Dream Life Vol II Chapter 26: “The Library”

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 Doctus is called the Academic City, and there are many educational institutions such as private schools not just the Magic Academy. And there are many researchers in the academy and private schools.


 The biggest factor that attracts these researchers to Doctus is its library.


 The largest library in the world, the Library of Praetarita, also known as the Grand Library, it has a collection of over 700,000 books, some of which are over 3,000 years old.


 The Grand Library is the largest building in the city and is housed in the main castle of the former fortress city of Doctus.



 September 4th.


 I took classes for two days and did not find it worthwhile to continue taking these classes.


 Furthermore, after checking the academy’s rules yesterday, I confirmed that there were no restrictions on the number of days of attendance that Liddy had mentioned. Just to be sure, I further confirmed this with my homeroom teacher, Mr. Bennett, but he replied,



“It is true that we don’t evaluate students based on their class attendance. The evaluation at the academy is based only on the first and second semester exams. …But are my classes that boring?” (Bennett)



 In the end, our teacher leaves a complaint,



“I don’t have anything to say about your classes. You have to follow the educational policy of the academy, so I know you don’t have any choice.” (Zack)



 After saying that, I politely bowed my head to him.



 And today, September 4th, I did not show up in the classroom in the morning but walked front of the Grand Library with Liddy and Sharon.


 The library is in the citadel, so we have to enter through the fortress gate, where there is a kind of window to pay the fee. We showed our magician’s orb and went straight in.


 The entrance to the library, covered by gray stone walls, had thick wooden doors to match. I pushed the creaky door open.


 Inside, the room was lit by many lighting-magic tools, and it was brighter than I had expected. And the place, which would have been the great hall when it was a castle, was lined with bookshelves several meters high, and many people were hanging on ladders to search for books.


 The smell of paper, leather, and ink tickled my nostrils. I was a little confused by the unique smell, which was like the smell of a used bookstore and a leather goods store combined. But then Liddy spins around in front of me and says,



“It’s nostalgic. I miss this smell. And the silence. …I really miss this.” (Liddy)



 As she mumbles this, a young elf woman, who appears to be a librarian, approaches. The woman had slanted, intelligent eyes, smooth white skin, was slender and tall, and had abundant blonde hair tucked behind her head. She was not as beautiful as Liddy, but she had the look of an accomplished career woman.



“By any chance, is that you Lydiane? Do you remember me? Kitley, this is Kitley Elvine.” (Kitley)



 The librarian, forgetting the quietness of the library, approached Liddy in an excited voice.


 Liddy turned back to Ms. Kitley and said, “Kitley? Ah! It’s really you, Kitley,” she said, and took her hand.


 Apparently, they are old friends, and both seem surprised at their sudden reunion.



Are you still working here as a librarian? Even, after more than 40 years?” (Liddy)



 Liddy’s words make Ms. Kitley’s mouth twitch a little.



“That’s rude. I’m still a professor at the academy. Well, you’re still in the library just like you used to…” (Kitley)



 Apparently, she was not a librarian, but a professor at the Magic Academy, and had come to look for research materials.


 I thought we would become a nuisance to people around, so I said, “We’re going to be bother people here.” I whispered to Liddy, “We should move to some other place.”


 It seemed that not only Liddy but also Ms. Kitley heard my voice, and she put her hand to her lips, looking quite embarrassed.



 We then went to a conference room-like space in the library, where Liddy introduced us.



“Zacharias Lockhart and Sharon Jakes, my students.” (Liddy)



 Liddy says casually, but Ms. Kitley’s eyes widen when she hears our names.



“You’re Mr. Lockhart? You’re the first boy in this year’s class that Mr. Ruspede calls the genius of the millennium?” (Kitley)



 I am startled by her praise words, but quickly regain my composure and introduce myself.



“I’m Zacharias Lockhart. Please call me Zack.” (Zack)



 When I finished my introduction, her face was still wide-eyed, as if she still couldn’t believe it.


 Then, when Sharon finished introducing herself, she finally came to herself.



“My name is Kitley Elvine. I’m still teaching theology and history. You would be taking my classes in your senior year.”



 Ms. Kitley closed her right eye, winking at me. Liddy’s cheeks puffed up as I was taken aback by Kitley’s gesture, “Don’t you dare touch my Zack,” Liddy said.


 Ms. Kitley looked surprised and smiled, “Oh my, I never thought you’d say that.”



 After Liddy and Ms. Kitley renewed their old friendship, I explained the reason for our visit.


 Ms. Kitley nodded as if she understood.



“The point is that the first-year classes aren’t helping you, so you want to study on your own, I take it.” (Kitley)



“Yes. By the way, are there many people like us who study on their own instead of going to class?” (Zack)



 I asked Ms. Kitley, who is a professor and has been at the academy for a long time, just to make sure.



“Yes, there are. There are twenty to thirty students every year who leave the classroom to study. Well, the number decreases after the second year.” (Kitley)



 Surprised at the number, I was at a loss for words, saying, “Twenty to thirty people…” Then I asked, “What about the practical classes?”



“Everyone will be in the practical classes. Because, at the academy, the practical exam is the most important one.” (Kitley)



 I muttered, “I see,” and she asked, “So what did you come here to study?”



“I want to study about darkness and gold attribute. And other things related to compound magic…” (Zack)



 As I explained, Ms. Kitley’s expression turned into a look of having found something interesting. She then went to the bookshelf and said, “I have a good book for you.”


 I looked at Liddy’s face, not knowing what to do. She laughed and said, “This happens all the time.”


 After a while, Ms. Kitley returned with about three books.



