Dream Life Vol II Chapter 51.2: “Cohabitation”

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 As I was swinging my sword, full of distracting thoughts, Beatrice was standing behind me, I was unaware of her presence.



“You’ve been very energetic this morning. But what are you thinking about? You didn’t seem very focused.” (Beatrice)



 She poked my head and smiled wryly.



“I’m having a little trouble with something. Usually, when I’m swinging my sword, my worries fly away…” (Zack)



“Is it about me?” (Beatrice)



 Beatrice’s words made me stop swinging and turn around.



“If you’re worried about me, I want you to tell me honestly.” (Beatrice)



 She said this with a serious expression on her face, and I wondered how I should answer.



“Understood. I’ll tell you later. When Liddy and Sharon are around.” (Zack)



 When I said that, Beatrice silently took out her spear and began to swing it beside me.



 When Sharon woke up and the delicious smell of breakfast was wafting through the air, I stopped swinging.


 I go to the bathroom, fill the shower barrel with water, heat the water, and washed my sweat off. I told Beatrice that there was still hot water available, so she could use it, and I went to get dressed.



 Beatrice walked through the living room, wiping her steamy hair, saying, “It feels good to start the new year morning with this.”


 By that time, Liddy also came down with a sleepy look on her face.


 The leftovers from yesterday and bread warmed for breakfast were on the table, and a more luxurious breakfast than usual began.



 After we began to eat, I started to talk about something I had been thinking about earlier.



“There is something I want you to hear, Beatrice. It’s about my secret that both Liddy and Sharon know.” (Zack)



 Liddy stopped tearing the bread, and Sharon, surprised, set her cup down on the table with a clink.


 Liddy’s eyes said, “You’re going to tell her, aren’t you,” and I gave a small nod.



“I have a secret that only my family and a few people I trust know.” (Zack)



 With that, I began to speak.



 Having memories from before I was born, from another world. That I was told by the gods to guide their chosen child. And that I might have to fight those whom the gods consider dangerous.


 I spoke calmly and without hesitation.


 Beatrice was listening with a serious expression on her face, but occasionally she gave a small shake of her head or looked into my eyes.



 And then my talk was over.


 There was not a sound at the table, and no one said a word. The only sounds were the four of us breathing and the crackling and exploding of the fireplace wood.


 I don’t know how long we were silent, but Beatrice began to speak in a gravelly voice.



“…I know you’re not joking, but I’m hoping you’re. …Now, I think I understand. I sensed from the first time I met you that you’re an adult at heart. …Forgive me. It’s too big a story for my brain to follow…” (Beatrice)



 With that, she looked down and stared at the table.



“I can pretend we never talked about moving in together. But I need you to do me one favor. Please don’t tell anyone about this. Well, I don’t think anyone would believe you if you told them.” (Zack)



 Beatrice said nothing, keeping silent.


 I assumed that her silence was due to a feeling of eeriness from me.



“There’s no need to strain yourself. I’ve got a mind the size of an old man in this child’s body. You have every right to feel creeped out.” (Zack)



 “No!” she said sharply, trying to clear up my misunderstanding with a serious expression.



“I don’t think that! It’s just that stories about the gods are the kind of stories that only come out in fairy tales… How can I easily accept such a story…” (Beatrice)



 Liddy, who had been silent until now, began to speak quietly.



“It is not a wonder you would think that. I too, was surprised the first time I heard it. But you still had it better. I found out when this kid was four years old. He’s in my lap while he dropped it.” (Liddy)



 Beatrice listened to Liddy’s story in silence.



“But as soon as I started talking to him, I was convinced. Because he does not talk the way children talk. You’re convinced of that too, right?” (Liddy)



 Beatrice nodded, “Yeah.”



“I have to admit, I don’t really know what Zack’s mission is either. I don’t think he would lie, and I don’t think he has any reason to… And it doesn’t really matter to me.” (Liddy)



 Beatrice countered that saying, “It doesn’t matter? It’s important.”



