Dream Life Chapter 18.2: “The Magic Swordsman”

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 For example, it is difficult to summon a substance for someone with the Wind Attribute, while it is difficult to manipulate air for someone with the Earth Attribute. However, it is not necessarily impossible. However, with a great deal of magical power and strong imagination, it can become possible to do the same thing for someone with the opposite attribute.



 As for compound magic that uses two or more attributes at the same time, it is theoretically possible, but it has not been established as a technique.


 One reason is that there is no spell that conveys an image to a spirit of two attributes at the same time. In the form of a spell, the first step is to chant the name of the target god of the attribute, so it is difficult to do both at the same time.



 If you actually cast the name of two gods and activate the magic, it will not be activated at all, or even if it is activated, the magic will not be as you imagined. It is a well-established theory that the spirits that give power are confused.


 It is said that in extremely rare cases, those who are good at chant-less magic can use compound magic, but even this has not been proven to exist, since it is impossible to determine whether it is a compound or a complex change of a single attribute.



(So, it’s impossible to have a steam explosion with water and fire, as is often the case? Well, most of the steam explosions in novels defy actual theory.) (Zack)



 As an afterthought, there are two types of steam explosions: interface contact and total reaction. [T/N: Too lazy to ask Google-sensei if it’s true.]


 The interface-contact type can occur in open space, but it is caused by contact between water and hot microparticles. Since the microparticles have a relatively large surface area, energy is rapidly transferred to the water upon contact, and the water rapidly boils. When water boils, its volume expands at once, and the energy of this volume expansion is converted into an explosion.



 In other words, when a fire is plunged into the water, the water simply boils, or the fire is extinguished. Unless you have the advanced technology to launch millions of needles of flame, I feel that if you have that kind of technology, you should not use uncontrollable forces such as steam explosions, but rather just launch the fire directly into the water, which will surely damage the enemy.



(If I were to use steam explosions… I’d be getting ahead of myself, even though I can’t even use fire magic yet. Aside from compound magic, I probably shouldn’t say too loudly that I can use all attributes.) (Zack)



 After dinner today, I decided to practice magic.


 From today, I’m telling my grandfather and father that I will be using magic outside.



“You have a lot of magical power. However, we should do magic that uses as little magical power as possible. Think for yourself at first.” (Liddy)



 I try to use wood attribute magic that can be used by Liddy, but I can’t think of any simple magic.



(For Wood Attribute, the only things I can think of are for making a seed sprout, making a leaf grow, and moving a tree branch. I can’t imagine something symbolizing “Growth”.) (Zack)



 When I say I’m going to Seed Sprout.



“Well, you are going to start from the hardest part. Let’s start by growing the grass we have here.” (Liddy)



 Liddy moves her hand over the grass in the garden and starts chanting the spell.



“O Arbor, God of Wood who created the forests. Spirit that nurtures life, grant mine thy power. I offer the power of my life as payment. Grow strong, Grow Up.” (Liddy)



 When I looked in the dark garden, I thought I saw a pale green light emanating from her hand, and the grass slowly grew where the light hit it.



(That’s amazing. If we could do this, wouldn’t we never have crop failures.) (Zack)



 To my surprise, she smiled and stood up, saying, “Now it’s Zack’s turn.”


 I nod, then slowly put my hand on the grass and cast the same spell.



 The image I chose is that of a time-lapse video. As I imagine the grass growing, it appears to slowly rise up. If I put more magic power into the image, I can see the grass grow, more.



 It grew about 5 cm in about 10 seconds, but the amount of magic power consumed was about 40.



(It consumes a lot more magic power than I thought it would. If I had to use it, I would use it for special medicinal herbs.) (Zack)



 As I was checking my status, I heard Liddy’s exasperated voice from behind me.



“Have you done it again? You’re really not a student I have to teach… Well, that’s okay. How much magic did you use?” (Liddy)


“About half. It takes this much magic to grow this much grass.” (Zack)



 Liddy contradicts my impression.



“That’s natural. Originally, grass that grows slowly is forced to grow, even though it uses the power of spirits. This is a transgression to Arbor, the God of Wood. That’s why it consumes so much magic power.” (Liddy)


(Those are the words of an elf, the guardian of the forest, aren’t they? That’s true, isn’t it? But what if we use it on humans? If it stimulates growth on a cellular level, wouldn’t it be applicable to animals.) (Zack)


Like this magic, every attribute has a secret trick of increasing its power. It’s too early to tell right now, but I’ll teach you soon.” (Liddy)


(A secret trick, huh? I can’t wait to learn it, but my current MP is not enough. Now is the time to work on the basics.) (Zack)



 After that, I used magic to create wind, and my status was marked by the four attributes of Water, Light, Wood, and Wind.



 The next day I trained in magic for the other attributes, and all of them were now marked on my status.





 Sharon’s training in magic was not so good.


 At first, she was able to feel the magic right away, but after that, she seemed to have difficulty feeling it.



(Sharon is a very serious person, so maybe she is trying too hard… Well, just being able to feel magic at the age of four seems to be a great thing.) (Zack)



 I made a suggestion to Liddy.



“I feel like this is because Liddy is with me. The point is, she just needs to get the feeling of something inside her body. That’s the focus right?” (Zack)


“Yes, that’s right. For the most part. But you don’t usually feel something in your body.” (Liddy)


“Can I try it? Of course, it’s a safe method.” (Zack)



 I gave Liddy the rundown, and she agreed.



 The next afternoon, we began training to feel Sharon’s magic.


 I prepared a hot drink and cold fruit, well chilled in the well.



“Let’s do something a little different. First, drink this hot tea.” (Zack)



 Sharon nodded her head in agreement and began to sip the hot tea.


 When she finished drinking it, she said



“Now, don’t you feel warm in your tummy? Put your hand on it and feel the magic.” (Zack)



 She did as I asked and tried to feel the magic by holding her hand over it.


 But she still doesn’t understand it well and mumbles, “I don’t know.”


 Next, I hand her a piece of cold fruit—a plum-like fruit.



“Take a bite of it and swallow it. Now feel where the cold sensation goes.” (Zack)



 She gives a small nod and takes a bite of the fruit with her cute little mouth.


 Then she swallows the soft part of the fruit with a big gulp.


 I ask, “Where is it now?” She points, “here”, on her chest.



“Then, feel the magic once more. Now try to feel the magic again, slowly this time, remembering the fruit going into your stomach.” (Zack)



 With a serious expression on her face, Sharon held her hand from her chest to her navel.


 She felt something on the way and her expression changed a little, but it still didn’t work.


 Later, however, when she tried it with Liddy, she was able to feel the magic even by herself.



 Sharon happily shouts, “I did it! Master Zack! I’m done!”


 I patted her on the head and said, “Good job,” and told her to practice again and again so she wouldn’t forget.



 Later, when we were alone, Liddy was puffing her cheeks.


 She pouted a little and said,



“Oh, I kind of hate this. After all, you’re better at teaching than me,” she glares at me.


“Don’t give me that look. I’m just giving her a hint, and it’s thanks to Liddy that I am able to figure it out,” I said.



(She really is cute when I see her like this, isn’t she? Is this what you call “gap moe”? I can’t with her…) (Zack)



 It was the middle of September, and Sharon’s training to feel magic power was over.


 Mel’s level of swordsmanship had also risen to two.



A/N: If I can use Light Magic, I am sure to do this.

(I would want a beam saber.)

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