids and why the Demon Lord wouldn’t come out of the castle.” (Kei)


“That’s all?” (Haru)


“He also asked if Haru was okay.” (Kei)


“Really?” (Haru)


“Yeah.” (Kei)


“That’s good.” (Haru)



 Haru finished her breakfast and cleaned up the dishes, humming softly.



“Oh, there’s one more thing. Haru, do you know any women in tattered clothes who go into dungeons alone?” (Kei)


“I don’t know anyone like that.” (Haru)



 As expected, Haru didn’t know about the tattered woman either. In the first place, we usually act together when meeting anyone in the dungeon, so there is almost no information that only I know and Haru does not know, or vice versa.


 It is the result of collecting and sharing information about dungeons, which we have thoroughly implemented since last year.



“Brother, let’s go do this today. For a change of pace.” (Haru)



 Haru turns the screen of the laptop towards me. It was the website of an event being held at the dungeon market.



“Let’s go to the dungeon together.” (Kei)



 To be honest, I don’t know how they can do that after the massive stampede that happened just before. I’m not going to say that I’m one of those who caused the stampede, even if it was me and Haru, of course.



“Haru, you must’ve been aiming for this for a long while.” (Kei)


“How do you know?” (Haru)


“No, you showed it to me as soon as you opened the computer.” (Kei)



 Haru seems to have been aiming to go to this event since yesterday, and when she opened the laptop, she immediately showed it to me.


 Haru’s mouth closed and opened like a fish before muttering, then nodding as she was convinced.



“So, what’s up with you all of a sudden? Haru doesn’t like crowds, right?” (Kei)


“Well, yes, I do. This is the reason.” (Haru)



 Haru worked on the computer and turned the screen to me again. Then I found the words “Dungeon Item Achieve Hall” on it.



“I’m not sure what the point is in going there if you already have experience in items dropping in the dungeon?” (Kei)


“Below that. This one. A hybrid of machine and Dropped Items. It’s the next generation of tools. I want to see those.” (Haru)



 Haru pointed to an image of an unusual-looking car. It said that it used dungeon drop items to alleviate vibrations so that it looked as if it was floating, and that it consumed about one-tenth the fuel of a conventional gasoline car.


 However, it is a dungeon item and cannot be driven on public roads because its safety cannot be guaranteed.



“You want to make something like this.” (Kei)


“Yes.” (Haru)


“So, you want to see it.” (Kei)


“I want to see it.” (Haru)


“Would you like to go?” (Kei)


“Yes!” (Haru)



 Haru acting like this is unusual, especially wanting to go out. I’m a little tired from the conversation with my father, but I’ll go.


 I plugged in the charging cord to my phone to prepare for the day.





“Brother, I found it. The one I saw on the Internet.” (Haru)



 I looked around while listening to Haru’s voice, which was unusually excited. Even though there was a stampede just the other day, the Dungeon Market was crowded with people.


 It must be because of the event. It seems that the Dungeon Market, which is usually only open to explorers, is open to the public only today. It was probably because of this that it was so crowded.


 The car I was shown at home was being stared at closely by Haru shat she looks like she was going to stick to it. Perhaps Haru is also using [Inspection].


I can’t use appraisal skills as powerful as [Inspection], so I read the signboard built next to the car. The items used to make this car were written there.



[Impact Absorption] Absorbs impact and releases a small amount of magical power

[Heat Absorption] Absorbs heat and releases a small amount of magical power

[Float] Makes things float

[Liquid Storage] Stores liquid and removes mass, but cannot be taken out again.

[Invert] Reverses the effect



 Underneath, there is a list of all the skills used and the items used that have the effect of those skills.



“How much would it cost to buy all these items?” (Kei)


“100 million yen might not be enough. Also, it seems that there are items with skills not listed here. Maybe it’s a trade secret.” (Haru)


“What skill is it?” (Kei)


“[Explosion].” (Haru)


“What about the engine? Safety controls?” (Kei)


“Maybe. I couldn’t see it from the outside. I was using [Detection] and [Inspection] together and found it. Under the seat, I think.” (Haru)


“Seriously. I’m scared to get in. What’s under the hood then?” (Kei)


“It’s something from another skill, I guess they needed a place to connect their skills, so they used the hood.” (Haru)



 Haru chuckled and pointed to the area around the hood.



“It’s not really popular.” (Kei)


“Yup.” (Haru)



 The car was near the entrance, but in the back, there were several huge devices that were bigger than the car.



“Let’s go to the next one.” (Kei)


“Let’s go!” (Haru)



 We started walking in response to Haru’s shout.

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