“Really? I don’t care about those things as long as I can be with Zack. If he is in danger because of it, then I can save him, even if I have to take his place. But thinking about it now doesn’t give me an answer, and I would certainly rather help him as he thinks and move. So as long as I can be with him right now, nothing else matters.” (Liddy)



 Beatrice smiled and nodded,



“Yes, I do. It is certainly better for Zack to think about it than for me, who is not smart enough to think about it. The only thing I can do right now is to protect him.” (Beatrice)



 Beatrice seemed to understand Liddy’s thoughts.



 Suddenly, Liddy turned to me and asked, “You’re going to take Beatrice in, aren’t you ready for that?”


 I tilted my head for a moment, then quickly came to an understanding.



“Ready? Oh, you mean that even if Beatrice should betray me, I won’t regret it, right?” (Zack)



 Liddy said grimly, “No,”



“Beatrice, she would never betray you. You know that, don’t you? What I’m talking about is the determination to respond to her feelings. You know what I’m talking about, right?” (Liddy)



 Beatrice’s face turned bright red, and she said, “Hey, hey… What are you talking about?”


 Liddy ignored her and just stared at me.


 I was at a loss as to how to respond.



“Yeah, I’m sure I understand… But it’s not something you should be talking about in front of Sharon.” (Zack)



 Liddy smiled and said,



“Sharon is old enough to understand. And it’s her business, too. I’m going to ask you one more time. Are you ready for Beatrice’s feelings?” (Liddy)



 I muttered, “That’s…”



“I know you’re thinking of me, but Beatrice, Sharon, and even though they’re not here, Mel has feelings for you too. It would be cruel to welcome them in without even intending to accept their feelings. Are you aware of that?” (Liddy)



 Beatrice and Sharon turn over with bright red faces.


 I weakly retort, “Beatrice didn’t say anything.” But Liddy looks at me with a cool face and says, “Really? Then why don’t we ask her?” Liddy turned to Beatrice.



“What do you think? As a man, what do you think of Zack?” (Liddy)



 Beatrice’s face blushed even more, and she said, “Th-that kind of thing…” and kept silent.



“You’re pretty naïve, but I have to tell you. And if you don’t tell me, nothing will begin. Or will you just give up?” (Liddy)



 Beatrice looked up at Liddy’s provocation.



“I’m… certainly attracted to Zack. I can see why, after what you said today. But that doesn’t mean we should immediately be talking about it…” (Beatrice)



 Liddy turned to me and said, “Well, that’s fine. You understand, right?”



 I know what Liddy is trying to say.


 But I can’t do something skillful like loving four women.


 When I was at a loss for an answer, Liddy opened her mouth first.



“Don’t worry about me. I’m not going to lose to Beatrice, or Sharon, or Mel. Do you know why I’m telling you this?” (Liddy)



 I shook my head.



“I love these girls. I don’t want to see them sad. And I don’t want to ruin the relationship. Maybe it won’t break anytime soon. But if you don’t respond to Beatrice’s feelings, she will leave. Because that’s what I would do if I were in that position.” (Liddy)



“That doesn’t mean… You have to start saying things like this…” (Zack)



“I’m sure you find these girls attractive, too. Then why don’t you be honest with yourself? If you didn’t think anything of these girls, I wouldn’t be saying this either.” (Liddy)



 I then said in disgust,



“Do you understand what I’m saying? A woman who says things like this is called a ‘convenient woman’. Because it’s convenient for a man…” (Zack)



“Oh, that’s not true. I have no intention of giving up ‘your number one’… well, that’s fine. If you don’t make a decision right now, it means that you have your eye on them. Beatrice, you should think things through, too. Please, keep that in mind.” (Liddy)



 Liddy said, and then cut the conversation short and then said, “Now then, let’s quickly eat breakfast and go to town.”



 I honestly don’t understand what Liddy is talking about.


 Normally, you would try to monopolize the affections of the person you love. But she says it’s okay to have other partners.



(I don’t understand… Has she lost her love for me? No, that shouldn’t be the case. Then why…) (Zack)



 Then we had a totally cold breakfast and went out to the city to celebrate the New Year. But me, Beatrice, and Sharon were dominated by a delicate atmosphere and ended up talking awkwardly.



T/N: Translating this chapter is draining. I love the childhood sweetheart trope. However, two adults, two lolis and a shota/uncle harem is making me feel uncomfortable. 



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