Dream Life Chapter 1.5.2: “Character Creation” Extended

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 After looking at the talent level, I read the list of talents diagonally.





Martial Arts Talents (CP required varies by level)


Sword Arts: Talent for sword attacks


Spear Arts: Talent for spear attacks


Ax Technique: Talent for ax attacks


Cudgel: Talent for attacking with a cudgel


Unarmed Combat: Talent for bare-handed attacks


Archery: Talent for attacking with a bow


Throwing Arts: Talent for attacking by throwing things


Special Weapon Arts: Talent for attacks using special weapons


Shield Defense: Talent for defending with shields


Evasion: Talent for evading attacks



Magical Talents


Magic Proficiency Talent (20 CP for each attribute, 100 CP for Mastery of All Attributes)


  Talent required to use magic


Improved Magic Efficiency (50 CP)


  Can reduce the amount of magic used (reduced usage by 50%)


Magic Defense (20 CP)


  Protection against magic attacks (damage reduced by the magic level)


Enchantment Magic (50 CP)


  Talent that can be used to add magic to tools, weapons, etc.



Production Talents (CP requirements vary by level)


Agriculture: Agricultural skills (including knowledge of edible plants)


Hunting: Skills related to hunting (including knowledge of animals)


Fishing: Skills related to fishing (including knowledge of fishery, oceans, and rivers)


Woodworking: Skills related to the manufacture of houses, furniture, etc.


Blacksmithing and Metalworking: Skills related to the manufacture of metal tools, such as weapons and armor.


Civil Engineering: Civil engineering-related skills


Herbology: Skills related to the manufacture of medicines (including knowledge of poisons)


Ceramics: skills related to pottery production


Weaving: Skills related to the manufacture of fabrics and clothing


Handicraft: skills in the manufacture of tools and ornaments made of leather, wood, metal, etc.


Cooking: Culinary skills



Other Talents (required CP varies by level)


Body Art: Skills related to special actions (e.g., climbing, passive techniques, etc.).


    This can affect the damage caused by attacks from unstable positions or when falling down.


Horsemanship: Skills related to riding and mounted combat.


Shiphandling: skills related to being a shipman


Swimming: Skills related to swimming


Animal Training: Skills required to train animals.


Negotiation: Skills related to interpersonal negotiation. (Affects the success rate of price negotiations, interrogations, etc.)


Calculation: Skills required to handle numbers


Memorization: a skill that affects the speed at which you can remember things.


Detection: The ability to detect enemies, traps, and other dangers.


Stealth: The ability to conceal one’s own presence.


Trapping: Skills related to making and disarming traps


Singing: Talent for singing songs


Dancing: The talent to dance


Painting: Talent for painting



Special Abilities


Toughness (10 CP)


  +50% to Endurance and Mental Strength; reduced penalty for HP loss


Disease Resistance (20 CP)


  Enhanced resistance to disease. Correction of +50% to the judgment of illness. Damage reduction


Poison Resistance (20 CP)


  Enhanced resistance to poison. Correction of +50% to the judgment of the poison. Damage reduction


Mental Resistance (20 CP)


  Enhanced resistance to mental attacks. Correction of +50% to judgment. Damage reduction


Enhanced Eyesight (20 CP): Improves sense of sight and grants Night Vision


Enhanced Hearing (20 CP): Improves sense of hearing.


Enhanced Smelling (20 CP): Improves sense of smell


Sixth Sense (50 CP): Granting of a sixth sense. Randomly detects danger.


Deadly Force (20 CP): Increased value of abilities (100 %) when HP falls below 10%.


Previous Life Memory (50 CP)


  Retains memories of previous lives. Can apply modern knowledge during gameplay.


Reference (10 CP): See the name and a brief description of what you touch.


Ambidexterity (10 CP): Use of tools with both left and right hands without penalty


One-hit Kill (100 CP)


  Critical rate increase (Martial Art level x MP consumed x 0.01%).


  (MP consumption x 0.01%).


Magical Combat (20 CP):


  Increase the success rate of attack, defense, evasion, etc., by cloaking the user with magical power


Guardian Spirit (200 CP):


  A contract can be made with a guardian spirit to protect the player. Ability depends on the player’s level.





(That’s a lot of numbers. If you don’t know the Battle System, it’s hard to know which one to choose. For now, let’s decide on Status and Character Points and then think again…) (Yataro)





Birth Environment


Birth Family


Social Class: 100 Royalty, Nobility (Duke 99, Marquis 98, Count 96, Viscount 93, Baron 85), Knight 70


Major Merchant 65, Landlord 55, Merchant 50, Craftsman 45, Peddler 40, Farmer 15, Nomad 6


1 Slave


Household Environment at Birth (90: Rising, 70: Wealthy, 40: Secure, 30: Declining, 1: Fallen)


Place of Birth (Capital 95, City 70, Rural 50, Frontier 30, Disputed Land 20, Wilderness 1)





(I know what you mean by Birth Family, but I’m not sure what you mean by Family Environment. What does “Rising” mean? “Wealthy” is blessed with wealth and luck, and just before moving up to the next class, “Secure” means financially well off and having more than good enough relationships with the family. Those are more than enough. Then “Fallen” has the worst relationship in the home? I’d have to determine that growing up safely in a disintegrating family is absolutely necessary to prevent falling… For slaves, all Household Environments would be hard. Even a nomad can be an adventurer, so I need to avoid being a slave only…) (Yataro)



“Yata, come on! Make it up as you go along!” (Akira)



 Akira’s annoyed voice rushes me.



