Basement Dungeon Chapter 13: At the Same Time, The Hero (Hero Party Story)

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~Hero’s Perspective~



 It’s been almost a month since we started diving into the dungeon.


 During that time, we have been diving into the dungeon every day with the help of the Self-Defense Forces.


 In the beginning, we all felt reluctant to kill monsters, so we just hunted slimes. They don’t look like living things, you know.


 A week passed and the Self-Defense Force people were no longer accompanying us. I’ve never seen them fight, though, because they’re only there in case of emergency.


 He said that he was strong enough to defeat the boss of the tenth level by himself, but we didn’t know much about it as we had never met a boss before.


 After that, we continued to attack the dungeon. We got injured a lot, but they gave us a potion that healed us in an instant. The potion was said to have the effect of healing cuts in an instant.


 It’s also said to be an all-purpose potion that can be used to heal scars. However, the hierarchy where it can be obtained is quite deep, so it cannot be used frequently.


 Although its efficacy as a medicine is not that great, I was told that its ability to heal instantly would be worth a considerable amount of money if sold. However, the government has forbidden us to use it in public until the dungeon is opened to the public, and at the moment, anything obtained in the dungeon is treated as government property, so we can’t use it for anything else.



 So we finally made it to the fifth level of the dungeon, between the bosses. According to them, the rest of the parties had already beaten the boss. However, we were not allowed to go beyond the sixth level, so we were hunting on the fourth level.


 Today is the last day that we are allowed to explore the dungeon. We would only be able to challenge it once. If our party is the only one that doesn’t manage to defeat the boss here, we’ll regret it for the people who were counting on us. I won’t let that happen.


 I touched the door and it slowly opened. Standing inside is a monster with a hideous face. The words [Hobgoblin] appear in my mind. It’s okay, it was just as I had heard.



“Everyone let’s go!” (Sword)


“”Yes”” “Oh” (Magic, Heal, & Shield)



 The three of them replied. I’ve met some good friends.


 I took my sword and rushed into the room. I’ve heard that if you go with all your might, you’ll be pushed back, so I stopped one step in front of the enemy.



“Gouta!” (Sword)


“Sure!” (Shield => Gouta) [T/N: What’s with the name? I used Gouta because his kanji is “剛太” literally meaning “Manly Fat(ty)”. So I will use Gouta.]



 At the same time as the Hobgoblin swings down his sword, a large shield rushes in from the side. He is the defender of this party. Gouta has saved us by preventing enemy attacks many times. The Hobgoblin has its stance broken with my superhuman strength and I immediately hit it with my sword.



“Damn, why is it hard?” (Sword)



 The goblin’s thick skin prevented me from doing more, and the sword only made a shallow cut.



“[Fire]” (Magic => Arisu)



 A voice came from behind me. Our ranged attacker. Arisu, who is in charge of magical attacks, knocks down enemies with her flame.



“I will support you all, [Stamina Heal].” (Heal => Risa)



 Another chant echoed again. Risa, the last of the party and a user of recovery magic. She only has one magic, so she can’t heal injuries, but her magic that restores stamina gives us a boost of courage.



 We dodged the goblin’s sword, and Gouta parried and deflected it. Arisu’s magic burned the Hobgoblin. I continued to smash my sword into its hard skin over and over again.


 The goblin gradually weakened, and finally fell to its knees. I thought we had won. So I didn’t notice. The goblin’s tightly clenched fists revealed a glowing sword. There is no information saying anything about that.


 The scenery slowly progressed like a flashback. I was too scared to move. The goblin mustered his last strength and used it to launch a final attack. The goblin made one last attack with its power, [Skill]. This was the last day of my life, and all I could do was watch in dismay as it attacked me. I’m sorry, guys.



“Don’t give up on your own!” (Gouta)



 A lump of metal darts into my field of vision along with an angry voice.



“Connect, I’m going to take it all, Guha!” (Gouta)



 The goblin’s sword has blown off Gouta’s shield like it’s a scrap of paper, and Gouta rolled. Just turn your eyes away, so I can move. And Gouta did it. The Hobgoblin stopped for a moment when it hits Gouta’s shield. That time is more than enough.



“Take this—” (Sword)



 My protruding sword pierced the goblin’s throat, despite a bit of resistance.


 And the monster becomes mist and disappears. All that remains is a metal card. There are 5 so-called skill cards.



“We won, goho.” (Gouta)



 Gouta wobbled back to me. It seems that no bones were broken. If that is the case, then.


 I raise my sword and declared.



“Victory for the Hero Party!” (Sword => Yuki)



 Risa approached.



“Thank you for your hard work. It is our victory. You are really a hero, Yuki.” (Risa)



 The word “Hero”, which I had added as a joke, sinks into my heart. With the satisfaction of having completed the task.



“Oh, everyone. Let’s go home and party today!” (Gouta)


“Well, I’m tired so I want to sleep.” (Risa)


“Can I refrain from doing it today?” (Arisu)



 Gouta who makes a ruckus, however, was refused by the two girls.



“What the heck, Yuki. You’re coming, right?” (Gouta)


“Sorry, I’m tired too. I want to sleep.” (Yuki)



 I want to pick up the skill card dropped by Hobgoblin and know the contents. When I thought about it, the card shattered and disappeared. Doing the same for the remaining three.



[Self-Assessment] comes to mind. A skill to know oneself. It is also a skill that is necessary to know the skills you possess. It’s a definite drop for the first time you defeat a boss on the fifth level, and it’s an essential skill for the rest of your quest. Only the person who defeats the hobgoblin can learn it, so it can only be used by me. The other three tried to learn [Self-Assessment] as well, but there was only one skill card available to all of us so they can’t learn.



“I’ll try it too.” (Yuki)



 I touched the card and wished to learn. The card easily shattered into pieces.



The [Prestige] of the strong. The resistance to weakness. It makes the hero strong.


“[Prestige]” (Yuki)



 When I use the skill, my body glowed faintly and I feel powerful.



“It’s like a skill that strengthens you.” (Yuki)



 As I turn to face the three of them, my vision shakes.


 I lost my strength and collapsed, but my shoulders were supported by someone.



“Are you out of magic? Is it a skill that consumes a lot of magic, or is it because we haven’t trained magic? It’s no good for our Hero. But, well, please keep up the good work. Hero.” (Gouta)


“Yeah, thank you for your continued support, everyone.” (Yuki)



 I close my eyes with satisfaction.



“Let’s go home.”



 I opened my eyes when Arisu hit me. If it were possible, I would have preferred if she did not spoil the mood, but that’s okay.


 Because I’m so happy.



 However, that night. When Yuki and the others had gone to bed. News that Japan’s strongest party, which had been exploring the front line, had been killed in the battle against the boss on the 15th level.


 What Yuki and the others didn’t know was that one of them was a member of the Self-Defense Forces who had been leading Yuki and the others.


 There was no stopping the public opening of the dungeon that was almost upon them.


 And the real Japan’s strongest, who no one will ever know, are still seeking entertainment for the two of them that day



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