Basement Dungeon Chapter 82: Siblings Start Investigating

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“Why don’t we save the world?” (Haru)



 Haru’s words caused a moment of uneasiness in me, but they soon disappeared.



“By the way, Haru liked RPGs about heroes.” (Kei)



 When we were still living in our previous house, both Haru and I played games like normal middle school students. But with me doing chores and Haru being in the art club, there was no way we could spend time together, and that didn’t mean Haru, who wasn’t very social, had enough friends to hang out with.


 Haru and I were basically playing games separately. Haru was addicted to RPGs. By the way, I was into action games.


 Haru’s favorite among them seemed to be RPGs about heroes.



“A hero fights alone to save the world. He also helps people in trouble. It’s a classic story, but it’s a good one, isn’t it?” (Kei)


“In most modern games, there are multiple heroes fighting together.” (Haru)


“If that’s the case, It’s not that different from a single player.” (Kei)


“Maybe.” (Haru)



 In other words, Haru wants to imitate a hero during this stampede.


 But that’s it.



“Haru, if we are seen by people, there will be an uproar.”



 If anyone finds out about us, we won’t be able to lead a peaceful life as before. In fact, I’m not sure if my days of hiding in dungeons can be called peaceful.



“Why don’t we hide in black clothes as we did before?” (Haru)


“It will be difficult to move if people are looking for you. It’s only a matter of time before they find out who we are.” (Kei)


“Ah, that’s right.” (Haru)



 Even if you hide your true identity with black clothes, the more famous you become like a black suit, the more people will look for you. There are a lot of people looking for you. You can’t hide your range of activities or your height. There is no way to hide your skills.


 The leader of the group of brave men, Yuki, is probably more powerful than us in terms of his strength.


 For those who don’t use magic or enchantment, he’s only a decent force.


 That wouldn’t be the hero that Haru calls it.


 If so.



“If we were to be, wouldn’t we be more of a shadow hero even if we did our best?” (Kei)



 Helping the real hero like the time against Gan Ceann, we’ll be able to do this without revealing ourselves or even being noticed. We even offered the glory of victory.


 If we are heroes who make the heroes shine, this position would probably be for a shadow hero.



“Oh, doesn’t a Shadow Hero sound cool?” (Kei)


“I wish there was a way to hide our identity.” (Haru)



 We may be able to blend in with the other explorers and help them in battle. But that won’t get us to places with strong monsters that normal explorers can’t fight.



“In the end, we just went back to the beginning.” (Haru)


“That’s right. Well, if it’s useless to think about it.” (Kei)



 I take out our equipment.



“Would you like to try the simplest one? Let’s just go to the dungeon.” (Kei)


“Hmm, I understand.” (Haru) [T/N: You really doused that one. Shame.]





 After deciding that it was useless to think about what we didn’t know and beg for what we didn’t have, we began to explore the Forest.



“Hmm, there are very few monsters.” (Haru)


“Oh, they are too few, as expected.” (Kei)



 The inside of the dungeon was different. In a forest where you usually encounter monsters after a short walk, there was still little sign of them.



“Haru, make some noise.” (Kei)


“Roger. [Impact].” (Haru)



 A magic circle appeared in Haru’s hand, and a ball of light flew out from it, hitting a tree in the distance and exploding.


The tree hit by [Impact] disappears and falls down with a roaring boom. However.



“Only a few came.” (Haru)



 The heads of the four wolves drawn to the sound went flying. Then we began checking the surroundings with [Perception].


 No monster is approaching other than the wolves that have just been defeated.



“Maybe the monsters that were killed outside the floors have not yet been replenished?” (Haru)


“I thought the forest monsters were emptied out during the stampede, but if that’s the case, there might not be anything left on the first level.” (Kei)


“Yeah, there was no sign of any monster until we entered the Transition Room.” (Haru)



 But if that was the case, why didn’t the wolves we just killed leave this level? Was it just a coincidence?





“Rimdobmur hasn’t been revived either.” (Kei)



 Even if we climb a tree and look up, we can’t see the shadow of the dragon. That giant can be seen even in the distance.


 If we run through the forest while talking like that, we will reach a familiar place.



“This is the nest of Rimdobmur. What are those?” (Kei)


“Has there been anything like this before?” (Haru)



 In the middle of Rimdobmur’s nest was a translucent sphere. It’s like,



“An egg, right?” (Haru)


“That’s right in terms of shape. It’s looked like an egg except that it’s translucent.” (Kei)



 The translucent mass is clearly in the shape of an egg.


 When we tried touching it, our hands passed through without touching the egg. Then an unpleasant sensation sticks to the hand. It’s like magical power. It’s very similar to something we felt before.


 It’s something similar to the magical power that the Angus Mercenary Corps used to seal the Rimdobmur.


 If so,



“Haru, let’s go to the stone monument.” (Kei)


“Oh? I understand.” (Haru)



 There must be a hint on that stone monument.


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