Basement Dungeon Chapter 119: Siblings are Filled with Suspicion, So Much Suspicion…

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“Yup, yeah, I look great and I’m great. I was creating skills like this… I’m in charge of the Tracking-type Skills. I am the leader in managing skills like this.” (Suspicious Maid)



 She folded her arms in front of her chest and sniffed.



“Also, you guys are also using some of mine. [Perception] and [Detection]. It’s your first skill, right?” (Suspicious Maid)



 This was the first time I realized that my status was being looked at. We can usually notice it through the influence of magic power especially with Haru’s [Detection]. We may be sensitive to magical powers because we have magical Proficiencies, but high-leveled, experienced explorers will notice it as well.


 In addition, it is possible to resist being seen if you are aware of it.


 But we were unaware that we were being watched. No, even now that we’ve been told they’re watching us, we can’t sense the skills and magic they’re using to watch us.



“What kind of skill is [Resonance]?” (Haru)



 Haru, who had been silent until now, opens her mouth. Haru, who should have stood beside me, is hiding half of her body behind me before I knew it. Perhaps the communicative disorder came to the forefront at the same time as she relaxed her vigilance in the person wearing a maid uniform.



“Are you going to ask that, really? Well, I’m going to listen to your request, I will! I’ll tell you what I the effect of [Resonance] is.” (Suspicious Maid)



 Her eyes suddenly lit up and she spread her hands to the left and right.



“It’s the best skill that I manage. The effect is to freely browse the status of the marked target. But I can’t say it’s the best skill if it’s just this one!” (Suspicious Maid)



 “When I made this skill, I was called a pervert by everyone.” She had a lonely look as she muttered things like that, and she nodded with a moved expression on her face.



“And what are the other effects?” (Haru)



 I’m not sure if she was annoyed by the exaggerated movement, but her voice was somewhat sharp.



“This skill. You can get a portion of the experience gained by the person who marked you. Oh, you know what experience value is? It’s the kind you get when you kill a demon and collect it to raise your level. What it means is this. If you have [Resonance], your level will go up and up just by slacking off. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you’ll become insanely strong because the experience you get is tiny compared to those who are actually fighting. But it’s not fair, because if you mark someone who’s really strong, you’ll get stronger just by playing. I’ll be even more efficient when I’m killing demons too. I’m a genius, aren’t I? I can come up with skills like this. Mwahahaha!” (Suspicious Maid)



 I guess you could call it a burst of hearty laughter. I let her keep laughing loudly and I whispered into Haru’s ear.



“Isn’t it that bad?” (Kei)


“Quite bad.” (Haru)



 I can’t believe I’m saying this, but our levels are pretty high, both of us are over 90 and will reach 100 in a few months. Of course, we’ve gained a lot of experience along the way.


 Moreover, they have free access to the other’s status. There are people who know our status. And our names are written in the status.



“What are the conditions for activating [Resonance]?” (Haru)


“Well, at first I was going to make it just by looking at it, or just by thinking about it. But then I was told that I couldn’t do that, so I had to make it more restrictive. It’s a shame, isn’t it? So now there are three conditions for activation: touching the target, making eye contact, and them being lower in level than you. The first two are fine, but the other one is terrible, isn’t it? If they’re weaker than you, there’s no point in monitoring them or getting experience from them. Hnn, hnn!” (Suspicious Maid)



 Hearing those words, we turned pale.


 The first time we entered the dungeon was a few months before it was opened to the public. We probably wouldn’t have been overtaken in level by ordinary explorers. I’ve heard that in other countries, there were places where dungeons were opened to the public much earlier, and there were also dungeons that the government couldn’t control and people could enter at will. However, it’s hard to imagine that the people who entered dungeons there would come all the way to Japan and target us, a brother and sister with no distinguishing features.



“There are many kinds of skills and magic, so we have to make a group to manage each field, and the members of that group wear maid uniforms like me. I think there are only two of us awake. The girl with the Blade-type skills and the girl with the Collapse-type magic. Those girls are a little silly… I’m in a jam…” (Suspicious Maid)


“Wait, are they all in maid uniforms?” (Kei)


“Yes, that’s right. It’s the master’s hobby. It’s cute, right?” (Suspicious Maid)



 I understood the meaning of my father’s words. I’m sure the crazy girls she was talking about had already met some explorers, and somehow the story had gotten to my dad.



“Brother, maybe that’s related to the conversation with father, right?” (Haru)



 Haru also seems to have noticed, and her face is tightening up. I’m starting to realize that there’s something wrong. Especially about my father.



“By the way, about a woman in black that we saw on a blog before. Also, last time we were told that we should stay away from any lone person in the dungeon.” (Kei)



 Neither of the two stories is reported in detail, and the second one gives the impression that there was some trouble and it was hidden. And perhaps those stories are being passed on to those who are managing the dungeons.


 For example, the Self-Defense Forces.


 I finally got it. I’m confident. Absolutely so.



“The criminal who used [Resonance], our old man.” (Kei)


“Father is the stalker. Was that better or worse…?” (Haru)



 We put our hands on our foreheads and looked up at the ceiling. [T/N: I think Shiki is going to be f*cking beat.]

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