Basement Dungeon Chapter 99: A Lone Woman Spirals into Madness

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 In the middle of the forest, not even the sound of leaves rustling in the wind can be heard. In the quiet forest, a moaning sound of someone crawling on the ground with one hand on echoes.


 The owner of the moaning voice was an individual. Their body was peeling off as if it had rotted away. Their body sank to the ground.


 They lifted their almost motionless head with only their pride as someone strong and opened their mouth.


 A slight groan came out of their mouth.


 In response, a woman’s scratchy voice was heard.



“Shut up. You lizard-like thing.” (Woman)



 The next moment, the individual moaning had their head rolling on the ground. The neck, which is large enough to swallow a human easily, is lying at the feet of the woman silently.



“This lizard doll wastefully takes in magic.” (Woman)



 The woman pointed her hand at the huge body, which was about to disappear into mist, and moved her fingers for a bit.


 A shadow emerged from the ground without a single ripple of magic power and swallowed the huge body.


 In less than a second, the dragon’s corpse disappeared without even turning into mist.



“Clean up that mess too.” (Woman)



 The woman raised her chin and pointed at a scale. It was a reverse scale from the neck of a dragon.


 The woman watched as the shadow swallowed all the evidence of the dragon’s presence there, and then sat down on the shadow that had lost its role.


 The shadow shuddered for a moment but quickly transformed into a lavish chair.


 It was a coincidence that this woman had come here.


 The entrance to a dungeon, which she had visited by chance to relieve her boredom. It was one of the few entrances in this world that could open the door to a dungeon.


 What’s more, it was the first time in the world that an entrance to a dungeon could be reached by a fake entrance like this one.


 She just came into this place after it came to her mind, and she visited.


 When she entered, it was strange. There is almost no sign of anything. There were two people in the natural place where she was. Other than that, there was no one else.


 Suddenly, she looked up and saw a lizard giving her an unpleasant look. She killed it without a second thought.


 The others nearby fled to the wall as if frightened. It was unpleasant.


 In the meantime, the only two people present must have sensed something was wrong. They left in a hurry.



“Oh, the resemblance. They look so much alike that I want to kill them. How can you have the power, the potential, the brains to think, and yet, and yet…” (Woman)



 She scratched her head, her hands tangled in several strands of hair.


“I want to kill, I don’t want to kill, I can’t kill!” (Woman)



 Raising her fist again and again, and slamming it into the chair she is sitting on.


 She heard a monster’s scream, and the chair disappears into a mist.


 She landed slowly as if there was no gravity, and crushed the black magic stone that had fallen under her feet.



“There isn’t enough magic power. The entrance can’t be increased anymore. The humans are too weak. They’re too cowardly.” (Woman)



 She covered magical power on her legs and kick the tree that was growing nearby. The tree broke and the ground cracked.



“A Stampede isn’t enough. I have to do something about it.” (Woman)



 Tapping the ground twice with her toes. A small black light emerges from there.



“To protect everyone’s dungeon and tombs.” (Woman)



 The black light wrapped around the woman, and she disappears.




 The broken ground, broken trees. It was like it never happened.

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