Dream Life Chapter 18.1: “The Magic Swordsman”

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 In Liddy’s room, the magic was successful and I became a “Magic Swordsman”.


 When I returned to my room, I checked my status using my “Reference” skill, and not my orb, and I found that “Water Attribute” had been added to the magic column and that its level was 0.




 Level: Magic Swordsman II


 Skills: Sword Arts 2, Body Arts 6, 30 Negotiation, 70 Calculation


 Magic: Water attribute 0



(A magician with level 0? I heard from Liddy that when you can use magic, you can become a magician with 0’s, so I’m not surprised, but the fact that it’s level 0 is weak. Does that mean I can use magic, but it’s useless?)



 By the way, I’ve moved to a single room since I confessed.


 As expected, my parents are probably concerned about me sleeping next to them, an old man on the inside.


 I think it’s good that I don’t have to worry about the two of them fidgeting around in the middle of the night.



(If I could have a little brother or sister now, all the better.) (Zack)



 Aside from that, I still had more than half of my magic power when I returned from Liddy’s room.



(Should I practice magic? Fire seems dangerous, and wind would create noise… Hmmm, the easiest thing to imagine is also light. I should try to make a light source instead of using a magical tool of light.) (Zack)



 I tried to make a light with a simple notion.



“O Lucidus, God of Light, who presides over all that is bright. Grant mine thy brilliant light from thy kindred spirits, I offer the power of mine life to thee as payment. Come forth! Light.” (Zack)



 I chanted the incantation, thinking of an LED light with low power consumption to conserve magic power.


 With the activation of the magic, a dazzling white light appeared from the index finger of my right hand. I quickly turned it off and looked at the amount of magic power consumed, and found that I had consumed only a small amount as planned.



(It worked so easily. The amount of magic power consumed was low, and with the current light, it looks like I can make a sword of light for some knight who fights against an evil empire. “May the force be with you”…) (Zack)



 At this time, I was quite elated and quite excited about my first successful magic.


 I still had 45 MP, more than half of the maximum value of 82, and I thought it would not be a problem to use a little more.


 I approached the open window.



(It would be horrible if the laser saber turned into a laser gun. If it’s aimed at the sky, it’s okay if I make a mistake.) (Zack)



 I point my finger outward and begin to chant.




“O Lucidus, God of light, who presides over all that is bright. Grant mine thy brilliant holy light, I offer the power of mine life to thee as payment. Come forth! Slender sword of light, Light Saber.” (Zack)



 I recalled the movie and further arranged the incantation a little. I thought that the power of a god would be stronger than the power of spirits.


 As I predicted, a strong and dazzling light, like a welding light, appeared as a rod.


 Before I had time to rejoice that I had succeeded, I was overcome by intense nausea and a feeling of exhaustion as if I had just run a full marathon, and I fell unconscious.



 I don’t know how long I had been lying there, but I was awakened by the feel of the hard floor.



(What happened? What in the world…) Zack



 I force my confused head to calm down and slowly remember what happened before I collapsed.



(I tried to make a sword of light. I must have been able to do it at one point, but I immediately fainted. Probably…) (Zack)



 I hurry and use “References” to check my status.


 I had forty-five MP, but now I had only one, and as expected, I had run out of magic power.



(It must have been one or two seconds, but it must have consumed a tremendous amount of magic power. How much MP would I have when I become an adult? I’m pretty sure I saw that when I created my character but at any rate… I’m not sure it’s going to be practical. Oops, now is not the time to think about that. I need to think about the effects on my body…) (Zack)



 I slowly try to stand up, but I have a severe headache and pain in every part of my body, making it difficult to move. I managed to roll onto my back, but I feel as if I have a hangover, a really bad hangover at that.



(It’s tougher than I expected… It’s certainly dangerous to run out of magic. I’m glad it went away automatically, but if I had consumed even more MP, I would have died…) (Zack)



 After lying there for about five minutes, I feel a little better.


 I checked the reference again and found that my MP was at two.



(At one for five minutes, that would be 12 for an hour. That’s a full recovery in seven or eight hours. Well, I should go to bed.) (Zack)



 I slowly got up and headed for the bed.


 Then I scrambled onto the bed and lay on my back, thinking about what just happened.



(There’s no such thing as an MP gauge, so it’s dangerous to use magic that hasn’t been checked for consumption. I need to find out what kind of magic, how much it consumes, and at what power it does, because it’s probably caused by increasing the power too much. Then we could ask Liddy about the magic level and MP consumption… I’m tired. I’m going to bed now.) (Zack)



 I didn’t even change my clothes and went straight to sleep.



 The next morning, I woke up at the usual time, but I was still a little tired, and when I checked, I found that my MP had not been fully restored. I found out that I had fallen into bed four or five hours ago, around the time the date changed.



(Last night, when I had 45 MP, it wasn’t this bad, but now that I have 50, it’s harder to move than last night, not so much because of the MP, but because my body prioritized MP recovery, now I still feel tired. I don’t think Liddy would know anything about this, and if I asked her, she’d probably ask me why I thought of it, so I’m not going to ask her.) (Zack)



 I headed off to morning training, dragging my tired body along with me.





 I took on the training with a tired body, but my body itself was not out of shape, and I finished the morning training without incident.


 However, my grandfather told me that I looked a little tired and nudged me to “practice magic in moderation”. I don’t know whether he was referring to what I was doing in my room or Liddy’s room, but I promised myself that from now on I would pay more attention to my remaining MP.



 After my afternoon nap, my MP was almost back to normal and my body felt better.


 The classroom lecture became even more specialized as we talked about each attribute.


 Dan and Mel both gave up listening from the beginning and started reading.


 After the classroom lecture, we continued training to feel Sharon’s magic, and I read the book on magic that Liddy had brought.



 The book was a technical book, or rather, it was rather advanced and described in detail the characteristics of each attribute.


 First of all, some attributes repel each other. Fire and water, wind and earth, light and darkness, wood and gold. These are called anti-attributes, and few magicians can use anti-attribute magic. In other words, a magician with four attributes, like Liddy, would usually be regarded as one of the best magicians.



 Each attribute has its own characteristics and symbolic characteristics of its own attribute god.


 The Fire attribute is “Fire”, and symbolized by “Heat” and “Power”


 The Light attribute is “Light”, and symbolized by “Regeneration” and “Purification”


 The Wind attribute is “Wind”, and is symbolized by “Intangibility” and “Space”.


 The Wood attribute is “Plants”, and symbolized “Change” and “Growth”.


 The Water attribute is “Flow”, and symbolized “Life” and “Circulation”


 The Darkness attribute is “Darkness”, and symbolized “Soul” and “Death”.


 The Earth attribute is “Soil”, and symbolized “Material” and “Gravity”


 The Gold attribute is “Metal”, and symbolized “Permanence” and “Eternity”



 The above are the characteristics of each attribute, and it seems that the magic’s efficiency can become poor unless you imagine the phenomenon that suits each characteristic.


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