Dream Life Vol II Chapter 44.1: “Professor Ruspede’s Class”

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 October 6th.


 The day after we heard from Councilor Wagman about the consequences regarding the bullying of us.



 Under a clear autumn sky, Sharon and I entered the classroom for the first time in almost half a month.


 Our classmates were distant and sneaking peeks at us on a sunny day, and in the morning.



 When Quentin Wagman walked into the classroom, my classmates tensed. They were bracing themselves for a clash between me and Quentin.


 But when Quentin saw us, he greeted us smilingly, “Good morning, Mr. Lockhart, Miss Jakes,” and we greeted him back, “Good morning, Mr. Wagman,” as if nothing had happened.


 At that moment, the air in the classroom tensed for a moment and then relaxed as if to exhale. Anita Isherwood’s eyes were wide open, as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.



 I let out a little sigh at that. I was convinced that her father had sent her to get rid of us.


 But I didn’t care about her, and Sharon, Quentin, and I chatted. I know Quentin and Sharon had no agenda, but I was trying to make my classmates realize that the “incident” was over.


 My classmates seemed to read the atmosphere between us and were relieved that the situation would not be as tense as it had been in the past. They, too, were chatting among their good friends until Mr. Bennett arrived.



 At 8:00 a.m., Mr. Bennett entered the classroom. As he entered, he saw me in my seat and looked slightly disappointed. He still seemed to be wishing I wasn’t there.


 I pretended not to notice and said, “Stand up! Thank you!” and signaled the opening salute. As if I had been in this class all this time.


 Bennett’s voice trembled slightly.



“Starting today, there will be a slight classroom change. Mr. Lockhart and Miss Jakes will be taking a lecture from Professor Ruspede. Anyone may request to attend Professor Ruspede’s lecture, but only students approved by Professor Ruspede will be allowed to attend. Anyone wishing to attend should contact me later.” (Bennett)



 Then Bennett looked at me and said, “You guys go to Professor Ruspere’s lab. Do you know where it is?” I said, “Yes, I know where it is,” and left the classroom with Sharon, since I have visited more buildings for researchers than this classroom.



 Professor Lionel Ruspede’s laboratory was located at the back of the researchers’ building. It was near the laboratory of Liddy’s old friend, Mr. Kitley—Professor Kitley Elvine, and we arrived at Professor Ruspede’s laboratory without any hesitation.



 We knocked on the door in front of the professor’s room, but there was no response. I wondered if he was not home, but when I put my hand on the doorknob and pulled, I found that the door was unlocked and the light from the light magic tool was leaking from inside.


 Because of the presence of people, I warily called out, “This is Lockhart…” However, there was no sign of a reply, so I had no choice but to open the door and peek inside.


 Inside, Professor Ruspede was buried under a pile of books, frantically writing something. I felt bad for interrupting him, but I couldn’t just leave, so I said, “Excuse me,” and went inside.



(I guess he was so engrossed in his research that he didn’t hear me. I’ll wait until the professor takes a breather…) (Zack)



 I said to Sharon, “Let’s wait here until the professor notices us,” and I took out a chair that was near a pile of books and sat down to wait.


 Professor Ruspede continued to write incessantly for the next 30 minutes without looking up even once.


 Then, perhaps running out of paper for notes, he suddenly stood up. Then he noticed us sitting near the entrance.



“Mr. Lockhart and Ms. Jakes. Oh, yes, I heard from the headmaster. They said I would be your mentor starting today.” (Ruspede)



 And he asked us how long we had been waiting, and we said about thirty minutes.



“That’s a terrible thing, isn’t it? When I get absorbed in my research, I don’t pay attention to anything else. From now on, please don’t hesitate to call out to me.” (Ruspede)



 The professor said, “Could you wait for another 30 minutes or so? If you’re not busy, you can read one of the books around here, or you can go outside until it’s time,” and he went back to his desk.


 I looked at Sharon and suggested to her, “If it’s about 30 minutes, let us look at the book.” She nodded, and we began looking for books near us.


