Dream Life Chapter 25.2: “Mother’s Pregnancy”

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 It was the 13th of December, the day of the first snowfall.


 During dinner, my father announced that my mother was pregnant.



 After a checkup with Grandma Dorothy, a healer who also doubles as an obstetrician, she told us that she was just past her third month and would give birth next year, around June of the year 307 in the Tria calendar.


 At this announcement, Molly, the maid, excitedly said, “Congratulations, mistress!” and congratulated her, and was about to go up and about to start preparing for the birth, immediately saying, “Let’s get things ready.”


 My grandfather saw this and said, “Calm down Molly. There’s still six more months to go,” he said, and the dining table burst into laughter.



(I wonder what it’s like to have a younger brother or sister… I only had an older brother in my previous life. I wonder if they’re would feel more like children or grandchildren than siblings…) (Zack)



 Next June means two years after the gods told me when I was summoned.


 This means that there is a possibility that my unborn child will be the “one sent by the gods”. If they say that we will meet, the surest way to meet is to become my brother or sister.


 It is not unnatural for a brother or sister to protect and guide them.


 I would hope, if possible, that my unborn brother or sister would not be the child of the gods. Whoever they are, if they are going to eliminate that child, it means that my sibling’s life will be in danger.


 The child may feel unhappy, but I am more concerned about the misfortune that will befall the people of this village and this house.


 What would I think if I had an oracle at the moment of their birth that the child was “destined” to be born? Would I be able to bless the birth of that child from the bottom of my heart?



 These fears had been swirling around in my heart ever since I heard about my mother’s pregnancy.


 After dinner, I went to talk to my grandfather and father about it. Frankly, I was uncomfortable talking about it, but six months ago I told them about the child I would guide. I am not certain if they both remember, but I will have to remind them.



 I go with my father to my grandfather’s room. They both seemed to notice that I was anxious, but said nothing, urging me to talk.


 I tell them about the anxiety I felt.



“I think I told you before that God told me to lead the one who would save this world. That person will be born next year.” (Zack)



 They both seemed to catch on immediately to those words.


 My father muttered, “So the child in Tanya’s belly is the one who will be sent to that god.”


 I shake my head and reply, “No, just that it is just a possibility.”



“But since you are here, isn’t it most natural to assume that they will be born here?” (Govan)



 My grandfather seems to have reached the same conclusion as me.



“I won’t know until they are born, but I remember being told that if I meet them, I will receive a sign from them. I don’t know what they would be like, but at least I will be able to recognize them as the ones who I will teach and guide…” (Zack)


“Matt and I both forgot about this. What do you think we should say to Tanya?” (Govan)



 I hesitate slightly and then answer, “I don’t think we should tell Mother.”


 Honestly, I don’t know which is better. But I figured there was no need to worry Mother unnecessarily since the child that would be born would not necessarily be the child of the gods.



“Yes, that’s right. Unless Tanya is aware of it, there is no need to give her unnecessary trouble. Matt, what’s your opinion?” (Govan)



 My father kept his eyes down and didn’t open his mouth for about ten seconds.



“I’m not going to talk about it either. It is better to keep this between the hearts of the three of us.”



 My father seemed to feel some resistance to keeping such an important matter from his wife. In the end, however, he agreed with Grandfather’s opinion that he should not cause her any worry.



 With a heavy air, my father and I left my grandfather’s room.



“On second thought, maybe it would be better if the child was born here.” (Matt)



 I look up at my father’s face, surprised when he suddenly starts talking.



“Here you have Father. You also have Walt and the others. If you want to protect that newborn child, there is nowhere better than here, because you and the newborn child can be protected at the same time.” (Matt)



 My heart was filled with joy that my father cared not only for his unborn child but also for me.



“I want him to be born somewhere other than here. I cannot bear the thought of this place becoming the target of those that will destroy this world.” (Zack)



 My father said, “ Yes, you are right. I hope so”, he said, and put his big hand on my head.



 I was left alone by my father in front of my room.



