Basement Dungeon Chapter 129: Siblings Escape as They are Transferred

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“Ah, I guess it’s no good. I do think you guys can do it.” (Burlando)



 The earlier the better, so we dove into the dungeon unusually early in the morning. The reason for this is to refuse Burlando’s request. The 15th level of the ruins, the place where we fought Mino-tan and received the request from Burlando.


 I opened the door with caution because I thought it was the boss room, and found a smiling Burlando waiting for us.


 When I turned my eyes to the corner of the room, there was Mino-tan, tied up and unable to move as before. No, he looks more rugged than Mino-tan. The weapon on the ground beside him was not an ax, but a halberd.


 The name Mino-tan, which was completely different from the monsters I had seen before, made me feel uncomfortable, but perhaps Mino-tan was an irregularity caused by Burlando. The names I’ve seen so far seem to be simple explanations of their race or appearance, but Mino-tan seems to be like a pet.


 The distance between us made it impossible for Haru to use her [Inspection], so she turned to face Burlando.



“We’re not going to fight that third maid, Burlando. If this dungeon becomes a battleground, we’re going to stay out of the dungeon for a while.” (Kei)



 I told her briefly what I had decided yesterday, and her reply was as if she knew the answer, but still held back.



“It’s not enough to not die. I don’t want to get hurt if I can help it, and I can’t tolerate unnecessary pain.” (Kei)


“Well, we’re in the dungeon to have fun, after all.” (Haru)


“I see…” (Burlando)



 Burlando laughs merrily. But I can’t feel any pessimism in that laugh. It’s not like there’s any emotion in that laugh. I felt a little creeped out by the lack of energy in her laugh, or perhaps by the fact that it was so out of place.


 The hem of her dress was pulled down slightly. I looked over and saw that Haru’s smile had tightened. I’m sure I have the same expression on my face.



“Well, that’s that. We’re leaving. We’ll be back tomorrow.” (Kei)



 I’ll try not to dive into the dungeon for a while. I muttered in my mind, but in reality, I said something else. I praise myself for my quick thinking and push Haru back to the entrance of the boss room.


 If we just say that we won’t be coming to the dungeon tomorrow, there might be a contingency. The only thing Burlando wanted us to do was to fight against another one of them. We would need to be prepared, so even if Burlando wanted to force us to fight, she wouldn’t stop us if we come back tomorrow.


 I touched the door to leave the boss’s room. The door didn’t budge a bit. This door is not meant to be opened by pushing or pulling. It doesn’t have a handle, and it opens automatically when you touch it.



“Um, could you open the door?” (Kei)


“Well, that’s difficult. Just like in the past, the exit is not the door, but the magic circle.” (Burlando)



 Burlando replied with a smile like we were just being silly.


 That’s true for the boss rooms until now. Three in the cave and two in the ruins. All the boss rooms were entered through doors and exited through magic circles. But.



“We got out of this door yesterday.” (Kei)


“Oh, right. It’s not possible today, is it?” (Burlando)



 After the fight with Mino-tan yesterday, we went back to the house through the door. We definitely did not go through the magic circle.



“There’s no magic circle, to begin with. You have to defeat the boss to get out.” (Kei)


“That’s right, that’s right. Here.” (Burlando)



 At the same time as Burland snapped her fingers, there was a loud cracking sound from the corner of the room.


 This is the place where a monster similar to Mino-tan was tied up a while ago. The monster collapsed when we look at it and it lost its original shape as its head rolled.



“You can get through. Go ahead.” (Burlando)



 The rolling head turns into mist, and a magic circle appears behind Burlando.



“Oh, thank you. See you later.” (Kei)



 I hurried to the magic circle, feeling my clothes being grabbed tightly.


 I said my goodbyes, but there was no reply.


 I walked right past the motionless Burlando and stood on top of the magic circle. I breathed a sigh of relief at the usual feeling of transition. I hold Haru’s hand tightly, holding onto my clothes, and prepare for the transition.


 The moment my vision switched, I felt that the appearance of Burlando, who had her back turned to me, had changed.



“Yeah. See you again.” (Burlando)



 I felt goosebumps rise on my skin as the transition began.



 The next moment, we were standing in an unfamiliar wilderness. [T/N: It’s a trap!]



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