Basement Dungeon Chapter 126: Are the Siblings Ordinary People or Heroes?

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 While Sostenuto is talking angrily to herself, I turn my attention to Burlando, who is sighing like us. Somehow I had the feeling that Sostenuto wouldn’t be able to make any progress in the conversation. I was also afraid that even if we did, there would be a discrepancy in some important aspect.


 Once we turn our eyes to Burlando to speak, Burlando just chuckled and poked Sostenuto.



“I understand So-chan’s story, so can I continue the conversation?” (Burlando)


“My story isn’t over yet. After that, someone stronger came, acting like I’m some bad person.” (Sostenuto)


“Ah, I’ll listen to your story later. Can I talk to them now?” (Burlando)



 After placing both palms at Sostenuto’s head and bobbing it up and down a few small times, Burlando tilted her head, saying, “How’s that?”



“I understand. You’ll have to ask me later.” (Sostenuto)


“Yeah, I heard everything already.” (Burlando)



 Burlando laughs with a withered “hahaha.” While laughing, I felt that her eyes were gazing somewhere far away. Perhaps she heard the same complaints many times with the same level of tension like now.



“Yeah, I don’t know what to say, but I’m sorry.” (Burlando)



 “Well, sit down.” Burland snaps her fingers and a cubic block of stone sprouts right behind us. It’s solid and cold to the touch. It is uncomfortable to sit on, but now is not the time to complain about it.



“You can do such things, huh?” (Haru)



 It was only when I heard Haru’s firm voice that I realized I had let my guard down. I grasped the sword at my waist, which I had put back in its sheath.



“Hehe, I’m amazing. That aside, I’ll tell you something important, so please listen.” (Burlando)



 I felt that Burlando’s smile had some meaning behind it.



“I think I told Touka-kun and Haruka-chan that there were three of us, do you remember?” (Burlando)


“Yeah, Blade-type skills and Collapse-type magic. Which is Sostenuto-san?” (Haru)



 Sostenuto nods to Haru’s question, then black fog flowed in her hand, similar to when we defeat a monster, and then it turns into a sword.



“I manage Blade-type skills. I’m mainly creating skills that are used by [Sword] and [Spear] Proficiency.” (Sostenuto)


“So-chan can’t swing her sword, though.” (Burlando)


“Fighting is not my job, so it’s okay.” (Sostenuto)



 Burlando then began making tea.



“And the other one is creating collapse-type magic, like the [Collapse] magic that Haruka uses.” (Sostenuto)


“That child’s head has also collapsed!” (Burlando)


“So did yours.” (Sostenuto)



 Sostenuto sighs as if she gave up and turns her hand to Burlando. For some reason, Burlando who was directed stood up vigorously and was looking quite excited.



“I’ve only recently learned of this. I’ve recently learned that we’re divided into two groups: those who are weak against environmental changes but are excellent, and those who are strong against environmental changes but are clumsy. So-chan and I are actually not particularly excellent.” (Burlando)


“Well, I am better than Burlando, so there are some individual differences.” (Sostenuto)



 Somehow, I understand that Sostenuto is a bit clumsy. Burlando is just as we see her.



“So, you see, the other one who isn’t here now is the better one. She’s smart and if we fight her, we will lose.” (Burlando)



 I pulled a face at her words. Burlando, who can move at a speed we can’t even track with our eyes, will lose. I still don’t know if we can win. We couldn’t confirm that, but maybe Burlando is just fast but her attacks are weak. No matter how fast Burlando is, she can’t win if she’s unable to properly defend herself. That was understandable.


 But she said that she would lose. That means that at the very least, she can hit the speedy Burlando with an attack. And of course, the speed of the attack would not be something we can see.



“The problem is that that poor girl is on a rampage, killing demons she doesn’t like and messing with the system. When we finally found them, they attack and drive us back. It’s annoying.” (Burlando)


“Sostenuto and Burlando can’t win in a fight?” (Haru)


“Yes!” (Burlando)



 She nods cheerfully to my question.



“I can hardly fight in the first place, so I’m slowing her down. In the end, So-chan will have to fight alone.” (Burlando)


“So, are you slowing me down?” (Sostenuto)


“Yes. I can chase and run like nobody’s business, but that’s it.” (Burlando)



 Burlando said that she creates Tracking-type skills. It would be easy to find someone to run away to, and the same would be true for finding someone who was chasing you and running away to a place where they wouldn’t come looking for you.



“So, what should we do? You can’t just kick the explorers out of the dungeon.” (Kei)



 If such a dangerous person is running rampant in the dungeon in the first place, I’ll have to figure out how to explore. It is possible that we will not enter the dungeon after this, of course.



“Yeah. Do you guys know any Heroes?” (Burlando)



 The word “hero” suddenly stopped thinking.



“The master told me about them. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of a man or woman hero. You see, a hero is a person who has accomplished dangerous quests that no one can do. I want you guys to be heroes.” (Burlando)



 Burlando looked up, closed her eyes, and paused for a few seconds. After taking a deep breath, she slowly turned her head towards us.



“Touka-kun, Haruka-chan. I want to ask you guys to subdue our colleague who lost herself.” (Burlando)



T/N: Hey a quest from an NPC(?) 

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