Basement Dungeon Chapter 118: Siblings Encounter a Suspicious Maid

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“Still none.” (Haru)


“There’s nothing today either.” (Kei)



 We dove into the dungeon as usual, and when we entered the ruins, we looked around. As before, there are no doors, only a quiet path with no monsters.


 I hope there’s more.



“There’s something here.” (Haru)


“There are people, right?” (Kei)



 An empty wall. For some reason, there were legs sprouting from where the door had been before.


 Of course, we are wary of such things, and we are pointing our weapons in the direction we see the legs wiggling.



“Something that isn’t affected by [Detection], and it’s moving erratically?!” (Haru)



 The owner of the foot is probably a woman, wearing leather shoes, or perhaps it’s better to call them women’s shoes with luxurious design.



“Haru, be prepared to run away at any moment.” (Kei)


“Roger.” (Haru)



 Without taking our eyes off the wiggling feet, we walked back towards the exit of the ruins. Even if we move away, the movement of the feet remains the same.



“Maybe they aren’t aware of us.” (Haru)


“Maybe. Okay, let’s go.” (Kei)



 I take out the appropriate drop item from my item pouch and throw it at the foot. The throw might have been a bit strong and so the owner of the foot was surprised.



“Who is it? Is a Gobu-chan around? Help me!” (Foot Girl)



 The item struck the leg and the leg that was fully extended retreated. At the same time, a voice comes from the other side of the wall.



“They’re Japanese.” (Kei)


“Yup.” (Haru)



 As we look at each other, we hear a sound like something bursting. I realized that I had been caught off guard by the lackluster voice, and hurried to find the cause of the sound.



“I can’t believe It…” (Kei)



 And what was that sound? It came from under the foot, which was stomping around, screaming in pain. The only thing that could have been in that spot was the item I threw, and there was nothing else on the ground except some shattered pieces.



“Help, you’re there. Hey!” (Foot Girl)



 The owner of the voice, or rather the owner of the foot, stopping their foot around, shouted as if nothing had happened.



“Brother, that foot just stomped and crushed it. The thing we threw is now dust!” (Haru)



 Destroying an item is not difficult. With our status, it is possible to smash items in a similar way. But there’s something strange.



“How are they stomping their feet with the power to crush items, but there is no sign of such impact on the ground?” (Kei)



 The foot hit the ground multiple times, but there was no crack, and the sounds that were heard were that of a child throwing a tantrum.



“Brother, let’s not get close. Let’s go home for today.” (Haru)


“Okay, we’re going back slowly.” (Kei)



 Keep an eye on the flailing feet and back slowly. I left the ruins without making a sound. We were supposed to run with all our strength after confirming that the distance between the legs and us was sufficient.



“Boo!” (Foot Girl)


“Gya!!!” (Kei)



 The moment he turned around to run, a human’s face filled my sight. Unlike Haru, who was startled and jumped far, I had but some distance to spare and some room to move. With no time to think, I swung my sword with only tempered by my experience of over a year of dungeon exploration.


 After I started swinging my sword, I realized that the other person was another person, but I couldn’t stop my swing. Being able to unconsciously shift the blade that was aimed at the neck, I should be able to avoid killing them instantly at best.



“The movement is slow—boy. Or rather, why are you using a sword?” (Foot Girl)



 The sword was stopped by her palm.


 The tip of the blade was pressing firmly towards her palm, and it was not grabbed by the fingers to stop the blade. The sword is accepted only by the other person’s raw status without using any skill.



“Brother. Move back!” (Haru)



 I heard a shout from Haru when I unconsciously froze after witnessing such a scene, and I hurriedly took some distance from that person.


 Up to that point, I finally recognized the other person for the first time.


 A woman in a beautiful maid’s uniform. Even though we were pointing our weapons at her, she did not show any alarm and was staring at her palms. The only thing I could remember was the shattered item.


 The woman in front of me must be the one who was stomping her legs just now.



“Hey, boy. There’s something on you.” (Foot Girl => Suspicious Maid)



 In the blink of an eye, she was touching my forehead with her index finger. I don’t feel any pain, and I don’t feel any intention of an attack.


“Here.” (Suspicious Maid)



 A blue light explodes between her finger and my forehead. At the same time, I felt as if a very weak kind of magic power was being peeled away from the surface of my body.



“You too, let me.” (Suspicious Maid)



 Again, she moves in front of Haru’s eyes with blinding speed and places a finger on her forehead. A light exploded between her finger and forehead, just as it had with mine. Haru shivered at the light and then waved her tonfa as if in a panic.


 Naturally, the tonfa cut through the air and she was back where she started.



“Are you guys strong? It’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone with one of these on.” (Suspicious Maid)



 She held up the index fingers of both hands next to her face and waved them from side to side. Blue balls of light twinkled at her fingertips.



“Was that on us?” (Kei)


“Yeah, that’s right. This is called [Resonance], I made it.” (Suspicious Maid)


“Huh?” (Kei)




 Before we knew it, we lowered our weapons and froze, our mouths hanging open. [T/N: Dun~ dun~ dun!!! Another weirdo here. Also, she made [Resonance] what’s her relationship with Shiki?]

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