Dream Life Chapter 14.1: “Elf Magician”

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 I was speechless at the sight of the beautiful woman who visited the mansion.


 Her thick hair, which stuck out from her dark brown leather helmet, was a golden color with a hint of green, like ears of wheat before they are harvested, sparkling in the sunlight. Her ears, which peeked out through her hair, were long and pointed.



 Her face was slightly glistening with sweat, and her white skin was slightly reddish and rose-colored, perhaps due to the heat. Her eyes, dark emerald-like a deep forest reflected in a lake, staring at me curiously.


 Her body, covered in leather armor, was about 170 centimeters tall. She may be one of the smaller people in this world, but her slender waist makes her look slender and tall.



 When I froze staring at her, she gracefully approached me, crouched down, and met my gaze.


 Still, I froze as if time had stopped, unable to say anything.


 Her deep green eyes seemed to see through everything, and I could not believe that she was a creature of this world. I thought she looked like a fairy or an angel.



 She tilted her head and smiled, perhaps amused by my reaction. I was embarrassed beyond my years and involuntarily looked away.


 She must have thought she was getting nowhere, but she continued to talk to me.



“Govie, well, is your grandfather here? Can you tell him that Lydia has arrived?” (Lydia)



 Her voice was a pleasant mezzo-soprano, a little lower than a soprano, and I thought even her voice was beautiful, but I nodded silently and ran to my grandfather without saying anything.



(That’s the woman named Lydiane? She’s a beauty… and she’s my type…) (Zack)



 I was more excited than I thought I was, and I didn’t even realize that my face was red.


 My grandfather opened his mouth, “What’s wrong, your face is red?” He asked me curiously. Embarrassed, I told him that Lydiane had come to visit him.


 He seemed to understand the reason for my red face and walked away without saying a word, grinning at me.



(Was I that red? But what kind of relationship do Grandfather and Lydiane have?) (Zack)



 I’ve heard that Lydiane is a long-lived elf, but from what I can see, she’s in her early to mid-twenties, not a single stain on her white bare skin.


 As I walked after my grandfather, he spotted Lydiane and ran up to her.



“Welcome! I knew I’d hear from you earlier!” (Govan)



 With that, he hugs her and pats her on the back.


 It’s more of an athletic, masculine embrace from the same sports club than a lover’s, but she looks a little flustered.



“Govie is still the same. But it’s been so long. How long has it been?” (Lydiane)



 Fathers came one after another to the voice of my grandfather.


 He greets each other, and even Walt, a reticent and expressionless servant, smiles with a smile.


 When Walt takes her horse to the stables, he goes to the dining room with his grandfather’s words, “Why don’t you stay with us for a bit?”



 I followed, feeling somewhat alienated.



 Lydiane, who had received a formal welcome from my father and mother, returned the courtesy with a graceful gesture that did not suit her equipment.



“Thank you very much, please take care of me for the time being.” (Lydiane)



 My brother Rod, who had arrived before I noticed, who also saw her, blushed.


 I wondered if I was that red, but I too, couldn’t take my eyes off her gestures.



 My grandfather introduces my brother and me.



“This is Matt’s eldest son, Rodrick. You can call him Rod.” (Govan)



 My brother smiles and greets her with a quiet voice, “I’m Rodrick. Welcome to our home.”


 All the adults were smiling at that, but I couldn’t afford to smile.



“This is Zacharias, the one I’m asking you to mentor this time.” (Govan)



 After taking a deep breath in my mind, I managed to squeeze out a weak, “I’m Zacharias. Please call me Zack.” My voice was shaky, I sadly thought to myself.



“Rod, Zack. I’m Lydiane. Nice to meet you.” (Lydiane)



 My brother, who also received the smile, turned even redder as if steam was coming out of his head.



(I can calm down a little bit when you react so strongly next to me. Thank you, brother.) (Zack)



 I smile and offer my hand, “Nice to meet you.”


 She bends at the waist in surprise and takes my hand.



(I won’t let the fact that I’m a child get me down at a time like this. Well, as far as my father and grandfather are concerned, I should be taller in the future, so that’s a relief.) (Zack)



 After that, the elders began a status report session around Lydiane.


 I was listening but was a little bored because there were a lot of talks I didn’t understand.


 Mel and the other two, who had finished their naps, greeted Lydiane, and I was dragged out of the room by Mel and Sharon.



(I was bored, and it was just perfect. But still, is it jealousy at our age? Who am I to ask about Psychology around here?) (Zack)



 With this in mind, I went with the three of them to play in the East Forest in the mansion.





 That night, after dinner, I was called by my grandfather.


 Lydiane, who had taken off her traveling clothes and was wearing a loose-fitting shirt, was there as well.



“I want to talk to you about your magical studies. Lydia, do you want to speak first?” (Govan)



 She gave a small nod to Grandfather and began to speak to me.



“I have heard your ‘secret’, that God gave you the gift of magic. To be honest, I’m still not quite sure what to make of it. Of course, I don’t think Govie would lie to me… ” (Lydiane)



 The last part of the sentence trailed off as if she was having trouble figuring out how to say it.


 I interrupted her words.



“You should still believe my grandfather, even if the story is so wildly outlandish that it’s hard to believe immediately. I certainly think it’s normal to think the way you do.” (Zack)



 Hearing my words, her eyes widen.



“That’s right! —A four-year-old child shouldn’t talk like you. I understand. I’ll believe him.” (Lydiane)



 She nodded sagely, as if coming to terms with herself, and then began to speak again.



“I’m going to try to teach you magic, but I think it’s too early for a four-year-old. Little kids don’t have much magic power…” (Lydiane)



 According to her, if a child with little magic power uses magic, he or she will soon run out of magic power. She says that magic is the power that living things need to live, and it is the energy that makes the heart and other organs work.



 When that energy runs out, the person first loses consciousness, and then the organs stop working. In the worst case, death occurs.


 Therefore, even in the houses of magicians, training will start in earnest after the age of seven, and until then, they spend most of their time training to feel magic power and manipulate it in their bodies.



“So, tomorrow we will start training in the theory of magic and in sensing magic power. Do you have any questions?” (Lydiane)


“I can measure my magic power in exact quantity. So I will never run out of magic power. Don’t worry about my body, just think about my training menu.” (Zack)



 She almost raised her voice for a moment, but quickly turned her head towards my grandfather and said, “Really, your grandson is out of the norm,” with an exasperated look on her face, then said, “Oh, my, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad,” she apologized to me.


 I smile and say I don’t mind, but quickly change my expression back to a serious one.



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