“I think this is a good place to start. If you are not satisfied, let me know.” (Kitley)



 The books she brought with her were “Introduction to Dark Magic: Practical Magic from the Demon Folk,” “Supplementary Grimoire: A Collection of Gold Spells,” and “Is Dual Attribute Magic Possible? The Reality of Magic with Multiple Attributes.”



 I thanked her and asked her about Sharon’s books.


 As soon as I explained, she nodded and returned with two books.


 When Sharon thanked her, Ms. Kitley patted her head and said,



“So, these children are the first and second in the freshmen class. I could see why the higher-ups at the academy were shocked. I still can’t believe that they are your students… Lydia the Shut-in is teaching people, of all things.” (Kitley)


“Oh, I don’t like to be told this by the Mistress of the Library, the Queen of Ancient Books, Lady Kitley. People who knew you back then would be shocked to hear that you, whose only friends were books, have become a professor and even taught a class. Everyone would faint if they knew.” (Liddy)



 Liddy and Ms. Kitley were exchanging barbed words, but their expressions were bright and cheery.



(I guess this person is one of Liddy’s few friends. But still, she says things so honestly to the rest of us, doesn’t she? I think I may have never seen Liddy like this before…) (Zack)



 After talking for about twenty minutes, Ms. Kitley said, “I’m going to leave you now. I have to go to see that Professor Ruspede after this,” and she left the room.


 Since we couldn’t continue to use the conference room, we moved to the reading area in the library.



 I started reading a book on darkness attribute that Ms. Kitley had brought for me.


 The book was, in a word, an introduction to mental attack magic.


 It introduced the history and theory of mental attacks such as [Sleep], [Confusion], and [Fear], as well as the actual spells that could be used.


 However, although the book was written as if it was used by the demon folks, it seems that it was not actually used by the demon folk but was written by a user of darkness attribute magic.



 It said that the darkness attribute is an entity that causes fear in the root of human beings, and that it uses this effect to construct mental attack magic.


 As I read it, I wondered if night-blind humans, but not night-blind races such as elves and beastfolk, would not feel fear of darkness, but there was an explanation for this as well.


 The eyes of elves and beastfolk only have a high sensitivity even to dim light and cannot see in true darkness. For this reason, it said, they are more afraid of true darkness than humans.



(I see. It’s like a visible light-amplifying Night Vision Device “NVD”, not something that can see in infrared light. I wonder if my [Enhanced Eyesight] is the same? I’ve never been in a sealed basement, so I wouldn’t know.) (Zack)



 On a side note, but I can see things quite clearly at night thanks to the Enhanced Eyesight. I got from the character creation. Even on a rainy new moon night covered by thick clouds, it becomes difficult to see, but I am not completely blind.



 Magic that uses the nature of darkness is effective even without intelligence if a monster has instincts, it can be affected by [Fear]. For example, even insect-like monsters are thought to feel fear in accordance with their survival instincts, so mental attack magic works to some extent. However, it is said to have little effect on protoplasm-like monsters such as slime.


 Dark magic is useful against groups, such as sleep, confusion, and fear, but has a short range. It was written that this is due to the need to cover the target’s vision and use something like fog, since darkness is also the medium.



(I have a feeling it doesn’t have to be a fog or cloud, but I have a feeling it could be injected directly into the body like an arrow and still be effective…) (Zack)



 As for the dark attribute, that’s what I understand from skimming.





 As for metallicity, another attribute that I am not good at, the book that Mr. Kitely brought this time was a collection of spells for granting magic.


 Reading the preface of the book, it was written that gold attribute is specialized in strengthening objects by utilizing the properties of metal and processing metal itself.


 In other words, it almost has no magic that directly affects the opponent, which is called attack magic, and it is positioned as support magic, such as strengthening weapons and armor.


 The processing of metal refers to refining and synthesis using magic and is generally called alchemy.


 As for Enchantment magic, spells alone cannot have a permanent effect, and there is a time limit. It was written that in order to give a lasting effect, it must be combined with a magic circle.



(I didn’t take the enchantment magic when I was setting up my character. It doesn’t say how effective weapons and armor are, but in the current situation where there are few vanguards, it could be quite useful…) (Zack)





 And the last thing about compound magic, the conclusion was that the theory of compound magic spells has not been established. The [Fire Storm] I questioned is not regarded as a compound magic of fire and wind but seems to be recognized as a magic of the fire attribute.


 The reason given in the book was that it was just a whirlpool of flames, not a fire turned by the wind. In other words, it seems to be an understanding that the flames are only continuously formed in a spiral shape.


 The conclusion was that compound magic refers only to the use of magic circle and cannot be done by spells.



(Conversely, it means that the same effect can be obtained with a single attribute as long as the image is clear, without forcing it to be compound magic. But is that really true?) (Zack)



 What the book said was the conclusion that compound magic was impossible, given the composition of the spells.


 Indeed, in terms of the form of the spell, one would first chant the name of the god of the required attribute, then the desired effect. Then, while imagining the amount of magical power to be given, the words of activation are uttered.


 In other words, the explanation was that chanting the names of the two gods in the first phrase would confuse the spirits of the power to be gathered and would not result in activation.


 But I questioned whether this was true.



(If a magic circle can do it, doesn’t that mean that a spell can do it as well, as long as the procedure is followed? I feel like you can do it if you can control the power of the spirits well… well, you really need compound magic. It’s not, so you should think about it.) (Zack)



 We spent the whole morning studying in the library, and in the afternoon the three of us went into the forest.


 The time spent traveling was inefficient, and we ended up killing only one stray wolf that was wandering around.


 From next time on, I’m thinking of dividing the day into two days: one for self-study at the library and the other for hunting monsters in the forest.




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