“Okay, okay. I’ll roll the dice now, so don’t interrupt me.” (Yataro)



 I want to concentrate on rolling the dice, so I sharply remind Akira.



 After reading all the instructions, I finally decided to start making characters.



(First of all, the race, right? but in previous TRPGs, you could choose your own race. That’s a bit of an odd twist.) (Yataro)



 I pick up the red and white ten-sided dice, which look like diamonds when viewed from the side.


 As usual, I place the dice in my palm so that the number on the top of the dice is “0” and roll them on the top of the kotatsu with a flick of the wrist.



(This is the feeling. The thrill that never seems to end. I really miss it…) (Yataro)



 The dice roll like a spinning top and slowly come to a stop.


 I watched the rapidly changing numbers with excitement.


 Then the dice stopped.


 The numbers that came out were “4” and “1.



(Forty-one. Human. I would have liked to be a Dragonfolk or an Elf. But even so, even if I rearrange the numbers, two out of three would end as a human, so I guess I’ll just leave it as is) (Yataro)



 I decide to make the race human and write human on the notecard in my hand. Then I proceed to the next item.



 As I was about to decide on my status, I suddenly remembered that I could “reroll” my status only once.



(If I can only reroll once, it means that I should start with the most important value. If I had used up the right to reshuffle when I got a bad number later, I would surely regret it… Character points (CP) are more important than Status, that’s for sure. It doesn’t say you can’t decide from CP, so I’ll decide from there.) (Yataro)



 I rolled the dice a few times and left my fate in the hands of the red dice, which was a good match for me.



(If this number is over three hundred, I will have a big advantage. Please be lucky!) (Yataro)



 I send the dice a futile prayer and throw them on the top of the kotatsu.



 *Rolling, rolling* …The number that comes out is… “9”.



(Yeah! Good job!) (Yataro)



 Once again, send a futile prayer and throw.



 *Rolling, rolling* …“10”



 I strike a guts-pose in the empty room.



(Huh? Where did Akira go? Oh well. If I get four or higher with this, I’ll reach my goal of three hundred plus.) (Yataro)



 On the third throw, I got into the spirit of the game and said, “Tei!” and roll the dice.



 *Rolling, rolling* …“2”



(Oh, here comes “2”… CP is just one hundred and eighty… Well, let’s consider a reroll.) (Yataro)



 I sigh and consider whether I should use my right to a one-time reroll



(The probability that I will be worse off than now is one in ten, and the probability that I will be better off is eight in ten. The probability of making a return is definitely higher than the risk. It’s well worth it… Okay, cancel!) (Yataro)



 I canceled the third roll and chose to reroll.


 Then I got fired up again and rolled the ten-sided dice with a prayer.



 The dice stopped rolling with a “clunk” sound.


 The number that came out was a “9”.



(Yeah! The number that came out was “9”. Nine times ten times nine is eight hundred and ten. I can recover even if my Status is quite low. I’m sorry guys, but I’m going to make him a cheat character Ehehehe…) (Yataro)



 I looked at the numbers, chuckling.


 I guess he saw me doing that and said, “Come on, hurry up. You’re late!” I heard Akira say in annoyance.



“Sorry. I got carried away.” (Yataro)



 I hurriedly start setting up my Status.



 I start with Strength.


 I roll the dice enthusiastically.


 The numbers that come out of the dice …… are “3” and “5”.



(Thirty-five, huh? That’s pretty low. I can compensate for it later with CP, so I don’t need to worry about it. Let’s decide the other parameters quickly…) (Yataro)



 The final scores were: Strength: 35, Reflexes: 82, Body Control: 83, Endurance: 20, Magic: 96, Mental Endurance: 41, Intelligence: 99, Craftsmanship: 45, Appearance: 87, and Charisma: 81.



(That’s a pretty good collection of numbers. Looking at this alone, he is a perfect magician-type character. I’ll leave the physical work to someone else.) (Yataro)



 Feeling good about the numbers, I moved on to the Talent Acquisition section.



(More than ten in martial arts alone. Eight attributes for magic? The higher the talent, the faster the skill level increases, so three or more if you want to make it your main profession, and even one is enough if it is just for normal use.) (Yataro)



 I took advantage of my status to acquire more magic-related talents.



(First of all, I want Mastery of All Attributes. It’s a little expensive, but if I plan on taking more than 5 attributes, this one is more cost-efficient… Of course, I should save on Improved Magic Efficiency and Magic Defense… I’m not sure about Enchantment Magic. It costs fifty CP, and you don’t need it if it’s only related to the Production system…) (Yataro)



 I acquired all three of the Magic System, Mastering of All Attributes, Improved Magic Efficiency, and Magic Defense, and spent 170 CP.



 Next, improving basic abilities using Special Abilities.



(Next, I’ll use Special Abilities to raise the level of my basic abilities. Depending on the course of the campaign, anything could happen, and Disease Resistance, Poison Resistance, and Mental Resistance would be essential. Toughness is a good value ability that gives a +50% correction to Endurance and Mental Endurance for 10 CP. Enhanced Eyesight is also a must if you are going to dive into dungeons. I’d hold off on Enhanced Hearing and Enhanced Smelling.) (Yataro)



Next, among the special abilities, we will consider the abilities that are of concern.

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