Basement Dungeon Chapter 121: My Sister Beat up My Old Man

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“Come on, help me, Touka!” (Shiki)



 This is the first time we’ve had a guest in our house since Haruka and I moved in. The intruder was lying on the floor screaming even though it was someone’s house. There was no elegance in his voice, and for some reason, his voice was sounding desperate.



“Haru.” (Kei)


“Yes?” (Haru)


“Are you done?” (Kei)


“Yes!” (Haru)



 There was a loud shout again. Oh, it wasn’t a shout, it was a yell.



“Ugh. *vomit*” (Shiki)


“Oh my God, my old man is a zombie. You’re disgusting. Don’t get up.” (Kei)


“*cough*, *more vomit*”



 Of course, we wouldn’t let a stranger into our house, but it was my father who was screaming.


 About an hour after we returned home, our old man knocked on the door, looking more upset than ever. I had just been thinking about [Resonance] we had heard about in the dungeon, and I immediately understood why our old man had come, so I let him in.


 The [Resonance] that had been attached to us was removed by the girl we met in the dungeon. In all likelihood, it was my old man who put the [Resonance] on us, and from his point of view, we have either found out or were killed. Either way, he must have thought that something unusual had happened.


 He looked at me and sighed as if he was relieved. He walked into the room, looked at Haru, and took a deep breath. He lifted his hands and tried to hug Haru, but in an instant Haru had his arms bent and bound.


 He was screaming, but his face was smiling and he was looking like a zombie, so I guess he still had some screams left inside him.



“Is it fun to be a girl’s stalker? This damn old man!” (Kei)


“Ouch, that really hurts. Ouch.” (Shiki)



 Oh, my dad stopped moving.



 My dad woke up a few minutes later. By the way, Haru had kicked the sleeping old man, though only mildly. I think she was trying to wake him up.



“So, I know what [Resonance] is, and I’m pretty sure it was you, old man, who put it on us. I also have some idea about the maid. You can explain it to me, can’t you.” (Kei)


“Seriously, you meet that maid? I’m glad you’re safe.” (Shiki)



 My father puts his hand on his forehead, and he stared on the floor. Soon, I can hear him muttering, “Seriously, what’s wrong with my luck?”



“Old man, when you’re doing a Dogeza, your hands should be on the floor, not on your forehead.” (Kei)


“Because I’m not on a Dogeza!” (Shiki)



 My father slaps his knees and raises his face. So on a serious note, after begging us to leave the anger later, I take out the tablet from the bag that was loose.



“The two of you are right, I do have a skill called [Resonance]. It allows you to check the status of the person you’ve designated at any time, once you’ve met them. Of course, there are ways to level up in this house. I’m also aware that there is probably a dungeon in this house. Basement, right?” (Shiki)



 As I knew, my father completely understood the situation we were in. But…



“Is that the only effect of [Resonance]?” (Kei)



 We had heard about the effects of [Resonance] from the maid we met in the dungeon. This means that we now know that my father is trying to cover up the effects of the skill.



“Do it, Haru.” (Kei)


“How many levels?” (Haru)



 I can see the magic power stretching from Haru to my father with the words.



“Don’t peek at people’s statuses, please.” (Shiki)



 Haru’s magical power, [Detection] is easily deflected. I saw a thin magical power growing from my father towards Haru, surrounding the magical power both were scattered.



“Is that [Resonance], father?” (Haru)



 He reached out his hand in front of Haru and blocked it with his magic power.



“It’s a good thing I’m level 94. I’ve never heard of a level as high as this before. The highest level recorded right now is in the upper 80s in America. That’s who they call the strongest in the world.” (Shiki)


“No, I heard they’re in the late 70s?” (Kei)



 I think that’s what I heard a few days ago, as far as I can tell. I believe it was written that American explorers are the strongest in the world as they are about to approach level 80.



“Ah, maybe that was the case. I was wrong.”



 My dad laughs, “Ahahahaha.”



“Father knows some pretty wild stuff, don’t you? I heard about the maid from brother. Even now, there are probably unannounced level 80s and above.” (Haru)


“Come on, you know I can’t say that.” (Shiki)



 My dad is playing with his tablet, blurting out that I don’t have anything to do with us. If I look into it a little bit, I can see an illustration of a maid. Normally, I would be put off by my father’s taste in maids, but I couldn’t help but recognize the maid’s outfit in the drawing.


 It wasn’t as tattered as the maid in the painting, but the clothes were similar to the ones worn by the maid we had just met in the dungeon.



“She’s definitely the one you saw.” (Shiki)



 Our old man seemed to be convinced and asked me for final confirmation.



“No, she’s not. The clothes are probably the same, but the face is completely different. The maid’s clothes we saw were not tattered, though they were the same design, and she didn’t have these dark circles under her eyes. She is neither of the other two.” (Kei)



 The maid we met was saying that there were two more. Probably one of them is the maid of the painting that my father showed.



“What? What do you mean there are two? No, if there are two more besides the one, I saw, then there are three in total. How strong are they, can you fight with either of the two?” (Shiki)


“No, I don’t think so. I couldn’t even follow them with my eyes. If I tried to fight them, I’d die without landing a single attack.” (Kei)


“So, they weren’t enemies, were they? The maid, the one I know, has been attacking explorers. However, it seems that they didn’t kill them despite the overwhelming difference in power.” (Shiki)



 The maid we met. The maid that my father knew. And the other maid. After that, I continued to question my father as if it was a coincidence, and I was able to get him to reveal some of the information he knew.


 However, none of the information was directly related to the dungeon attack.


 He said he was starting to get all the information he needed and was going to run around the Kanto area. We were going to dive into the dungeon as usual. [T/N: Kanto Area a.k.a. Greater Tokyo, that includes Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa.].



 However, the inside of the dungeon is not always the same.

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