Dream Life Chapter 13.1: ” Summer Days”

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 When I made my orb, I was on the verge of developing a hand pump and thought I was doing well in the bathroom, so I felt like I was on a roll.


 At that time, I had a pretty hard schedule for a four-year-old, starting with my morning workout, spending the morning receiving sword instruction from my grandfather, and then locking myself up at Nicholas’ house from noon onwards.



(I do want to take naps, though. I thought sleep at an early age affects growth. Didn’t have kids, so I don’t know much about it…) (Zack)



 As for sword training, as Mel and I acquired Sword Arts skills, we started learning more realistic sword stances in addition to repeated practice.


 Until then, we had only slashed down from the upper level and did left-to-right side cleaves, but now we are learning thrusts that aim for vital points, powerful slashes using the whole body like “kesa gake”, and combinations of other techniques, such as a continuous parade of techniques. [T/N: 袈裟掛け or Kesa gake, characterized by a hard slash in one direction, followed by the twisting of the blade and a return slash in the opposite direction.]



 In this world, enemies are not only humans, but also large monsters such as dragons, small ones such as mouse monsters, and even flying creatures such as harpies and giant bats. For this reason, the main focus is not on martial arts that specialize in targeting humans, such as kendo or fencing, but on how to inflict great damage efficiently on anyone.



 My grandfather’s teaching policy is to continue until the body learns the technique, and my brother and I spend most of our training time repeating techniques. Since we had been practicing for three years, they were not practicing the same level of techniques as us but were practicing more practical movements.



 Since we were still young, we only had to train in the morning, but my brother Rod and Mel’s brother Sim had the afternoon allocated for training as well.


 As expected, the afternoons were chosen for the cooler evening hours, but we often saw them hobbling before dinner.



 Meanwhile, my grandfather was conducting training for the Rathmore Village Patrol Team while instructing us.


 Here in the village of Rathmore, there is a Patrol Team group made up of about 150 men between the ages of 15 and 40. The Patrol Team is required to train twice a month, and every day about ten men go to the west of the house for training.



 The commander of the Patrol Team was my grandfather, who was also in charge of training.


 Every day, from morning to night, he would be on the training ground, yelling and screaming, but I never saw him exhausted.



(He’s a little older than I was when I was in Japan, but he’s in good physical shape for that. I guess he is living up to the saying that a good diet and exercise are good for one’s health.) (Zack)



 I haven’t calculated the average life expectancy in this village, but there are very few old people over seventy. Considering this, his life expectancy is probably in his mid-sixties, but my grandfather, who is in his fifties, is very healthy.





 In late June, the development of the hand pump reached its culmination, and I became extremely busy with detailed instructions for the further development of the soap.


 At that time, I did not notice it myself, but I must have looked tired.



 At lunchtime on June 30.


 We were excited to find out that Mel had acquired Sword Arts.


 Dan looked a little sad, but he was very proud of Mel’s acquisition of the skill as if it were his own.



 The next day was July 1st. In this world, it is the summer solstice, and a festival is held on that day.


 I was often in the vicinity of the mansion and did not notice much, but there was definitely a sense of pre-festival excitement among the villagers who had come to train.



 When our training was over, my grandfather came to talk about the next day’s festival.



“Tomorrow is the festival, and everyone is going to have a day of fun. Zack, come here for a minute.” (Govan)



 My grandfather called me alone.


“Tomorrow is the festival, so spend the day with the kids. You’ve been working a little too hard lately,” he said, then smiled.


“It wouldn’t be a problem even if you were made to return to your childhood, but you’ll need to still learn to enjoy it,” he continued as he puts his hand on my head.




 Having worked more than ten hours a day in Japan, I did not have the impression that I was working that much. But in this world, I seem to be an anomaly.



(Certainly, it would look abnormal for a four-year-old boy to be training with a sword and working at the same time, wouldn’t it? No, not only does it look abnormal, it is abnormal. In Japan, such a child doing such will only be some successful child actor…) (Zack)



 Thankful for my grandfather’s concern, I decided to spend the day tomorrow enjoying the festival, but I knew that there was not much to enjoy at this village festival.


 There are no stalls, no entertainment.


 A priest from the town of Bogwood would come and offer prayers, after which young men and women would dance and old men would drink. For little kids like us, the only thing to do for fun was to share in the feast that the adults were enjoying.



 Even so, I thanked my grandfather for his concern, saying, “Thank you. I will rest tomorrow.”



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