Dream Life Vol II Chapter 28.2: “Teachers”

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~Chamber’s Perspective~



 I, Jack Chambers, am a practical magic instructor because that is all I can do. It is also impossible for me to teach higher than fourth year, I can only teach the lower grades.


 I am a coward. I don’t want people to know that, but I am aware that I am a coward. That’s why I can’t get a job that involves fighting with magic. Adventuring is out of the question, and even court magicians are sent into battle when the time comes. Therefore, these two paths were not an option for me from the beginning.


 Eight years have passed since I graduated from the academy. Three years ago, after working as an employee of the guild, I became an instructor in charge of practical skills. At first, I was happy to hear that I would be in charge of first-year students who knew nothing about it this year.


 But then the headmaster of the academy called me in and said,



“Mr. Chambers. I heard that this year’s top freshman has already reached level 24. If you are not confident, you will be replaced by another instructor.” (Headmaster)



 The headmaster knew, I have level 22 Fire Attribute Magic,  and asked me if I could teach students with a higher level than myself.


 The moment I heard this I was reasonably angry. It is true that my level is low for a 26-year-old magician. And it is also true that my level is lower than that of the student.


 However, even I have three years of experience as a practical skills instructor. It would be natural for me to be angry if someone said such a thing without taking that into consideration.


 I made a confident face and said,



“There is no need to switch. I, Jack Chambers, will take full responsibility for their instruction.” (Chambers)


“Are you sure you are going to be okay? Well, Professor Ruspede is interested in that student. My concern is that Professor Ruspede will intervene. If we are not careful, he might bring it to the chairman. You know that the chairman will not be happy with that. So, if you cause trouble for the chairman with matters within the institute… you would not endanger yours, but my neck as well, if you don’t handle it properly. Please think about that.” (Headmaster)



 I flinched at his words, but even so, it was hard to take back what I had said once I had said them. Then, out of my own mouth came words that were different from what I had in mind.



“I understand. I will show you how to do it properly without Professor Ruspede’s intervention.” (Chambers)



 The director, seeing the confident look on my face, simply said, “I’m counting on you,” and we finished our conversation.



 Then, I finished my first practical class.


 I had heard that Lockhart, who was ten years old, looked even younger than the other students, which made me feel a little relieved. But his presence was a disaster. When he complained about my teaching, I was caught off guard and became angrier than I should have been.



 He was right.


 I would have made a fool of my instructor, too, if someone other than myself had trained up to level 25… which was even more advanced from the practical skills instructor in spell chanting! What a foolish guider.


 As from me, it took nearly 20 years for me raise myself to level 25 through training alone. In other words, Lockhart, that student, has already experienced quite a few real battles. No, he has already experienced a great number of actual battles, so much so that he can snicker at what someone like me, who has no experience in actual battles, has to say.



 I was so angry at him that I tried to hit him with the whip that I always carry with me. No, I was really going to hit him. But he easily avoided it. At such a close range, I was so angry that I forgot myself and seriously struck the whip and without restraint. I could see that he had been through quite a lot.



 He just gave a look at me and began chanting the spell, though reluctantly. But he was not really taking my instruction seriously. It is impossible for a magician of his level to make a mistake in the incantation of [Fireball].


 Perhaps in the near future he will start complaining about the practical classes. If that happens, Professor Ruspede will take action. The results of which…


 I am getting sick to my stomach at the thought of my practical skills class starting tomorrow, and even more so at the thought that this situation will continue for a year!



 Lockhart and Jakes stopped attending my classes on the third day.


 When I asked their homeroom teacher, Mr. Bennett, about it, he told me that they were also absent from his homeroom class.


 Later, I heard that a man named Mr. Litorf, the office clerk, was a neighbor of Lockhart and his family, so I asked him how they were doing.


 The answer was exactly what I expected.


 They had skipped my class and were in the dangerous Northern Forest. Even more surprisingly, they had defeated a Giant Centipede, a fifth-rank monster.



 I blamed myself for having spoken out against the dean in the past. I should have left it to other lecturers instead of letting my anger get the better of me at that time. If things continued as they were, Professor Ruspede would intervene. If that happens, my future is doomed. I might lose my safe job.



 In mid-September, a man came to visit me.


 He was the tutor of Quentin, the son of Councilor Wagman. As soon as he saw me, he had harsh words for me.



“You must be Chambers. What the hell are you doing? You are the instructor of Councilor Wagman’s son, and yet you allow some of your students to do whatever they please!” (Old Man)



 When I replied, “No, no,” he became even more heated.



