Basement Dungeon Chapter 124: Siblings Fight Against Mino-tan

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 Then an attack from the ax backed by its huge body cut through [Collapse]. It’s a huge ax that would have swung your body around if you didn’t have the proper status and skill.


 It’s not that our strength can’t catch the blow, but even if we use our weapons to block it, our weapon could be cut in half. But I don’t sense any danger in that attack.



“I’m not sure if their speed is as good as their status, but I’m going to prioritize avoiding Haru.” (Kei)


“Okay, let’s keep the distance.” (Haru)



 A weapon that is too heavy for a status that is not very high. The speed at which the ax is swung is so slow that it can be avoided as you watch it. It shouldn’t be difficult to set up a counterattack.



“I’m going to go in so please assist me.” (Kei)


“Okay. I’m not sure if magic will work.” (Haru)



 I approached Mino-tan and went around it. Mino-tan’s eyes are now on me. Since it has just seen Haru’s magic, it knows that Haru can attack from long distances.


 Once I feel like his attention is fully focused on me and just when Haru was completely out of Mino-tan’s sight. I approached it quickly and stopped just outside the ax’s range. As I watched the ax pass in front of me, I sent a signal to Haru.



“[Impact] [Triple].” (Haru)


“Yeah!” (Kei)



 The three lights hit Mino-tan. After confirming that the movement of Mino-tan has stopped due to being hit by [Impact], I took another step. There is a big difference between me and Mino-tan in terms of the length of our arms and the length of our weapons. However, if I timed it right, my speed would be able to cover it.


 It would be impossible to cut through the armor with a sword, so I aimed for the hand holding the ax. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t reach its face. If I jumped, I could reach it, but it would be too risky to take my foot off the ground when I didn’t know what my opponent was capable of.


 I swing my sword at the knuckles of the hand that has already swung the ax. The only thing that was done was a shallow cut.



“Haru, it’s too tough for its status. We can’t get by with normal attacks!” (Kei)



 Immediately, Mino-tan’s hand was swung towards me, so I crouched down and leaped by to Haru.



“Haru, what have you noticed on Mino-tan’s movements?” (Kei)



 Haru, who was watching a little further away than me who was fighting in melee, was able to observe the movement of the enemy better. This is also one of the strategies we have organized in the last month.


 It’s hard to follow the same strategy with unique monsters that look different and have different ways of attacking. There are times when it’s impossible to fight them with the same strategy as before.


 When unique monsters appeared only once in a while, we could only get by with our status, and we could only count on one hand the number of times we had to carefully plan our strategy.


 I guess I was naive now, but I didn’t feel the need to create a system to strategize to match my enemies. Even after fighting powerful monsters, I didn’t think too hard about it because I felt drained from fatigue and a sense of accomplishment.



“Its muscles are just barely strong enough to swing the ax. There was a certain gap between the time he swung the ax and the time he stopped it. Also, magic doesn’t work. I think it’s some kind of skill.” (Haru)


“What about our language?” (Kei)


“I think they can understand. It seemed to drop his center of gravity a little bit when I shouted the name of the magic. Maybe magic is just not as effective, but the impact can still be felt, so it can’t be ignored.” (Haru)



 In other words, neither magic nor physical force is effective, meaning that if you fight normally, there is almost no way to win.



“Haru, I’m going to use my Treasure Tool. Come, Scythe.” (Kei)


“Yeah. Morningstar!” (Haru)



 The ring is shining brightly as it waits to become a Treasure Tool Weapon. This means that, as in the past month, the restrictions on the Treasure Tool have been removed. It’s has become hard to win without the use of a Treasure Tool.


 The next moment we had a Scythe and a Morningstar in our hands.



“Let’s see if the attack goes through the same way.” (Kei)


“I’d like to it him once too.” (Haru)


“I wish magic will work [Speed].” (Kei)



 I’ve confirmed Mino-tan’s speed, so I’ll increase the speed of my attacks.



“Brother, don’t get caught [Fissure] [Triple].” (Haru)



 I approach straight without moving around. Mino-tan, holding its ax to me me, takes no action against me who is running. I’m not sure if Mino-tan is able to attack with a shockwave like a Minotaur, or if they thought it would be ineffective at this moment.


 At the very least, it seems that there is no way to attack from afar with small movements and high speed. If I’m fast enough to dodge at long range, it won’t be able to hit us. And since Mino-tan was the only enemy, there was no need to divert our attention. It’s not like we need to be extra cautious about long-range attacks.



“Haru, follow me!” (Kei)


“Of course. And don’t let my magic collide with you.” (Haru)



 It’s not easy to move quickly when you have a scythe. However, it has a different attack power than a sword. In addition, the scythe can be used to avoid enemy attacks by using its unusual shape in combat, even if my speed is reduced.


 From the position where I attacked with my sword, I took one more step closer. Right next to Mino-tan’s leg, I extend the scythe sideways and hook it behind Mino-tan’s knee. Put all of my weight on the scythe and do a full turn. Because Mino-tan swung its leg to shake off the scythe, the blade dug in even deeper.


 Its armor has come off.


 A black line ran through the space where my head had been just before. Three black lines moving right after me pierced the back of Mino-tan’s knees as the armor fell from its knees.


 I’m not sure if it’s the pain or the loss of balance, but Haru’s magic [Fissure] pierced the back of its knee quickly separating the knee joint.


 Mino-tan collapsed, unable to support itself.



“It was much weaker than I expected.” (Kei)



 Mino-tan dropped its own head on the blade of the scythe that was waiting for it below and disappeared in a black mist.



 Once it’s gone, the monster can’t come back. I stared at the end of the crackling sound.



“I’ve had my share of weird moments, but to use an enemy this weak to assess us? What are you doing?” (Haru)



 Haru has fallen into a daze with her Morning Star at the ready. It survived the first spell unscathed. The current [Fissure] would not have had a fatal effect even if it caused some damage.


 But still, the maid smilingly continued to clap her hands for more than ten seconds.



“No, I’m glad to see your growth. I’ve achieved my goal.” (Burlando)


“Yes, you can fight with us. That’s how I see it.” (Voice)




 The other maid was standing in the spot where my gaze was focused.

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