Basement Dungeon Chapter 97: Siblings Seach and Explore New Magic

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 I was bewildered for a few seconds by the flames that suddenly appeared from my fingers, but soon I was able to figure out why.


 At any rate, the fact that flames had appeared meant that my hypothesis was likely correct.


 I guess this is how magic is supposed to be used.



“Brother, let me look at your status.” (Haru)


“Oh, please.” (Kei)



 Haru uses [Detection] on me and makes a mysterious look.



“There is no change in status. To summarize, our levels have risen during the battle with the Chimera, by two levels.”



 Name: Haruka

 Proficiency: Magic / Craft

 Magic Attribute: Fissure, Explosion, Electric

 Level: 84

 Strength: 98

 Magic Capacity: 209

 Skills: Analysis, Magic Bullets, Rampage, Magic Synthesis, Magic Formation

 Magic: Bomb, Time Bomb, Impact, Number, Plasma, Fissure, Separation, Barrier, Collapse, Prison Gate

 Passive: Magic Recovery / Detection / Crafting / Magic Manipulation / Dual Attribute




 Name: Touka

 Proficiency: Enchant, Alchemy

 Magic Attribute: None, Curse

 Level: 84

 Strength: 127

 Magic Capacity: 180

 Skill: Stealth, Positioning, Material Cognition, Domination, Shortcut

 Magic: Speed, Power, Guard, Bind, Chain, Slow, Loss, Unprotect, Curse,

Seal, Safe Zone

 Passive: Perception, Acceleration, Alchemy



 Haru tells me my status, but nothing has changed, from skills and magic to magical attributes and skills.



“Brother, is there any change in you? What about your physical condition, magic power, anything?” (Haru)



 I tilted my head and put my finger in front of me again and chanted.



“Flame.” (Kei)



 As I chanted, a large amount of magic power gathered at my fingertips, and a small flame appeared. This time it lasted a few seconds longer than before. The flame flickered clearly on my finger.



“You’re using a lot of magical power, aren’t you?” (Haru)


“Yeah, I used enough magic to cast ten enchantments in the last few seconds.” (Kei)


“Is your finger hot?” (Haru)


“To be honest, they’re kind of hot. If I hadn’t raised my status, I might have burned myself.” (Kei)



 After thinking for a while, Haru puts her finger forward.



“[Bomb]” (Haru)



 Haru chanted a Magic she always uses. A ball of light appeared on Haru’s finger and stayed there.



“The magic on my finger right now is not hot at all. Even when I try to raise the temperature, it doesn’t feel hot to me. The light coming out is getting stronger, so the temperature must be rising. Can you feel the heat of the [Bomb] in this state?” (Haru)



 When I brought my hand close to the [Bomb] currently on the tip of Haru’s finger, I could feel the heat even when I was some distance away. If I get close to Haru’s hand, I am likely to get burned even in with my current status.



“It’s pretty hot. Maybe if I touch that [Bomb], my finger will get burned.” (Kei)


“In other words, it’s designed to be used by the invoker. On the other hand, brother’s flame hot even to the invoker. It’s a completely deteriorated version. Or an improvement.” (Haru)


“I think Haru’s [Bomb] looks much like an improved version. It’s too convenient for you.” (Kei)



 The ball of light, the [Bomb], falls from Haru’s hand, and when it hits the ground, the ground burns with a small boom.



“I think that the inventors of many useful tools and technologies have worked hard to reduce or eliminate the harm they do to people. I think there are very few things that are truly beneficial from the start.” (Kei)



 Haru sticks out her finger and chants.



“Flame.” (Haru)



 Nothing appeared on Haru’s hand.



“Flame.” (Haru)



 The magic gathered at Haru’s fingertips and was released directly into the atmosphere.



“What is it now?” (Haru)


“I just tried to gather the magic at my fingertips. It doesn’t seem to make any sense.” (Kei)



 Haru smiles and stares at her fingertips again.



“Flame.” (Haru)



 The magic power gathered at Haru’s fingertips and a small flame appeared. But it was only for a moment, and then it was gone.



“Oh, I see what you mean. The flame.” (Haru)



 Many times more magic power gathered at Haru’s fingertips than before, and fire appeared again. The fire did not disappear immediately but hovered over Haru’s finger for several dozen seconds.


 As I watched the fire on Haru’s fingertips disappear, I asked her a question.



“Did you discover something?” (Kei)


“Hmm, I don’t know the principle, but I think I know how it works. Maybe.” (Haru)



 Haru lowered the hand she had been holding out in front of her and gathered the magic near her heart. Haru did not open her mouth or move her hand. But a small flame appeared in Haru’s chest.



“Brother, you’re staring for too long.” (Haru)



 pouted a little and moved the flame to the side of her face. A large amount of magical power was gathered in the path where the flame moved before disappearing.



“Maybe the trigger for this magic is imagination and magic power, the belief that such a thing is possible and the flow of magic power. I think it’s because my brother and I see and work with magic on a regular basis.” (Haru)


“Haru has [Magic manipulation] and I have [Domination]?” (Kei)


“Yeah, that’s right. I don’t think I’m wrong. I’ll tell you my theory.” (Haru)




 Haru smiled and created a flame on her chest again.

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