Basement Dungeon Chapter 120: Siblings Learn about the Stalker and the Culprit

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“Hey, yoo-hoo, are you guys okay?” (Suspicious Maid)



 The woman poked us as we came to a halt, unable to speak. I turned my gaze back to her, muttering, “Seriously.” In retrospect, Haru looked upwards, as if she was chanting a curse targeting the old man, that stalker.



“Seriously?” (Suspicious Maid)



 She put her index finger on her cheek and nodded her head as if she didn’t understand the meaning of my words.



“I’m surprised to find out that our old man used [Resonance].” (Kei)


“Ugh, our father! He’s a pervert!” (Haru)



 It was distracting to see her place her hands to the side of her face and say, “What?” Oh well, I guess my old man has his reasons. He probably just wanted to watch his children. I’ll beat him up. Let’s do that. A parent shouldn’t be someone who is going to be monitoring his kids with a GPS forever.



“Yeah, I think I’ll go now. I just came to check on the two at first. And by two, I mean the two crazy people I mentioned earlier. So, I was looking around for them, and I got sleepy, so I slept there. Then I was telling you to help me because you were near. How was it? How was I?” (Suspicious Maid)


“It was insanely creepy.” (Kei)


Well, don’t you get a kick out of seeing a beautiful woman asking for help? Don’t you want to help her? Boo~ You’re so mean.” (Suspicious Maid)



 She puffed up her cheeks to the limit and wiggled her body from side to side.



We’re the only ones who know about this dungeon, you know. It’s not normal for someone to be here, and it’s not normal for anyone to be alone.” (Kei)


“Well, aren’t we all alone!?” (Suspicious Maid)



 After feigning exaggerated surprise again, she slipped past us.



“Then, I’m going to catch the two idiots, bye~bye~!” (Suspicious Maid)


“Wait!” (Haru)



 She was about to leave, but Haru stopped her.



“That room you were just about to enter. Is there any way to make sure that the thing in that room can’t be used?” (Haru)



 I was surprised by Haru’s words. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. It’s not surprising that she knew something about that hidden room. In addition, when we found her, half of her body was inside the hidden room.



“Yeah, there is.” (Suspicious Maid)



 Her answer was surprisingly simple. For explorers like us, the system that can trigger the stampede is quite dangerous, but I guess it’s nothing to worry about from her point of view.



“Well. Did you guys see the numbers next to the characters?” (Suspicious Maid)


“Oh, we saw them.” (Haru)



 What we saw was that the number next to the word “Invading Army” was increasing.



“It’s a number that indicates how much magic power is needed to activate the device, but in the first place I think you won’t be able to move it, so you can’t move it, you know?” (Suspicious Maid)


“But we were able to move it, so we directed stampede to go deeper into the dungeon.” (Haru)



 When she heard Haru’s words, she clapped her hands and muttered, “I see.”



“Well, anyone can start it, but only those with the right amount of fuel, so it would be meaningless to press the start button, you know?” (Suspicious Maid)


“By fuel, you mean those numbers?” (Kei)


“That’s right, we’re the ones who put the magic into it to make it ready for activation. If you guys were able to activate it, then one of the two idiots must have been storing magic. Oh, well, I guess I’d better stop then. No, there’s no problem, but it’s also the dungeon’s magic power that’s used to activate it, so if we don’t use it carefully, we’ll run out of fuel. Yeah, I get it. Thank you for telling me, bye, bye!” (Suspicious Maid)



 She seemed to have said everything she wanted to say, and then she waved at us and disappeared. We didn’t even blink, she just disappeared in an instant, and there is no trace of magic or presence.



“Let’s go home, brother.” (Haru)


“Yeah, let’s go home.” (Kei)



 Finally, I heard something I didn’t like. In order to prevent the stampede from occurring, we activated it at our convenience as soon as the number reached its maximum. However, now that we know that the one increasing the number is the dungeon and that it is as strong as the one that was here earlier, there is a danger that we will be attacked by something that is as strong as her. If that happened, we would never win. She is much more unpredictable than Rimdobmur.


 We don’t even know her name, we would meet her soon.


 She disappeared, and with our remaining caution more or less gone, we slowly made our way through the Forest on the way back home. Strangely enough, we didn’t encounter any monsters on the way home.





~Suspicious Maid Perspective~



 Even though they were only human, we had exchanged words with them. I instructed the nearby monsters to clear the way and watched them go. They were quite interesting people. I didn’t expect them to appear in front of me marked with the skills I had created. I couldn’t help but peel off the [Resonance] that was attached to them and put on my [Resonance].


 I can’t gain any experience, but I think it’s enough to see those two.


 They were scared of me, but when I played along, they let their guard down. It was so cute.


 Oh, I have a feeling today is going to be a good day.


 As I was sitting on a tree branch, giggling to myself, the branch I was sitting on suddenly snapped into pieces.



“Muu~, how terrible.” (Suspicious Maid)



 I puffed out my cheeks and complained, just as I had done to the other two humans because I knew who had done it.



“What are you doing to humans, Burlando. Being friendly with a human. A betrayal?” (Sostenuto)


“Burlando isn’t cute, so it’s okay with Run-chan. Soste-chan.” (Suspicious Maid => Burlando) [T/N: Burlando means a playful manner of playing music.]


“Who will call you that? And I’m Sostenuto. Please don’t abbreviate.” (Sostenuto)



 Soste-chan is always cold. Her words are also sharp. That’s why she’s in charge of blade skills.



“Well, that’s okay. Then I have to find Ada-chan.” (Burlando)


“Don’t abbreviate names. Well, is it okay because it is not my name?” (Sostenuto)


“Then, let’s look for Ada-chan.” (Burlando)


“Let’s go find Adagio.” (Sostenuto)


“Let’s go~.”(Burlando)





~Kei’s Perspective~



 Meanwhile, in a house far above them. In the Kizaki household.



“Are you both okay? Are you injured?” (Shiki)


“Punishment—!!!” (Haru)



 Haru was kicking our old man who had come charging at us, perhaps he was worried.



 After all, it was our old man who cast [Resonance] on us. [T/N: Good job Haru-chan. Beat up that stalker.]

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