Basement Dungeon Chapter 87: Siblings Discover the Beginning of War

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“Ah, I’m tired.” (Haru)



 After returning to the Forest on foot, we jumped to the first floor by transferring and came back to our house. As soon as we got to the basement, Haru took off her gear and lay down on the floor.



“I’ll carry the gear up.” (Kei)



 I carry Haru’s things and go up the stairs. However, I leave Haru’s equipment in its place and open my computer after removing my own equipment.


 I wonder what happened to the monsters flooding all the dungeons. Looking at the Japanese dungeons in order, I could see that the situation was bad.


 A number of monsters have escaped from the dungeons. They are focusing on monsters that are particularly dangerous to the general public, so more numerous and weaker monsters are escaping.


 However, it seems that no dangerous monsters have left the dungeon yet, and the only people who are evacuating are the residents of the neighborhood, who are safer hiding in their houses if they are even a short distance from the dungeon.


 In addition, there was one more important piece of information. The dungeon is spreading out. In the square in front of the entrance to the dungeon, magic is already flying around and battles with monsters using skills are already taking place.


 It seems that even though we’re outside the dungeon, there’s almost no status drop for the monsters.


 If the dungeons continue to expand at this rate, it won’t be long before the entire planet is a dungeon.


 In developing countries, monsters are already roaming the earth, and goblins have been found being eaten alive by predatory animals.



“[Speed]” (Kei)



 I tried to use the magic as a test, but although it worked, its effect was so slight that I couldn’t feel it.


 It seems that our dungeon has hardly expanded at all. However, since I can use magic, it doesn’t mean it’s not expanding at all.


 If our dungeon continues to expand, it will only be a matter of time before other people notice.



“Brother, what are you looking at?” (Haru)



 Haru lazily came up from the basement and came over to me. She rests her chin on my shoulder and slumps against me.



“It’s not like there are any areas that need to be evacuated right now. But the situation is not good, and although there was no information on it, there are probably going to be fatalities, or maybe there already are. It’s hard to imagine the stampede coming to an end without a major incident.” (Kei)


“Moreover, if there are a lot of Forest monsters, they would need a strong explorer to deal with them.” (Haru)



 The more I think about it, the more I realize how bad the situation is.



“Hey, brother. I wonder, is the stampede in this house over because we wiped it out? Or did the key monsters pass by unnoticed among the other monsters that got out?” (Haru)



 Haru stopped speaking there and pointed to something written on the edge of the internet page I had opened.


 It was an article from overseas, about a surge of monsters and many deaths. It said that the number of monsters was still increasing.



“Is it because we didn’t achieve some goal? If people dying was the cause of the increase in monsters. What if the energy needed for the monsters to grow is the death of people?” (Haru)



 When Haru had said that much, I finally understood what she meant.



“Overseas, it’s not that there were more deaths overseas because there were more monsters.” (Kei)


“Maybe there were more monsters because there were more deaths.” (Haru)


“The reason why Rimdobmur did not appear yet.” (Kei)


“Because no one died in this dungeon and we defeated all the monsters.” (Haru)


“Is this dungeon out of fuel?” (Kei)


“What we fought today were monsters that have been in the dungeon for a long time, waiting for explorers.” (Haru)


“It wasn’t a new monster that appeared today. That’s why they had fighting skills that they shouldn’t have had right after they were born.” (Kei)


“Those skills weren’t originally theirs.” (Haru)



 Haru thrusts in as I was beginning to be convinced.



“If you didn’t have anyone to fight, you wouldn’t have developed like that.” (Haru)


“That is true.” (Kei)



 Even if the last hypothesis is wrong, it will become an even more dangerous situation if the previous ones are right.



“So, the purpose of this stampede is to replenish the fuel that creates monsters?” (Haru)


“So, the dungeon ran out of fuel when we and the mercenaries defeated Rimdobmur at about the same time.” (Kei)



 I found a bulletin board on the Internet where people were exchanging information, and I wrote on every one of them.



“Don’t die! If you die, the number of monsters will increase as many die!”



 With these words, I put up the URL of the page I just visited.


 When a number of people read it and notice it.


 The battle between the Stampede and the humans,


 It had turned into a war between monsters and humans that are protecting Earth.


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