Basement Dungeon Chapter 123: Siblings Face Mino-tan

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“Look, you’ll be fighting soon. Stand up, stand up!” (Burlando)



 The maid shouts to Mino-tan, who is wrapped in chains. Naturally, Mino-tan, who can’t move, screams, but it is ignored. However, the maid was angry at him for not moving.



“Haru, attack.” (Kei)


“That’s right [Collapse].” (Haru)



 From the maid’s words, I guess we’ll be fighting Mino-tan. I want to attack it before he is able to move. The black sphere of [Collapse] approaches Mino-tan.



“Ah! Mino-tan stand quickly before it hits. It’s going to hit!” (Burlando)



 In spite of the maid’s cries, or perhaps because of the maid, Mino-tan was swallowed by the [Collapse] with its mouth wide open and eyes wide open, as if it had given up trying to escape the chains.



“Mino-tan?!” (Burlando)



 The maid, who was shouting while looking at Mino-tan who was directly hit by magic smiled as she moved back to get away from us.



“Brother, I saw Mino-tan’s status.” (Haru)



 Unlike me, Haru, who was staring at Mino-tan who was enveloped by [Collapse], mutters.



“It’s not dead. Anyway, how was it?” (Kei)


“Its Strength is 500, not strong, but…” (Haru)



 Attack power is like the sum of Strength and Magic Power. Normally, the sum of our status Strength and Magic Power is three times the value of our level. If you do a simple calculation, Mino-tan is as powerful as a level 165 explorer.



“It’s not right because it’s obviously too weak.”



 In the first place, monsters differ greatly from humans in body size, intelligence, and thinking. The monsters up to the ruins can block attacks, but not dodge them. They don’t have a wide variety of skills and magic and have at most a few abilities that are typical for monsters.


 Most monsters do not have powerful weapons, but if they do, the weapons are said to be part of the monster. A typical example is the Minotaur. According to the explorers who make a living analyzing monsters and items with their powerful appraisal skills that surpass even the ability of [Inspection], the Minotaur has a weak body in spite of its strength. Other monsters with strong scales on their body parts are also fragile without them.


 That’s what the person said. He said that the strength of a monster is the average of its entire body. And that body also includes the weapon that the monster is born with.


 In other words, monsters are weak in spite of their status. They have a clear weakness, and they are much more fragile than their own status. They are not smart and have a few skills and magic to choose from. That’s why we were able to defeat Rimdobmur, whose strength was over 1000.


 Once again, I think 500 is strange. It’s too weak. One of us, Haru and I, could manage to defeat it without using our Treasure Tools. That’s the extent of their strength. That’s what we noticed when we appraise it. Even the unique monsters that have been defeated by us to this day are inferior in status to Mino-tan.



“Haru, it’s okay to use [Inspection]. It’s down.” (Kei)


“Yes, there’s something wrong.” (Haru)



  [Collapse] is powerful attack magic. Weak monsters are swallowed and disappear. and strong monsters are quickly broken down by the magic. So what is with Mino-tan, who hasn’t died or come out of the magic yet?


 That’s when we distanced ourselves from Mino-tan.



“Let’s begin! The challengers are the representatives of Earth, Touka, and Haruka.” (Burlando)



 The maid raises her voice as she points her right hand at us.



“The one who welcomes us is Mino-tan, the gatekeeper of the dungeon!” (Burlando)



 The maid smiles broadly as she points her left hand at the collapse that envelops Mino-tan. In her hand, for some reason, she was holding a long, thick chain that should not have been there a few moments ago. The undamaged chain was similar to the one we saw wrapped around Mino-tan, and at the same time we noticed it, we heard something being in half from the inside.



“Battle, start!” (Burlando)




 The one who emerged from inside was Mino-tan, unharmed and unbound by the chains.

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