“Even Master Quentin is under your guidance. Why do you allow them to do what they want? Are you being reserved with those students because they are of a higher level than you? Are you not a practical instructor of this prestigious academy?!” (Old Man)



 I had no words to reply.


 In fact, I felt a sense of inferiority because of their higher level of skill and experience in actual combat.


 But I did not know what to do.


 When I looked at him with a puzzled expression on my face, he suddenly softened his attitude.



“You don’t want to lose your job, do you? Then you understand the importance of your connection with Councilor Wagman. Then you should know what you do with those two.” (Old Man)



 He said that much and left me. I was left with my head in my hands, not knowing what to do.


 I know that Councilor Wagman is a strong candidate for the next Chairman of the Council. But if I tried to eliminate them, Professor Ruspede would intervene and the headmaster would reprimand me. If that happens, there is a strong possibility that I will be forced out of my current position, even if I can establish a connection with Councilor Wagman.


 Then, what would happen if I entrusted Professor Ruspede to supervise those two children? In that case, those two would be so powerful that they would be out of reach for Councilor Wagman’s son. In other words, as long as they are around, Quentin Wagman will remain in third place for all time.



 I was troubled and came to a conclusion.


 Yes, I should have them expelled from the academy and make them Professor Ruspede’s assistants. That would satisfy the professor, and Councilor Wagman’s son would be at the top of his class. First of all, it would be best if I would not have to take care of them.


 I summoned up the courage to visit Professor Ruspede’s laboratory to make this suggestion.



“Mr. Lockhart and Ms. Jakes are not satisfied with my class and are in the Northern Forest.” (Chambers)



 I told them so in a haughty tone. But the professor seemed uninterested and said, “What about it? If you go into the forest, your level will go up. I used to go into the woods when I was younger myself.”



“But I don’t think those two have a proper party. If they did, I think we might foolishly lose two gems.” (Chambers)



 The professor raised his eyebrows slightly, “What do you mean?”



“They are only ten years old, and they are too young to be registered as adventurers. No adventurer would want to form a party with them.” (Chambers)


“In other words, they entered the forest alone. And there is a chance they might be attacked and killed by monsters. Is that what you are saying?” (Ruspede)



 I nodded broadly and got down to business.



“So, if I may make a suggestion, why don’t you make those two your lab assistants? I don’t think those two need to be students.” (Chambers)



 Professor Ruspede nodded slightly,



“That would mean you would not be the one to supervise them. Then, I should be the one to directly supervise them, right? Yes, yes, I understand. Well, if they want to quit the academy, that’s fine, but there is no problem if they stay at the academy. Mr. Chambers, I think it is. Your proposal is quite good. No, it is quite brilliant.” (Ruspede)



 The professor was convinced alone and interpreted my proposal in his own convenient way.


 I hurriedly began to persuade him more.



“I’m sorry. But, Professor, isn’t it necessary for such a great talent as them to be a student? There is no need for them to be enrolled at the academy…” (Chambers)



 The professor kept smiling and said, “It doesn’t matter either way. The point is that I want them to be my assistant,” he said, refusing to listen to me.


 I felt that this was a bad idea, but I could not say anything more and left his laboratory.



 I had no choice but to kick them out. But how could I get rid of them who never show themselves in front of me?


 While I was thinking about this, Mr. Bennett came to me.


 He, too, was thinking about kicking those two out and told me that he had decided to harass them. He also asked me to help.



“I’m willing to help, but they won’t come to me. This is no way to do it.” (Chambers)



 When I told him this, he reprimanded me, saying, “Stop whining.”



“You will lead the students during the practical class. We should get rid of those two. If the two of us together have that attitude, the young students will believe it immediately. If that happens, there will be no place for them in the classroom.” (Bennett)



 I thought to myself, “I see,” but I was ashamed of myself for going to such lengths with a child of only ten years old, but I knew that, in their eyes, it was our fault for not being able to teach them properly, and I felt a little sorry for them for being excluded because they were too bright.


 Mr. Bennett had an accurate insight into my feelings.



“You may feel sorry for them, but if we don’t do this, we will lose our position. They are good. And they are young. So, they can start over. But we…” (Bennett)



 He did not finish his sentence. But I understood his thoughts. Yes, he was like me. Yes, he is not a genius, but an ordinary human being.



T/N: I understand Chambers and Bennet, but they are fighting against a child, that’s horrible. However, it’s Zack, he has the protagonist’s plot armor.



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