Basement Dungeon Chapter 86: Siblings Proceed with their Exploration

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 After defeating the slime, we went deeper into the dungeon. The dungeon doesn’t seem to be that big as we are walking. All the roads and turns are at right angles, so it will be easy to make a map.


 Monsters appear less frequently than in the Forest before the stampede, but more frequently than in the Forest post-stampede.


 As with previous dungeons, it will be difficult to determine if the number of monsters has decreased.


 However, the monsters that appear are strong, and although there are currently only goblins and slimes, their fighting ability has been increasing to a certain extent.



“Brother, we’re not getting close to any slimes, are we?” (Haru)


“None are in the range of [Perception]. How about you with the goblins?” (Kei)


“There’s none within the scope of [Detection].” (Haru)



 The fact that there are monsters that sneak past Haru’s [Detection] skills has put a lot of pressure on her. Even if we don’t know the details of the monster, the skill [Detection] has an overwhelmingly wider search range than my [Perception].


 If a monster approached, there was plenty of time to take precautions. But now we don’t know. The fear that they might already be approaching is unfathomable. Even though this is the normal state of an explorer.


 But that’s the same with us.


 Goblins on this level move at an unusually high speed and run straight towards us from outside Haru’s [Detection] range.


 By the time I got them within the range of [Perception], it would just be a few seconds before the goblin was visible.


 I always have to be more alert than usual. Once again, I understand why explorers don’t spend long periods of time searching day after day.



“Brother, goblin at 2 o’clock.” (Haru)


“Okay, let’s do it. [Speed].” (Kei)



 I cast an Enchantment on myself to increase my speed, then sheath my sword and look in the direction of the goblin Haru had instructed me to look.


 The goblin is now within my [Perception]. At the same time, I see the goblin running towards us from afar.



 I lowered my center of gravity and kicked the ground to get into the goblin’s side. If I slash at the goblin as it is, I might get a counterattack if I can’t kill it, so I touch the goblin’s hand holding the sword without grabbing the sword.


 Grabbing the hand, I use the goblin’s momentum to turn it. This is a technique I’ve done before in aikido. The ground was cobblestone, and the goblin was unable to defend itself against my technique.


 The moment the goblin lets go of its weapon due to the momentum of having its hand twisted, I kicked the goblin in midair and put my hand on my sword.



“[Strong Slash]” (Kei)



 I swung the sword down at the neck. If the sword that cuts the goblin hits the ground as it is, my blade may get chipped, so I make sure that only the tip of the sword cuts the goblin. If more than half of the neck is slashed open, the goblin will soon die.



“Haru, a slime is coming from behind.” (Kei)



 I don’t lower my guard even after killing the goblin, and I stare at the defeated goblin until it turns into a black mist, letting Haru know that there’s a slime within my [Perception].



“Okay. I see it. [Separation].” (Haru)



 Watching the goblins turn into black mist, looking behind me I saw the muddy slime’s surface crack.


 The slime gradually loses its volume and turns into a black mist.



“Nothing is within the scope of [Detection].” (Haru)


“There is no reaction within the range of [Perception] too. I’m tired.” (Kei)



 Making sure there are no monsters in the vicinity, we both release a sigh.



“The goblin drop item is a claw. Maybe the materials from Rimdobmur has better performance, so let’s save it in the item pouch.” (Kei)


“The slime dropped a crystal again.” (Haru)



 The monster we had just defeated had a one in two chance of dropping a black stone.


 I feel that there’s magic inside it, even if it looks like obsidian. However, based on the result of Haru’s [Inspection].



“Magic Crystal… Crystalized Magic.”



 It doesn’t explain anything clearly. Does it make sense that the analysis is not a magical crystal but a crystallization of magical power? I don’t know how to use it for the time being, so we’ll have to save it.


 As I received the magic crystal from Haru, I checked her face, and although it was hard to tell, I could see that she was tired.


 By the way, she was sighing a while ago.


 I wonder if Haru can see that I’m tired too. I’m also tired from this exploration.



“Haru, want to head home?” (Kei)


“Well, we haven’t been able to explore much, but is that okay?” (Haru)



 Haru tilts her head, though she looks a little better.



“I don’t want to get hurt. Let’s go home early and rest.” (Kei)


“Yup. I understand.” (Haru)



 Kei took his sword and slowly walked back the way they came, keeping an eye on his surroundings.


 Speaking of which.



 It’s probably because they are tired from the battle. The reason for this search, to investigate the stampede, had completely slipped from the minds of the siblings at that moment.


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