(The next seven months are going to be hard. I wish I could have been off by a year, or even six months… but I’ll do what I can to protect our unborn child. That’s all I can do…) (Zack)





 The next day, I increased the training menu.


 I wanted to do as much as I could, even though it would be very taxing on a four-year-old’s body.


 My grandfather noticed this and quietly told me.



“There’s no need to hurry. You have Matt and me. You should trust your family more.” (Govan)


“That’s right but…” (Zack)



 I’m about to argue with him when my grandfather confronts me with some hard facts.



“Even if you hurry, you can’t do anything with that body of yours in just half a year. You’re just going to break your body. You know.” (Govan)



 He was right. I could not do anything if I was in a hurry now. If they needed my strength, they would have summoned me earlier.


 I should try to have enough power at the time when my power is most needed. There was no point in being in such a hurry and destroying my body.



 I nodded my head and returned to the training menu.


 The next day, however, my grandfather informed me of the change in training methods.



“Dan’s Sword Arts Level has improved for quite some time now. From today onward, we will be adding strikes as well as swinging to our training.”



 At that time, Dan’s swordsmanship level had risen to two. Mel, by the way, had already risen to three.


 From today onward, he will be practicing striking against Grandfather or Walt during the afternoon training sessions.


 For the time being, we are told that they will not fight back, but if we do not hit the target properly, we will be punished with a beating from Grandfather.


 I was horrified at the thought of being hit with a mere wooden stick, without any protective gear, and wearing only cloth clothing.


 It is pathetic that I was in such a hurry yesterday, but now that the training begins, I am afraid of the thought of experiencing pain.



 It is December, and by 4:00 p.m. it is getting dark, so I join the neighborhood watch group for their afternoon training.


 The men of the village patrol smiled as small children arrived with cute wooden swords. He smiles at us, but their expressions quickly tighten at Walt’s angry voice.



“Starting today, Master Zacharias and the squire’s children will be joining us in training! Don’t let those kids see you looking pathetic!” (Walt)



 We stand in front of Grandfather without looking at the patrol members.


 I go first.


 I hold my wooden sword in front of my eyes, and with a high-pitched child’s voice, I strike at my grandfather’s sword.


 I close the distance to about five meters at once and swing the sword down as if to strike from the top.


 I hear a “bam” the sound of two wooden swords hitting against another, and right after that comes the blow that hits me in the back. I fall face-first to the ground, landing hard on my nose.



“Don’t take your eyes off after you get in range! I thought I taught you to leave immediately after striking!” (Govan)



 I answered with a “Yes!” as I endured the pain, before quickly getting up and moving away from my grandfather.



(Ouch! You’re so merciless, Grandfather. A normal child would cry. No, even I would cry.) (Zack)



 Satisfied that I had moved away, Mel’s name is called.


 I returned to Dan’s waiting place with my sword at the ready, but Dan’s face turned blue and he looked on the verge of tears when he saw the merciless blow.



“I’m all right. Grandfather is holding back. It hurts a little, but not so much that I can’t stand it.” (Zack)



 For the time being, I’ll put in a follow-up, but Mel was also beaten in front of us, thus he began sniffling after the sight.


 Then it was Dan’s turn.


 He was probably freaked out by seeing me and Mel get beat up, and his movements were stiffer than usual.


 He was slow in his strikes, and my grandfather did not catch him with his sword but instead struck him in the back.



“What are you doing getting overwhelmed by the enemy. I always say that fighting is all about spirit! Come at me with the will to die!” (Govan)



 Half crying, Dan still got up and struck, this time with all his might.


 It hit my grandfather’s sword, made a nice noise, and then immediately my grandfather’s sword struck him in the back.



“Didn’t you hear what I said to Zack! Keep your eyes on the enemy!” (Govan)



 Dan cried, backing away, holding his sword as I did.



 After that, the training proceeded without any strikes from my grandfather.


 Dan’s movements are much better than at first when he was scared, and he keeps a watchful eye on him after he strikes.



(It’s true that when you get the first hit with your body, you remember it even if you don’t want to. Moreover, Mel’s movement is better. Will she overtake Brother in a few months?) (Zack)



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