Basement Dungeon Chapter 117: Siblings Try to Guess What Their Father Said, But It Still Doesn’t Make Sense

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“The slime is a slime, and that’s how it’s shown in [Inspection].” (Haru)


“No, not like that.”



 There was no such thing as a monster that appeared in a dungeon that was too strange. Not feeling weird means that all those monsters are within the limits of our imagination.


 Wolves, wild boars, moles, and people appeared in the dungeon. The monsters are all giant, deformed versions of real animals, famous ones that I can recognize just by looking at them.


 The monsters on the first level are strange. Goblins and slimes. I don’t think either of them is based on real creatures.


 No, the goblins could have been modeled after people or monkeys. But the slime is different. Amoebas, planaria, and other creatures that look like slime do exist. But are they the most famous ones?


 Is it something that can be lined up with other animals and made into a monster?



“Do you know when slime started to be recognized as a fantasy creature?” (Kei)


“I don’t know, but I don’t think there were any such creatures when I read myths and stuff. Oh, what about Cthulhu?” (Haru)


“That’s a fictional myth. No, I don’t know if you can call a myth fictional, but it’s not some ancient story.” (Kei)



 It’s not just slimes. There are other monsters that are believed not to exist in reality: the Rimdobmur and the Gun Saen, two powerful monsters. Rimdobmur is a dragon, and the Gan Ceann looks like a Dullahan.



“Once again, the monsters were modeled after the creatures of Earth and the cultures that emerged from those cultures.” (Kei)


“Are you saying modern pop culture too?” (Haru)


As far as the slime is concerned, I’d say it is.” (Kei)


“I see, so.” (Haru)


“So.” (Kei)



 Haru and I paused in silence and looked at each other for a few seconds.



“I don’t think I told you. When our old man said something about maids, we were talking about how much someone my age should know about them.” (Kei)


“How much you should know? ‘Master’? ‘Moe Moe Kyun’?” (Haru) [T/N: Haru is being cute and emulating actions maids in Maid Cafés do.]



 Haru grinned as she poked me with her elbow.



“I’ve only heard those. You know that Haru, right? Our old man was talking about a real maid. Those that serve aristocrats.” (Kei)


“Ah, I know a bit about them.” (Haru)



 While saying this, Haru spreads her hands out to the side and does a curtsy. I don’t know anything about the art of curtesy, but I can tell you that it’s not very good at all.



“Yes, I can only think of them doing things like that. Maybe our old man wanted to hear those too.” (Kei)


“You mean…” (Haru)


“He thinks that the dungeon was created by someone around our age, maybe even Japanese.” (Kei)


“Really?” (Haru)


“Yes.” (Kei)



 Well, there’s nothing that can be done about it.



“That everything.” (Kei)


“Everything?” (Haru)


“Shall we go to the dungeon tomorrow?” (Kei)


“Yup, let’s.” (Haru)



 I don’t know what my father is doing or what he wants to do, but I think I can manage without knowing most of his secrets.

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