Basement Dungeon Chapter 128: Siblings Make up their Minds

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“See you here again. I’ll let you know our answer at that time.” (Kei)



 Once we had heard the details of the request from Burlando, we came back to the house. Today’s search had been a short one, but we needed to sort out the information.


 Of course, we had no way to contact Burlando, so we decided to meet her in the room where we fought Mino-tan. She said it could be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or anytime. However, she said that the other one was on a rampage. If I’m going to do her a favor, I’d better do it as soon as possible.



“What do you think, brother? It’s dangerous, but it’s also very safe. I don’t think we can make the same decisions we’ve been making.” (Haru)


“That’s right. However, I don’t think we can make decisions based on their words alone.” (Kei)



 Another one that even Burlando and Sostenuto can’t compete with. Based on all we’ve heard, I will refuse without hesitation. Even if the maid rampages over and over, if we don’t enter the dungeon, the chances of us getting hurt will be quite low.


 Besides, Burlando had said that all dungeons were connected. And that the maids could come and go as they pleased. I knew this from my father’s information, but now that I’ve been told it again, I can see that it’s both good and bad.


 It’s a cruel thing to say, but even if no one in the world is an opponent, even if they come out of the dungeon, they will still be somewhere in the world. At least, they won’t show up in the basement of this house. Japan is a small country and there are not many dungeons.


 Most of the dungeons where maids appear are overseas, and even if they were to commit a massacre there, they probably wouldn’t make it to this house until much later, or never.


 It would be healthier and better for our lifespan for us to wait here than to go and die ourselves.


 However, there was something in Burlando’s explanation that turned that idea on its head.


 These maids are in charge of managing the dungeon, and one of their duties is to protect the intruders. And by intruders, I assume they mean explorers.


 They invite explorers in and make them fight monsters. I didn’t understand why they were supposed to protect the intruders, but they didn’t explain it to me.


 Anyway, it seems that the maids who are trying to protect the explorers can’t harm us, explorers. However, the standard of “harm” was different from that of Earth, and it was loose enough that she could not try to directly kill us.


 Of course, they can’t kill people directly, and they can’t hurt them so that they can’t move. They can’t prepare a monster to kill others.


 They might not intend to kill, but if they prepare a monster in good faith and they die, it’s no skin off their nose.


 If people are attacked by a monster to the point where they can’t move and then another accidentally appears and kills you, it’s also okay.


 She said that it was impossible to kill a monster by mistakenly using the wrong amount of force due to the fundamental difference in ability. If our abilities were a little closer, he said, we could be killed.


 In other words, we would not die fighting the maids. If Burlando and the others are on our side, we won’t get trapped and killed by a monster.


 That said.



“We’re not the heroes of a manga, right? We could die.” (Haru)


“I know. We don’t want to be hurt, and we don’t want to be told to save the world.” (Kei)



 We are not the heroes of a shounen manga or the heroes who will defeat the demon king. I’ll admit there’s a bit of a crazy part of us that dives into dungeons even when our bones are broken or our arms are gone, but it was for our own good.


 When we first entered the dungeon, it was largely for the money. The first five levels were empty, but after that, we were able to get meat, which enriched our table.


 When the dungeons were opened to the public and we were able to sell the items we dropped, we didn’t have to worry about money as much as before.


 We sold them in small quantities so as not to arouse suspicion, but as long as we sold the items to a few lucky strangers, we were able to earn enough money not to worry about our livelihood.


 Once money was no longer a problem, we sought out dungeons for entertainment. Stronger and more intense. Our curiosity for the unknown didn’t stop us from getting a few injuries.


 Both Gan Ceann and Rimdobmur were dangerous, but we knew we wouldn’t die. In fact, he had been injured in the battle against Gan Ceann, but we were never in danger of dying.


 That disgusting chimera was a complete disaster beyond our control. As expected, we even stopped entering the dungeon after I lost my arm in that battle.



“Yeah, no. We don’t have to bother to look at the painful eyes.” (Haru)


“Yeah, I know. Our safety is the most important thing, you know?” (Kei)



 For someone else. For the sake of many people, we don’t know.


 It’s a virtue to be able to put yourself in harm’s way. It’s a wonderful thing, just like the hero of the story, and I’m sure it will move people’s hearts.


 But for me, the most important thing is Haru, and it doesn’t matter how many strangers’ lives are at stake.


 There is something that tugs at my heart, but I am convinced that this is the best thing I can do for my sister. I’m sure of it.



“It’s better to be early. Let’s tell Burlando no tomorrow.” (Kei)


“Right. Then no dungeons for a while, huh.” (Haru)


“I guess so. We’ve had a lot of hard fights lately, so let’s take it easy.” (Kei)



 But the siblings forgot that the girls were not born and raised on Earth, they just took human form and spoke the same language.


 That you are not always able to give a yes or no to a question.



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