Dream Life Chapter 11.2: “Orb”

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 The next day, we talked about making an orb for the four of us: me, Mel, Dan, and Sharon.


 Dan and Mel were five years old and had begun their training, so there was no problem. However, everyone seemed surprised that we were going to make an orb for Sharon, who was only four years old and had not yet begun her training.


 As for Sharon, this was an added bonus. My grandfather had told me that he would only give the orb to the three of us who had begun training, including me, so I asked him to make one for Sharon, who would be left out of the group.


 My grandfather, as usual, would have objected, but he was concerned about me and approved without saying anything in particular.



 My father told Mel’s father, Hector, and Dan and Sharon’s father, Guy, about the orb creation.


 They seemed surprised at the sudden decision, but they had no particular reason to object, and the orb was to be created.



 We were made to take an oath following our father’s words, “I swear that I will obey the orders of my lord and will not break the law.”


 The reason for this was that if we committed a serious criminal act, such as breaking the oath, it would be recorded in the Magic Crystal, but no one knew what mechanism was used to record the act.



(Is it something psychological, such as a negative feeling of having committed a crime, that is recorded on the Magic Crystal?) (Zack)



 After taking the oath, we went to a room at the back of the mansion.


 In that room, there was a magical tool – a wooden box about 3 meters high, 1.5 meters wide, and 1 meter deep – it would read the information from the Magic Crystal.


 In order of age, Mel, Dan, and Sharon entered, and finally, it was my turn.


 Mel was a little scared but entered the box.


 She came out of the box in about 30 seconds, with no particular noise or anything.


 Dan asks Mel, “How was it?”, but my father urges telling Dan, “You’re next”, and he reluctantly goes into the box.


 When I asked Mel in a whisper, “How was it?”



“The light glittered, umm… light lined up like this…” (Mel)



 There seemed to be some kind of light coming out, but I couldn’t quite tell what she was talking about by her words and gestures.


 At any rate, she says it doesn’t hurt or itch, and Sharon’s face, which had been blue with fear, is now a little more relaxed.


 Sharon followed after Dan, and finally, it was my turn.



(I can’t help it, but I’m sure the guilty party being sentenced must be feeling like this too…) (Zack)



 I thought about that and then went into the box, telling myself that if it was the Gods of this world who had called me into this world, then surely it would be all right.


 Once I was inside, the lid was slowly closed from the outside. The inside of the gaping box goes completely dark for a moment.


 After waiting in that state for about five seconds, a multicolored laser-like light is suddenly emitted, and the light traces my body as if scanning me as a whole. Then the light abruptly ended after about thirty seconds.


 The lid of the box is opened and I am told that it was done.



(It was quick, but what about the result?) (Zack)



 My father told us that it would take about 30 minutes for the orb to be ready, so the four of us had to wait.


 Compared to the three of us who were excited, I was too anxious about the results to join in the chit-chat.


 After a long 30 minutes, my father came back in front of us. In his hands were four pendants with shiny obsidian-like gems about one centimeter in diameter.



“This is your orb. It’s hard to lose it, so wear it when you go to bed. Then Mel.”



 He handed them to each of us one by one, checking with each of us.


 Then it was my turn.



“This is Zack’s. Don’t lose it.” (Matt)



 Once everyone has received their orbs, my father explains how to use them.



“Now, about using the orbs. In our village, we don’t have gates, but in the big city, you have to show this when you enter the city. Now let’s look at the orb. You hold it in your hand like this and think “Display”. Then a name or something should pop into your head. Try it.”



 On my father’s cue, the four of us held the orb in our hands and meditated at once.


 I was ready, and I said to myself, [Display].



 Name: Zacharias Lockhart – Age: 4 years – Gender: Male – Race: Human


 Birthplace: Lockhart Rathmore Village, Northeastern Frontier District of the Caelum Empire


 Level: Swordsman I


 Skills: 1 Sword Arts, 5 Body Arts



 I clenched my right fist and struck a guts-pose when I saw that the display had appeared.



(Information floats in my head. It looks like text, but it can appear as a voice. It’s true that even those who can’t read can understand spoken words. Still, it was good. Now I can live a normal life…) (Zack)



 My father and the others are wondering about my guts-pose.



 My father asked, “What’s wrong?” I was in a hurry to answer him, so I said,



“I am a swordsman. I have Sword Arts…” (Zack)



 My father seemed to be convinced by my words and patted me on the head.



“Well, I’m glad. Maybe this was the reason why Father had me make you one this early.” (Matt)



 I ask Mel “How is yours?” To cover up my guts-pose, but she’s shaking her head as if she is unsure of hers.


 Father who saw the situation continued,



“Next is checking another person’s orb. The method is the same. Take another person’s orb and think of [Display] in the same way. So, Mel and Zack will do it with theirs, Dan and Sharon will exchange theirs.” (Matt)



 When I said [Display] Mel’s Orb,



 Name: Melissa Marlon – Age: 5 years old – Gender: Female – Race: Human


 Birthplace: Rathmore Village, Lockhart Territory, Northeastern Frontier District, Caelum Empire


 Level: –



 The level is “-” and her skills are not displayed.


 I finally calm down, revert to my usual infant language and ask, “Father, is there anything you can’t, see?” I asked.



“You can’t see people’s skills. Only those who are allowed to see them, such as lords like me. With the guild it’s different, but I’ll tell you when you’re older.” (Matt)



 I was apparently the only one who was a swordsman.



(I thought Mel was more talented than me. Maybe the morning and evening hours of practice helped. Still, neither [Negotiation] nor [Calculation] show up. I wonder if the Merchant Guild orbs would display them?) (Zack)



 I immediately go to my grandfather and report that I’ve become a Swordsman.


 Then, in a whisper, his head bowed down, “You did it. I was worried.”





 After that, probably because I learned that I became a swordsman, Mel started practicing with more energy than usual.


 Perhaps Dan was also inspired by her, and even if he got tired, he continued to practice.


 And Mel became a Swordsman on June 30th, ten days after me, and on July 21st, twenty-one days later, Dan too became one.


 My grandfather and his servants were also surprised at our amazing speed.



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