 As one would expect from the books in a first-rate researcher’s room, they were quite advanced. In particular, the books on magic circles and magic tools seemed to reflect the latest research results – the papers always included the professor’s name – and had brand-new, brightly colored parchment covers.


 I picked one that looked relatively easy and flipped through the pages.



 I had not mentioned that the paper in this world ranges from low-quality papyrus to the fine-textured, fine-grain paper of Earth.


 This fine paper is made by applying wood magic to low quality papyrus-like paper. I heard that the upper grade students of this academy are also involved in making the fine paper. Liddy, who was actually involved in this work, told me that it is a very lucrative part-time job, and that users of wood magic can lead a wealthy life at the academy, along with users of gold magic. Incidentally, gold magic is used to refine metals, so this is also a part-time job for academy students.



 I began reading a book, “Introduction to Magic Circles: From the Basic to Applications.”


 Sharon seemed to have decided to read a book titled “The Development of Magic Tools”.


 The books I have read in the library so far have mostly been about attributes I am not good at, darkness and gold, but I started reading a book about magic circles and my curiosity was immediately piqued.


 Because I realized that the magic circle is a kind of system.


 It was like an electric circuit, as the input signal, magic power, is converted and amplified using a circuit called a magic circle to cause the desired phenomena.


 In the magic circle, a diagram corresponding to the power of each spirit is drawn. The order in which the power of each spirit is applied and the form of power it is converted into is indicated by symbols such as runes and diagrams.


 The way to draw the symbols is exactly the design of the system, and as a former designer, I was very interested in the magic circle.



 There are two ways to use magic circle.


 One is to make magic available to those who have no background in magic. The other is to assist in the efficient use of powerful magic.


 The first is used as a magical tool. Of course, the magic circle does not activate by itself, but requires a magic stone to convert magic power into spirit power. It is no exaggeration to say that a magic tool is a combination of magic stones and magic circles.


 The second use is not well known to the general public.


 It is said to be used in a western religious state called Holy Kingdom of Lux, where several magicians use magic circles to perform large-scale miracles – determined in the book to be large-scale light-attribute magic – in order to create a magic circle. The book says that magic circles were painted on the floor of the cathedral in order for multiple magicians to use magic to perform large-scale miracles – which are determined in the book to be large-scale light-based magic.


 Although the technology seems to be lost now, it was said that magic circles could be used to perform large-scale attack magic, such as that used in sieges, as well as teleportation magic.



 I was reading the book, lost in thought.


 I didn’t even notice that Professor Ruspede was looking at me until Sharon poked me on the elbow. I apologized to the professor, thinking to myself, “I really need to work on my presence-detection skills.”



“I got absorbed in the book. I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” (Zack)



 I apologized, and the professor laughed and said, “Yes, yes, I understand. I do the same thing.”


 I was a little depressed to be told by a famous eccentric professor that I was just like him, but I quickly composed myself.



“Then let me start teaching both of you. First, I have to check your knowledge. Mr. Lockhart will most likely know everything Ms. Jakes knows, so I’m going to ask Ms. Jakes instead.” (Ruspede)



 Sharon was nervous at this statement. Come to think of it, until the other day he was calling me young Lockhart, but today I noticed that he was calling me Mr. Lockhart, so I asked the professor why, partly because it was meant to relieve Sharon’s nervousness.



“Because until the other time, you weren’t a student at the academy. That’s what we’re supposed to call you here at the academy on official occasions. Unless, of course, you graduate.” (Ruspede)



 I was surprised at the fact that this Professor Ruspede cared about such things. I had thought that he would call us whatever he wanted to call us, regardless of such etiquette.


 This conversation seemed to relax Sharon a little, and the professor began to ask her a number of questions.


 The professor said, “Well, let’s start with a simple question,” and began to ask.



“Can you tell me everything that is needed to activate the magic? Including the reasons why?” (Ruspede)



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